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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Hienote was founded in 2004 and is based in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Hienote is not actually a dropship company but is instead a research company that points interested resellers toward dropship companies. Hienote does all the hard work for you as you search for the best dropship companies to meet your needs and goals. In fact, Hienote will go to lengths as far as meeting dropship companies at trade shows in order to get you the best information you need to make an informed decision. For your convenience, Hienote’s directory only lists those dropship companies that are highly rated and recognized, leaving out any potentially questionable or poorly rated companies. This way, your worries are left behind as you seek to find the company that is the best match for your business. This weekly updated directory allows you to contact the companies directly. The directory also includes testimonials from others users, giving you a better idea of what experiences others have had. 

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The Good

  • Cost
  • No Minimum Order
  • Shipping
  • Wholesale Prices
Hienote is unique in that it is not itself a dropship company. Its role, though, is to connect interest resellers to dropship companies. In this respect, Hienote eliminates needless steps and simplifies the reselling process. Also, if you are one that has trouble making decisions or researching, Hienote makes it easier for you by listing only the top companies and outlining them in a simple fashion. Here are some things you'll like about Hienote:


Pure and simple, the cost is something to smile about. At only $29.95, you'll have full access to everything in Hienote's directory. That's a one-time fee, and there will never be hidden costs, extra fees or surprises. What's more, there's a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you, for whatever reason, are unhappy with the service, there's a no-questions-asked policy to cancel. Really, it's an unbeatable value.

No Minimum Order

There is no limit or maximum on how much you can order on any of the companies listed on Hienote. None of the dropshippers on the list have restrictions in this regard.


Easy shipping process. Every single company on Hienote's directory ships from its own warehouse. Eliminating the middleman is a big draw to dropshipping, and Hienote leads you to this.

Wholesale Prices

Every company listed on Hienote has true wholesale prices, helping you achieved the profits you're looking for as a reseller.

The Bad

  • Incompleteness
  • Time Consuming
  • Confusion
Hienote is quite a bit different than dropship companies themselves. As such, it's important to point out aspects of the company that might be a turn-off. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider doing your own research rather than using Hienote to find the dropshipper of your choice:


Incompleteness. Indeed, Hienote will show you all the companies you might want to see, but they don't make the decision for you. You still have to decide for yourself where to go, and it might be just as easy to pick a dropshipper and go with it rather than pay for a list to look at and stew over. Hienote simply gives you information and doesn't do any of the dropshipping for you..

Time Consuming

Sifting through the directory can take time, and the process of deciding whom to use can be cumbersome. And this is before you even begin to resell anything.


Whom do you choose? How do you decide where to go when so many companies are so similar. That the dilemma you face when using Hienote. So many dropshippers are so similar that it can often be the flip of coin when deciding which to use. Why agonize over a decision when any number of companies could serve you well?

The Bottom Line

   Hienote seems to be a logical choice for someone who is new to dropshipping or perhaps someone who has had a bad experience in the past with this business. In these cases, Hienote is an excellent way to get a good look at legitimate businesses without having to do much guessing. On the other hand, if you are familiar with the industry and with particular companies, there is probably little reason to use Hienote. The verdict lies within what your needs are. Certainly, for the value you get versus the cost, Hienote is definitely well worth the effort. You will be satisfied with the offerings and the resources you will have at your disposal. It's most comforting to know that every dropship company you will be directed to has the best reviews and top qualities. Hienote is a low-risk company, and the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Giving it a try is definitely recommended.
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