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LAST UPDATED: November 15th, 2021
365 Dropship is a free service that gives you access to their extensive catalog. They claim there is a possibility to earn up to 70% commission on each sale.  

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The Good

  • Inventory and Sales Management
  • Tools
  • Costs and Fees
  • Product Line

Inventory and Sales Management

365 Dropship monitors, adjusts and updates product inventory daily. Safe levels are established to prevent inventory from dropping too low and preventing sell-outs. After a sale is processed, members of 365 Dropship can track the status of the sale online and receive tracking information for shipments.


Members may use product description, images, and specifications to build catalog or online store. Suggested retail price is given, but users can set their own prices to earn higher profits.

Cost and Fees

Members are free to sign up for a membership without hidden fees or subscriptions. Dropship 365 accepts payments for orders from their customers with two payment options: PayPal or Wire Transfer. Sellers can use any payment method on their website to accept sales from their customers

Product Line

365 Dropship offers many unique product lines, it includes the following:
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Cosmetics
  • Herbals
  • Fragrances
  • Holyland's Craft
  • Food and Beverages

The Bad

  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Price Guarantee
Here are potential drawbacks to 365 Dropship:


365 Dropship requires users to pay only the sum of the next coming order. Though this is not necessarily a negative the members are limited by their payment options. Members can only use Paypal or wire transfer to pay for their orders. Fraud Protection is not as widely available for Paypal or wire transfers as it is with credit cards.


365 Dropship does not provide private or white label logo branded packaging. This limits shipping options for customers who would like blind shipping options.

Price Guarantee

365 Dropship does not provide a Wholesale Low Price Guarantee. Many top companies offer this low price guarantee, that ensures the customer will have the best available pricing.

The Bottom Line

365 Dropship offers an alternative option to high-priced membership dropshipping sites. This is ideal for those interested in starting to use dropshipping to supplement their income. They have a simple-to-use application which is integrated into Wix websites which can be monitored online or via the mobile application. Overall, 365 Dropship offers affordable options for the cost-conscious customer. They are limited by their smaller inventory, lack of wholesale low price guarantee, real-time inventory system, and shipping options.
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Levan Gvalia K'alak'i T'bilisi, TB

365 dropship is a good platform where you can find many great products to dropship, very low prices and also that ship all the items for free so it gives me higher profit margin, Recomended!

3 months ago

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mahmoud hasan

The support is unbelievable in a negative way ! they respond like a 4 hours in a day and 5 day in a week😅 always you will see (away) under their status, also I ordered some products from them to handle it to my customer, now I've been waiting for 9 days !! and tell now they didn't provide me with any tracking number for the shipment, So I sent a message to them about delaying on Friday and they responded me on Monday ! Don't waste your time and money by subscribing them 🤦🏻‍♂️

2 months ago

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Robbin Kujala San Jose, CA

I recommend this company. My Experience with them is awesome. They have a simple plain :) website but have wide range and huge product catalog. The support Team is been great, knowledgeable and professional people. There's always negative thing and with 365dropship. It's the restriction of products specially US and Canada. But I'm focusing on UK though :P

5 years ago

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Oxeye Marguerite Ampang, 10

Don’t waste ur money here! Their customer service is worst and if supplier got issue they don’t help you to get refund! My client was dissatisfied with my service due to product didn’t arrive in stipulated time, i inform 365dropship and its useless!!! They ask me to wait until product arrived. By the way i refunded my customers even products not with me cause i want my client to feel safe and secure in doing business with me. While 365dropship suggested have to wait product to arrive then again send back to supplier then only then supplier will refund! Heck!!!!! Right luckily I didn’t continue doing business with them! Be careful u are not protected here, if their supplier is trouble, u cannot do anything about it! Its like suck it up men!!!

8 months ago

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k Harris Seattle, WA

I signed up with 365dropship is Really great. The staff is helpful and sound genuinely concerned when there's a problem.I have a slow start, and working with them is a great experience.

5 years ago

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DeeAnn Los Angeles, CA

Working with 365dropship is a great experience, being new to online selling my Dropship was very helpful in my business launch which continues to grow... I like having so many options. Doing online business is awesome with the help of dropshipper you just need to choose the right company the suites you.

5 years ago

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Senay A Debesay Santa Rosa, CA

THIS IS A SCAM. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE.... they will literally not even respond to your emails. after i tried their free trial version and i ended up not liking the list. I email the company BEFORE MY TRIAL EVEN ENDED, to cancel my membership so that i can avoid being charged. 5 emails later they still havent responded and then booom i get charged extra for full membership after asking. THIS IS A LEGIT SCAM. DO NOT PAY FOR IT

3 years ago

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Red Hatfield Aubrey, TX

I don't know when they changed their fees, but I went to the site and tried to price some things and it requires a 7 day trial, at the end of the free trial you can get the basic package for 9.90 a mth, and on up. The prices are fair, I just wanted to update this for anyone thinking they have no monthly fees

5 years ago

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Rose Kirkland, WA

I Got tired looking for dropship company that will support with my Shopify store. Now I'm in business. 365 dropship Rocks!

5 years ago

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joanne rami

365Dropship is been around for many years. The store has a legitimate physical presence. They're real and they're dependable.

5 years ago

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Nukul Upadhye

All the good reviews are by the company itself. I got tricked into taking a membership. Did not like the website so wanted to cancel my membership. They just did not let me cancel my membership. The website kept giving errors and the customer support team never replied to any of my 5 emails.

5 years ago

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Janus Rokkjær

100% scam i was unable to find out if my creditcard payment went trough and unable to login was writing to support yesterday and no answer on any of my concerns. STAY AWAY

3 years ago

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Robert San Jose, CA

Awesome products and accommodating support team

5 years ago

star star star star star

kate San Jose, CA

Products, support and feeds. Thumbs up!

5 years ago

star star star star star

joanne rami

Great service and nice support

5 years ago