Posted: | March 31, 2015

Dropship Services

Survey Shows Free Trial is the Way to Go With Drop Shipping

Dropship Survey (TBC) recently ran a survey on the most important feature in a dropship service. Before jumping into the results let's explain what a dropship service is. A drop ship company is a wholesale supplier that stocks its own inventory, allowing you to be inventory free. We surveyed over 1000 people and the results were a bit surprising.

It was a fierce competition... but the winner (please hold your applause) went to the addition of a free trial. Though the survey showed that delivery and package quality, types of products offered, real-time inventory system and shopping cart integration were also important- free trial was the overall winner.

Free trials allow the potential customer the opportunity to try out all of these features for a set amount of time and without pulling out any cash. This is important because it allows you to see the service before making a commitment.

Delivery and package quality cannot be ignored as it was a close second. This should be extremely important as this package speaks for your company, not the dropship service. When a customer goes to your website to purchase a new watch, they expect the shipment to come from you. If the dropship service uses cheap packaging that usually gets damaged before it arrives-that problem falls on your brand!

Dropshipping is becoming more vital in today's world with the increase in online shopping. It allows the consumer to create a legitimate online business without the financial burden of a warehouse or inventory.

With so many dropship services available, how do you pick the best company? Here are a few questions you need to ask:

  • What sort of products does the dropship service offer?
  • Do these products match with my company needs?
  • Do they customize shipping with my branding?
  • Can they meet my shipping promises?
  • Can they integrate with my shopping cart?
  • Can they alert me of low inventory?

Knowing these answers can help you narrow down your choices and finally help you find your perfect dropship service match.

In the end, all of the features listed in the survey are vital for an overall great dropship service. Make sure you figure out what your priorities are with your company and find a drop ship service that aligns with that.


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