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Cottonage is based in Fountain Valley, California, and was established in 2004 as a way to provide hospitality and product promotion items at a wholesale price. Cottonage has a large inventory of towels, bathrobes, slippers, bags and other apparel.

Cottonage’s hallmark is customer service and customer care. The company is able to ship items to customers the same day orders take place. This speedy rate of service puts Cottonage at the top of the industry in efficiency and promptness with delivery.

Customers can order from Cottonage’s online catalog, which is vast and regularly updated. You never have to worry that items listed are out of stock or out of date. The company prides itself in being current and having a vast inventory.

There is no minimum for orders, and Cottonage will ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Cottonage takes the hassle out of shopping, as the company has all the products in its own warehouse, so there’s no dealing with additional suppliers or other parties to bog down your order.

As a dropshipper, you can resell items with Cottonage, provided you have a Tax ID number. 

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The Good

  • Product Quality
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Embroidery Service

With the dot com boom, online shopping and selling has become enormously popular. People love e-commerce due to its speed and convenience; eliminating the hassle of shopping in busy stores amid crowds of people is increasingly appealing. Plus, shopping online often affords better selection and variety. Doing business with Cottonage has several advantages. Here are some pluses you'll find at Cottonage:

Product Quality

Cottage provides excellent quality of products. The towels are plush and soft; the bathrobes are comfortable. If you are looking to resell these types of items, along with slippers and other similar apparel, you will definitely have a customer base, and that customer base is assured to have high-quality products. The apparel is also lightweight and comes in a variety of sizes that will fit just about anyone. The towels and bathrobes absorb water well without being cumbersome and weighed-down.


The apparel and goods come neatly and nicely packaged. When customers remove the clothing and items, they aren't wrinkled and messy. You receive your items looking as though you have just purchased them from a store down the road and don't get the feeling at all that they have been sitting in a warehouse.


When you resell items, the buyer will be amazed with the lightning-fast delivery speed. In fact, 90% of all items will be shipped the day of the order. You don't find this type of commitment and precision every day.  As a dropshipper, Cottonage uses blind shipping, where it will ship an item to the recipient without a packing slip, invoice and company name.Free shipping is available on orders over $250. Orders below that amount are shipped at a flat rate of just $9.99.

Embroidery Service

Buyers can elect to have their towels or bathrobes embroidered, if desired. This will increase delivery time, however.

The Bad

  • More Suited for Buyers
  • Difficult to Become a Reseller
  • Shipping Range
  • Price Changes

While Cottonage does provide high-quality products and other nice benefits listed above, there are a number of negative aspects to consider when doing business with Cottonage. Here are some things to be concerned with and to consider when deciding whether to resell products through Cottonage.

More Suited for Buyers

Cottonage is more geared toward the buyer. If you simply want to buy nice towels, bathrobes, sandals or similar clothing or apparel, Cottonage is a wonderful place to go. But if you are interested in started a business through the ever-growing method of dropshipping, Cottonage probably isn't your best bet. This is because Cottonage simply is more suited to the buyer than to the seller. For the buyer, the process is simple and straightforward. But for the reseller who wants to list Cottonage items, the process is not as clear or easy.

Difficult to Become a Seller

Not as easy to become a reseller. Other dropship companies make it easy for anyone to list available items on their own site or on eBay or Amazon. But with Cottonage, you have to have a Tax ID number, plus you have to go through an application process. If approved, you will be contacted by a customer service agent at which time you will then have access to the dropship side of the Cottonage site. The entire process can be frustrating and long.

Shipping Range

Cottonage does not ship internationally. Orders can be sent anywhere in the U.S. and to Canada and Puerto Rico, but nowhere beyond. Also, orders sent to Canada take longer to ship, sometimes up to seven days.

Price Change

For buyers of the products you are reselling, there might be some surprise over changing prices. A prospective buyer might see an item one day and then the next notice that the price has gone up. The company will make no guarantees that prices will stay the same. While this isn't unusual, it is indeed frustrating.

The Bottom Line


Cottonage does certainly carry some great products that people love, and potentially, reselling the items could lead to success and the development of a lucrative business.

However, Cottonage simply doesn't offer the tools necessary to help along your way. The likelihood you will have a great deal of success reselling is much less with Cottonage. Plus, the process of become involved with the dropshipping side of the company involves a host of steps that competitors don't require.

The question is whether you are willing to go through the frustrating process of being aligned with a company that offers few support tools to your business. Most people wouldn't be. And though the products you would resell are loved and highly rated, getting started and getting the support you need is far more difficult than it is with some of the top dropshipping companies.


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Joni & David Jonaitis
January 16th, 2017

I have bought 2 other robes for family members, very happy, praised them to others. My husband bought a robe for me 3 years ago for Christmas, it is way too small, child size, even though he ordered adult. We have written and called, they will not respond to emails, and would not help on the phone. All I want is an exchange for a robe that fits. For example, it's supposed to have 4" cuffs, but it comes 3 inches above my wrist uncuffed, and is NOT a kimono style! I'm going to keep calling till they listen to us. I don't care if it takes 3 more years.

February 26th, 2016 Costa Mesa, CA

We buy robes from CottonAge to resell in our shop and our customers loves their robes and wraps. Customer service is great also. a few times i asked to ship directly to our customers and it went perfect.