Founded in 2004 and based in Seattle, Washington, Dropship is a dropship company that aims to remove the middleman from the selling of goods and to simplify the process for the seller. Dropship Design connects you with legitimate suppliers and retailers to help generate a revenue stream for you, the seller. The company emphasizes that it offers a bona fide business opportunity and educates users against scams and illegitimate businesses. Dropship Design will allow sellers to use their own websites to resell a variety of merchandise. The company also facilitates the ability to use popular sites such as eBay. With Dropship Design you can do business by paying a one-time fee without the worry of having to pay by the month. Dropship Design will also ship anywhere in the United States without exception, so there are virtually no limits to reselling your goods domestically. The company is certified,, and


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The Good

  • Products
  • Create your own site
  • Adding products
  • Fees
  • Affiliate Reseller program

In this day and age where one can find virtually anything online, selling goods has become a potentially lucrative and attractive prospect. In doing this, it’s critical to make sure you align yourself with companies and opportunities that are honest, have integrity and represent a true, viable business model.

Dropship Design is dedicated to maintaining sound business practices and helping sellers truly create revenue streams without the fear of being scammed. The company also has a number of other appealing attributes that one should consider when looking for a platform on which to resell merchandise.

  • Products. Dropship Design comes through with flying colors in this category. There is hardly a shortage whatsoever on what you can resell through this company. In fact, the company boasts more than 1 million products able to be resold through its platform. This includes everything from apparel to electronics and from health and beauty to auto parts, and much, much more. And Dropship Design will take profits from any of your sales, meaning you keep 100% of your sales.
  • Create your own site. This useful tool will allow you to build a site from which to resell your products, whatever they might be. Obviously, having an attractive, enticing medium from which to offer your products is critical, and Dropship Design will come through for you. The company has a number of website templates from which to choose, and you can change the style, look and feel of the site as you see fit. And any and all changes can be done quickly and without hassle—simply by clicking your mouse. An easy-to-use control panel allows you to add any content you desire.
  • Adding products. It’s a breeze to add products to your site as well. Add as many as you’d like whenever you’d like. Plus, there are no fees associated with this action, regardless of how many products you list.
  • Fees paid for you. No company except for Dropship Design will pay Paypal fees and credit card fees for you when purchases are made.
  • Tier II Affiliate Reseller Program. When you help Dropship Design resell its dropship plans, you get paid for each sale—up to $84.99 for each transaction!

The Bad

  • Customer support
  • Profit margins
  • Price guarantee
  • Delivery support

Dropship Design has its flaws and shortcomings to be sure. Those interested in reselling products online would be well served to be aware of the following negative aspects of Dropship Design:

  • Poor customer support. Good companies can be measured by the quality of their customer service. In turn, poor companies are often marked with customer support deficiencies and issues. With Dropship Design, you will be confronted with a company that leaves a lot to be desired in this critical area. To begin with, it very difficult to simply communicate with someone with the company in real time. Shockingly, users don’t even have the ability to talk to an agent on the phone. Period. You won’t find a number to call or a person to talk to in order to ask questions or resolve issues. There is a chat feature, but this feature is unreliable, and wait times can be slow and unpredictable.
  • Low profits margins. Don’t get too excited about all the money you are going to make reselling your individual products. Dropship Design has low margins, meaning you will have to sell a high number of goods in order to make a profit. If you are not planning on or have the ability to move large quantities, you’ll be disappointed with this service.
  • No wholesale low price guarantee. Customers love guarantees and low prices. When these two are paired together, it’s a winning match. But Inventory source doesn’t offer this, and it’s a significant drawback, especially when competitors do offer it.
  • Lack of delivery support. There is no blind shipping option, nor can you customize your deliveries.

The Bottom Line

Whether to use Dropship Design or whether to go with a competitor is a challenging question. Dropship Design’s tools are not as strong and sound as what other companies offer. And the aforementioned fact that this company appeals more to large-quantity resellers is definite negatives.

Furthermore, if you are a novice in this industry and you need some support getting started, you won’t find much help from customer service. Thus, you’re apt to become frustrated and discouraged when you run into snags.

That said, Dropship Design does open up access to a huge range of products to resell. Plus the prices are quite reasonable; a lack of monthly fees is surely something to smile about.

The final verdict, however, is that there are unquestionably other alternatives available if you want to resell your products and merchandise online. Dropship Design has its advantages, but other companies are better. The cons simply outweigh the pros, and you’ll probably be better off going in another direction.

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