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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Dropshippers.com has over 3.5 million wholesale products with over 400 categories and 500 suppliers. They provide education, research, and wholesale products to grow your online business. 

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The Good

  • Plans and Pricing Options
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Order Processing

Plans and Pricing Options

All plans (except the directory plan) come with a 7-day free trial during which new members can browse the inventory. Orders may not be processed during the free trial.
  • Directory Plan - $99/one-time fee -Lifetime updates included -Hundreds of verified wholesale suppliers -No monthly fees
  • Auction Plan - $150 - one-time fee and $29.99/month after first month -Access to 3.5 million products -eBay tools -Seller auction research reports
  • Website Plan - $199 - one-time fee + $29.99/month after first month -Google Adsense income -Affiliate income -Credit card processing income -Customizable with templates and products
  • Entrepreneur Plan - $299 one-time fee and $29.99/month after first month -Includes all features from the Directory Plan, Auction Plan and Website Plan -Comprehensive SEO handbook included

Inventory Monitoring

Inventory levels are monitored several times per day and updated for members.

Order Processing

Orders are processed within 24 hours and delivered in 5-15 business days. Shipping and handling fees are displayed on the respective product page, so it should be easy to calculate costs

The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Search Tools
  • Customer Support


Dropshippers.com's catalog is extensive, but the prices for products are higher than on other sites, which cuts into reselling profits.

Search Tools

There is a definite lack in advanced search tools to browse the immense inventory online; and tools to update auction listings are not available for all membership plans.

Customer Service

Online chat with customer service representatives is not available much of the time.

The Bottom Line

Dropshippers.com offers their members a comprehensive inventory with over 3.5 million products to choose from. Their membership plans include a one-time fee which is paid at the end of a 7-day free trial, and then a monthly fee of $29.99/month. They offer to build and maintain a website with an e-commerce store, preloaded with the entire inventory of products available from Dropshippers.com. These sites can be customized with different templates and categories may be removed and selected for a personal site. While the upfront fees are higher than most of the competition, Dropshippers.com's monthly fee is lower and their feature of managing an e-commerce site is unheard of with the competition. Depending on which features one is looking for, Dropshippers.com is a viable option for many.
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7 Reviews

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Richard Gault Casa Grande, AZ

With this drop shipper it is impossible for me to place more than one order at a time. When I place the 1st order it gets charged and I get an order ID number. When I place the 2nd order it gets charged and it gives me the 1st order ID number. It then deletes the 1st order and assigns 1st order Id number to the 2nd order. I have as of today found $175.00 in bogus charges. I check my charges at the bank then look for an order at the drop shippers and find none for that charge. Worst thing I experience is when you start getting orders for same item. Look out! The container won't be in until 60 to 90 days. I pay Per Clicks Google to drive this business to me and then 50 % of my orders they don't have. The only other thing to look out for is if your buyer wants it in blue. Lookout they could send Black, Yellow, Orange or whatever color they have. But the very last thing is you load your site up with this stuff that other companies are selling far less than you are. When they don't carry the product any more, you have no file or list of items they no longer carry. This is costing you pay per clicks. Then when you get the order, they will say we don't know anything about that part. If you have DEEP POCKETS, be prepared to drop a lot of $$$$$.$$. You think you will overcome this loss. Dropshipper.com does not lose you do. Customer service is unheard of. This company doesn’t talk to anyone on the phone. After a while you get tired of the rotating faces (Drop shipper Operators Available 24/7/365) Then you can checkout Support Tickets Communication Center. They do respond, but most of the time they don't know what they are talking about. I was warned. I have paid the price for 250,000 items on my 4 websites. They will soon be gone. Remember if it sounds too good to be true then most likely it is. Good Luck. PS. I don’t think they are scammers. They are a big company and don’t have the safe guards in place for processing the money. Could I be the only one it’s happening to? Is everyone checking their bank accounts against the processed orders? The more orders you do the harder it is to find the non-orders.

3 years ago

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Shaun Matthew Sollie Appomattox, VA

You guys need to avoid this company. I have only been using them for a month (August 2018) and read the reviews and thought it wouldn't happen to me, but it did. Honestly some of the items I bought did get delivered and wasn't much of a hassle. But now I got charged 2 times for an item that they said never got processed but they still charged my credit card for it. They did that to another item too. So it was three charges for 3 things that never "got processed". The items may be in stock, or they may not be in stock. You will never know until you place the order. Then they will come back with either item not in stock or item was successful. Without knowing if the item is in stock or not you have no way of successfully managing your inventory. Get enough customers who are unhappy that you have to keep telling them their item is out of stock and you will get bad feedback. The issue with the being charged 3 times for items not being delivered is weird. I would place the order and it would show up on my history for about 30 mins, I would refresh the browser and the order was gone and they claimed it never went through. But I still got charged for it. I do have my credit card company taking care of this fraud, so I will get my money back. Do yourselves a favor and heed these warnings. I am just a nobody who was trying to make a couple bucks dropshipping from this company. They will do the same to you. And like others say. There is NO customer service. Their answers are short and incomplete and you cant really call them. PS. On 2 occasions this month the item I purchased was said to be out of stock, but then they raised the price of the item by $30 and kept it in stock. So you have to worry about a lot of things. 1) will the item be in stock? 2 )will they say it isn't and then raise the price because they want more money for the item? 3) How about returns? How much of a pain will that be if you can not reach them very easily? 4) will they do the same to you that they did to me. Claim an order didn't get processed but then charge you? I would avoid these guys. My credit card company has actually flagged this company as "fraudulent" and blocked the transactions on a couple occasions, but I told them it was ok and that I was aware of the transaction. I was wrong. PLEASE HEED THESE WARNINGS. Some of your orders will go through and the customer will get their product, but a lot of times your item will be out of stock and you can't set your prices to this drop-shippers prices if they keep going up. Thank you for your time. Find another company.

3 years ago

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Jason Vaughn Charles City, IA

This company is garbage I registerd with their 30 plan to dropship and find anything I like for my store or anything at all. I now have to submit a ticket hopefully i can get a refund fingers crossed. I would not recommend this garbage site to my worst competitors, the live chat is no help and sends links and pictures that do not exist.. Very bad webste

3 years ago

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The worst DropShippers supplier out there. Their products suck, their prices are too much, and they also stole from me. Their was no bold price of $50 when I entered my information. So, I did not consent to them taking my money. I asked for a refund since I didn't want a plan and they refused which means their technically stealing from me. I opened a dispute with my bank to get my money back. Don't use this fake scam DropShippers.com website.

3 years ago

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K.S. Grosse Pointe, MI

Prices of products are already overpriced. Customer support is slim to none. When calling the customer service line, you will more than likely end up leaving you name and a call back number for a return call. They make canceling your account very hard. That option is not available on their website. You will need to call the customer service number and leave your name and number in hopes that someone will get back to you in time. Also, they have charged my bank account a day in advance of the due date.

3 years ago

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Tahira Hussain Mount Airy, MD

Terrible company to work with. I signed up with them and with in 48 hours they canceled my account and plus charged my card $9 + $49.99 when asked they said thats what I owe them. They are bunch of scammers running the site. Never trust them.

3 years ago

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Customer Service is an absolute no show here. Won't even answer a general inquiry let alone an actual issue. There a lot better options around

6 years ago