In 2002, Inventory Source was born. This dropship company was founded in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida, where it still operates today as world headquarters. The company touts itself as the “world’s largest and longest-running dropship data solution provider.” The company was founded by veterans of the e-commerce industry. These pioneers believed small and medium-sized companies could compete with retail giants if afforded the same opportunities and platforms to do business. Today, Inventory source uses the best and latest in technology and resources to allow retailers and wholesalers to work together effectively and seamlessly. Inventory Source provides its users and members with tools that provide accurate views of pricing, inventory and statuses. These tools also facilitate the management of large number of products into one easy-to-handle medium. Inventory Source’s goal is to ensure that your experience with reputable suppliers is a positive one and that you can have a worry-free, smooth transaction process.


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The Good

  • Finding tool
  • Wholesale programs
  • Marketing support
  • Price controls
  • Product selection and filters

Looking to resell a product or products? The prospect can be both exciting and foreboding. There are certainly risks inherent in this endeavor, but the rewards are also enticing. Inventory Source pledges to remove those fears and trepidations and turn this business into something enjoyable and profitable for you.

Inventory Source boasts a number of tools and elements that will please any user. Here are some notable pros of using this dropship company:

  • Finding tool. With Inventory Source, users can employ a tool where one can search more than 80 wholesale suppliers sources. Inventory Source adds to this repository every month. The sources are trustworthy and respected, so you don’t have to be concerned about getting involved in shady business deals. The tool also allows you to research different categories, brands and product details.
  • New Wholesale Programs. With this tool you can review product and program details, helping you know and understand what you are getting into before you begin doing business. This way, you won’t find that the supplier does not fit your needs after it’s too late.
  • Marketing Support. This is an exciting tool, especially for those who may not have experience in marketing or who are not marketing savvy. If you are a marketing novice, it’s no problem. Inventory Source has training guides and online tutorials to assist in in creating a marketing plan and marketing campaigns. With Inventory Source, you have access to customized banners and landing pages. Your marketing campaign will have all the zip and pizazz you’re looking for.
  • Strategic price controls. Need to set up your pricing strategy? Inventory Source simplifies this significantly, allowing you to have price control with the click of a button. This tool lets you set the strategy or change it and allow it to be applicable and live across the board.
  • Product filters. Users often are looking to resell a variety of product types and brands. If this is the case for you, Inventory Source has you covered. It’s advanced tools make it possible to filter brands.
  • Product selection. Users have access to more than 1 million products with Inventory Source. The options are virtually limitless.

The Bad

  • Delivery tools and functions
  • Pricing
  • Customer service
  • Low price guarantee
  • eBay certification
  • Apparel

Inventory Source has excellent qualities that would be attractive to potential users. Of course, with anything, there are improvements that could be made to enhance usability and effectiveness.

  • Delivery tools and functions. For obvious reasons, the delivery component of dropshipping is critical. Getting your products to the supplier is key. Inventory Source lacks in this area. Inventory Source does not customize shipping for you, not do they offer blind shipping. It’s all standard operations with noting special or unique to set it apart from the competition.
  • Pricing. The pricing structure is a little confusing and even a tad bit misleading at first glance. Users should be wary and ensure they fully understand how much they are paying each month. At first glance, you can use Inventory Source for only $25 a month. Not bad, right? A closer examination reveals that the $25 is for one supplier only. If you want to or need to use another, the cost is an additional $15 a month per supplier. Don’t go into your business thinking it’s a flat $25 a month fee across the board. And more advanced plans cost $50 a month, plus $30 for each additional supplier. There are certainly cheaper options out there.
  • Customer service. It’s not that Inventory Source has terrible customer service, but it could be better. Also, there could be some added tools to its customer service arsenal. For instance, there is no live chat component available. This is a function that users and customers of various industries look for, and its omission with Inventory Source is a gaping hole.
  • No wholesale low price guarantee. Customers love guarantees and low prices. When these two are paired together, it’s a winning match. But Inventory source doesn’t offer this, and it’s a significant drawback, especially when competitors do offer it.
  • Not eBay certified. One of the goliaths of the online shopping companies is eBay, and Inventory Source is not a certified partner. Big negative.
  • Lack of apparel as product category. For all the products Inventory Source touts, apparel is one you won’t find much of. This is unfortunate because other dropship companies thrive on selling in this category. So, if you have your sights set on apparel, Inventory Source isn’t for you.

The Bottom Line


In the ever-growing, popular dropshipping industry, speed, efficiency and easy-to-use tools to simplify the reselling process is premium. Inventory Source will not disappoint in just about every important category.

Inventory Source is an excellent selection. You can control all of your products and suppliers from one easy source, using technologically sound tools and functions at your fingertips.

Your list of selling categories is practically endless, opening up an impressive avenue for you.

If you are looking to save time and make dropshipping easier for you, Inventory Source is a sure bet. There are few alternatives that can match its advanced inventory tools. And you never need to worry about marketing your products, as the company’s marketing assistance is excellent and does all the hard work for you.

The monthly fees notwithstanding, if you have a large inventory to sell, the cost is easily well worth it.

Inventory Source won’t disappoint. In your search for a dropshipping company, definitely give Inventory Source a good look.

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