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$12.99 Yearly Domain Fees

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Claim this Profile was founded in 2003 and provides domain registration, reselling, transfer, web hosting, and email services. They’re also very customer service oriented and make it easy for clients to build a website suited for individuals or small businesses. Very philanthropy driven, supports causes such as the bike-to-work incentive program and offers hosting for an initiative for the expansion of .org websites online. To date, they are headquartered in Denver, Colorado with over one million domains registered and almost as many websites. 

The Good

  • Price
  • Other TLD prices
  • Number of TLDs available
  • ICANN fees
  • Bulk price
  • Security features
  • Cross selling
  • Mobile app
  • ICANN accreditation
Price charges customers $10.99/year for .com domains. Customers may be dismayed to learn the annual fee locks in to $12.99/year after the first year. Even at $12.99/year, this price is less than most .com domains on the market which typically range from $13.99-$15.99/year. It should also be noted that openly discloses both prices with the domain name you want to buy, so customers know what they're getting into.

Other TLD Prices

If you want to purchase other Top Level Domains that are commonly used (i.e. .net, .org, .info, etc.), charges the following:

.net: $10.99 for the first year, $12.99 for every year after.
.org : $9.99 for the first year, $11.99 for every year after.
.info: $10.99 for the first year, $10.99 for every year after.
.co: $6.99 for the first year, $28.00 for every year after.

These prices are either lower -or on par- with major domain name companies. (With the exception of the renewal price for the .co extension). Uncommon TLDs range from as little as $4.99/year to $34.99/year. This is lower than many of their competitors. Similar to .com domains, customers may not like the price locking in at a higher rate than the first year. This is also openly disclosed.

Number of TLDs Available

Anyone searching for a large number of TLDs to purchase in bulk or to choose from, offers a selection of over 500 domain names and extensions. These names cover a broad spectrum of categories, from professional TLD extensions such as .attorney to more exotic TLDs like Date Night extensions, i.e. .beer. or .kitchen. far surpasses the majority of domain name companies who only offer 100 domains or less than 500.


Due the all domain name registrars having to pay an annual ICANN fee of 18 cents, includes ICANN fees in all domain name prices, so there is no additional add-on cost at checkout. This is better than some competitors who either don't mention the fee at all. With, customers know how much their domain name will cost from start to finish. Although the fee is only 18 cents, it changes the advertised price and puts off some consumers.

Bulk Price is one of the few domain companies that offer discounts on bulk domain name purchases. It is not advertised on their website how many domains you have to purchase in order to qualify for a discount, but they provide an email to contact them with how many domains you want, which they in turn will provide you with bulk pricing information. Domain registrars who also offer bulk pricing (which aren't many), typically have you contact them as well, so is typical in this regard.

Security Features provides customers security features to protect their domain names. They offer a WHOIS Privacy feature to protect your personal information listed on the WHOIS public database. This feature protects customers from spam, junk mail and telemarketers. WHOIS Privacy costs $3.99/year, which is far cheaper than the average price of $9.99/year that is offered by most companies.

Cross Selling

When going though the checkout process of purchasing a domain name, customers encounter 4 total upsells. The first page showing your domain's availability offers several other available domains to purchase. The next page has 3 upsells: one for domain privacy, another for web hosting and a third for professional email. There are no more upsells or pages to go through to get to the final checkout page. These add-ons are stationary and are not presented aggressively the way a few domain registrars present upsells to their customers during checkout. In terms of numbers,'s 4 upsells rank higher than the average of 2 upsells many domain registrars have.

Mobile App is one of the only ICANN accredited registrars to put a mobile app out on the market. Due to the increase in Android sales over Apple, they decided to put out an Android app first.
Here are some of the Android app features:

  • Search for domain names
  • View suggestions for domain names
  • Register domain names
  • Place backorders
  • Order domain renewals
  • Manage DNS (Domain Name Servers)

The Android app is free, better than other competitors offering apps with monthly subscription fees. Also unique to in the app category is its domain-centered features. The few companies that do offer mobile apps mostly have office features to remotely access professional email and other business-related features.'s app deals specifically with the domain name management, which puts them at an advantage in this area. One disadvantage is that they do not offer an iOS app. This cuts off Apple users worldwide.

In addition to the domain app, offers a total of 34 apps, 18 or which are free. These apps span a range of categories, from website builder to hosting to security and SEO tools. The apps that are from are: website builder, email and url forwarding. The number of apps available with supersedes other companies in its niche, which offer between 1 and 10 apps to customers.

ICANN Accreditation


The Bad

  • Simple domain transfer policies
  • Customer support
Simple Domain Transfer Policies

One disadvantage using is transferring domains. Customers wanting to transfer domains into's registry will have to pay a transfer fee. This fee ranges from $7.99 for a .us name, $8.25 for a .com name to $8.75 for a .net and $9.99 for a .org extension. Other less common TLDs range from $7.99 to $59.99. Many domain registrars do not charge a transfer fee. The transfer process itself is standard protocol, no more complicated that other domain companies, which the same rules apply. For example, your domain has to be registered for at least 60 days in order for you to be eligible to transfer in to

External transfers away from are clearly described on's "Knowledge Base" page, complete with screenshots to guide customers visually through the process. While some companies make external transfer appear more complicated, puts the process into 3 steps:

  1. Unlock your domain so it can transfer to the new registrar.
  2. Get the auth code for the domain name, which you will need to give to your new registrar to initiate the transfer.
  3. Disable the Whois Privacy on the domain name, if you have it applied.

Registrars in general have a terrible reputation for holding names hostage, making it difficult to switch registrars if you become dissatisfied. Some charge exorbitant fees or create delays to avoid losing business. After you have followed's 3 steps, the domain name is eligible for transfer to the new registrar within 5-7 days, which is typical time frame for all standard domain transfers. can also expedite the transfer if you call them-which is a favorable perk.

Customer Support

For customer support, Email seems to be the method of choice for They offer email first before any other form of contact information. One thing that is unfavorable is that their email support limited to Monday to Sunday 6AM to 10PM Mountain Time. They do offer phone support with hours limited to Monday-Friday 8AM- 6PM Mountain Time. Compared to a large number of their domain name competitors, this comes up short due to other companies offering 24/7 phone and email support. also offers a fax number, a mailing address and online abuse form. They also have a website page they call "Knowledge Base", which is where customers can search for answers to commonly answered questions.

The Bottom Line is recommended for their less expensive pricing for popular top-level domains. The price increases after the first year, which customers may not like, but the price is openly displayed so they know what to expect before purchasing. With over 500 Top Level Domains, makes domain transfer easy to find and understand. They offer WHOIS privacy for domains and is one of the few domain companies that offer apps and bulk discounts when purchasing a large number of domains. The company is ICANN accredited.


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User Reviews

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Rob Clifford
July 13th, 2018 Boston, MA DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Purchasing two domains through recently has led to HUGE spam emails, texts, and phone calls -- the calls all, of course, from U.S. phone numbers but without fail having a delay and an Indian male voice on the other end. I know about WhoIs and setting privacy (which makes you pay for), but didn't matter, they obviously are selling contact info. I have domains which I purchased through Google, Tigertech, and a few other companies, and honestly have never had anything CLOSE to this level of barrage after the fact. I am not exaggerating. It's been obnoxious.

Ikramy Ghidan
January 8th, 2018 DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I'm really disappointed with their support services. They have no clue at all. I asked them to change my primary domain to another one I registered. Once they did that, my hosting stopped displaying PHP files. I contacted them many times and they keep repeat the same message instead of actually fixing the problem. They just marked my tickets as solved while they're not, and now I'm paying for something that I'm unable to use.

Paul Hallelujah
June 5th, 2017

Nice domain name, but constant issues with mail servers and web editor, does not work, always leads to upgrade, likely a scam.

Barbra Barbour
February 6th, 2017 Norfolk, VA

I ran into trouble from the start. They advertised a great deal on domain names and they was no disclaimer saying only certain names were eligible. I bought one at the advertised price, but when I tried to register a second one the next day they attempted to charge me $125 for it. I should have known it wasn't going to get better. Fast forward a year, I'm trying to log into my account and can't. I sent a password request and that's when the real trouble started. While claiming that security is important to them, they expect you to send private info, including a scan of your drivers license, over an unsecured connection. It took more than a week of going back and forth while they did nothing to improve the situation at all. I have moved my domain to another registrar and I will never do business with them again.

January 30th, 2017

The customer Service is non-existent. There is no response. Not even an automated email reply that your request has been received and action will be taken in such and such time. You can rate something if it exists. Big Zero for their support.

Andi Chiser
January 9th, 2017

We purchased from, domain and email service, and it was a DISASTER. We completely moved our business to other provider and was the best decision ever. Customer service is basically in-existent, we received always the same email on our emails or hosting issue. There is no chat or phone line to call. We lost a lot of data, time and money....

November 16th, 2016 Saint Paul, MN

I'm getting notice my domains are expiring tomorrow but when I go to renew them, I get blocked out by my browser with a message the connection isn't secure.

robert shaw
October 24th, 2016 Fairfield, NJ

NO SERVICE BY PHONE EMAIL. Had to chargeback through credit card company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

October 22nd, 2016

I transfer 100 domains to name, but when I change nameserver it is not beeing propagated, 7 days later after changing nameverver on domain panel, WHOIS was still indicating previous hosting company IP / name / location Therefore your site will stay off during those days. Really bad domain nameserver change service

M. Alhakim
October 21st, 2016 Round Rock, TX

This is the worst evil small corporation I have ever dealt with. They missed up my email server once I have decided to move to a different hosting company and redirected the DNS lookup to so all my emails stopped coming in. Also they did some technical wizardry on my email account so I only get certain emails and not the others. Then they added my phone number to some black list so it goes to their voice mail when I dial support. They are evil to the core.

Tony G
September 20th, 2016 New York, NY

I transferred 90% of my domains to another registrar early this year because of's lack of reliability and functionalities, and planned to transfer the rest to when it graduates from its beta phase as a domain registrar. One month later, I became to receive "Renew now to avoid service disruption" hoax notifications from on domains that were already under another registrar's management. In their emails, threatened that the whois "Privacy Service" would expire within 24 hours, but I could renew them at $0 with Those were the domains that had nothing to do with any more, and their records should have been deleted the moment when they were transferred awsy from All the emails that I sent requesting to stop its hoaxs just went nowhere. Each time, they made a pology after a delay, and then continued its abusive as usual. I had enough. On September 7, 2016, I decided to transfer all the domains away from Yet, there was another big surprise - my account was blocked by's newly updated "Domain Name Registration Agreement." Without clicking the "Accept" button, I could not use the domain management tools, including lifting the privacy service, unlock the domains and obtain the auth codes so that I could transfer the domains away to another registrar. While I was very busy these days, I was forced to spend a significant amount of time to deal with this gorssly abusive perpetrator. As of this date of September 20, 2016, 13 days after I requested the transfers, all the domains are still held up by

September 8th, 2016 Kensington, MD

I started with about 8 years ago when it was registered in Washington DC. Then it moved to Colorado. Now it says it's in Washington state. ... The registration and renewal fees use to be 8.99; now it's 12.99 and up. Customer service use to be professional; now you're lucky to reach anyone and especially lucky if you feel the person you are talking to or corresponding with is an adult. The latest terms and conditions say that should you qualify for a refund for something, the company reserves the right to pay you with Bearglecoin, their new coupon system. This company is no longer professional; I'll be moving my domains, as well those owned by my clients.

August 23rd, 2016 Lanham, MD

Horrible, horrible customer service! They do not ever pick up the phone and after you sit on hold forever it tells you to leave a voicemail but you can't leave a voicemail because the mailbox is full! Then you just get disconnected. Look elsewhere because you will be disappointed.

August 16th, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

I wish I took the time to look up reviews for before subscribing. Both the product & service are terrible. I've gone a month not being able to send or receive emails & cannot get anyone to answer the customer service line for assistance. Emails are responded to with a message saying "a ticket has been created." I am now trying to cancel & change hosts but still no answer to calls (a voice mail picks up & says all reps are busy then the line hangs up) Super frustrating & hurting my business, The old adage, you get what you pay for applies 100% here.

Franklin Ribeiro
July 21st, 2016

Customer service has been horrible (so far). They mention in their site that they can refund you if you request the domain registration to be cancelled within 5 days of the registration. I requested the cancellation 2 days after the domain was registered and all I got was an email asking me to confirm. I confirmed, but I have not got any confirmation from their side and, of course, no refund yet.

July 5th, 2016

Very bad customer support. You won't get reply even for two days if you submit a ticket or send an email. And their call times are very limited. Stupid service.

Simon Vetterli
June 17th, 2016

I bought a hosting and a domain with I had some technical issues - but they are not able to solve the problem. I solved everything by myself - and in the end, they are asking to review the case... Also - an email for cancel the service - no answer since more than 5 days. What will happens with the domain I bought -> no answer from them. In the near future I will not choose a company like this anymore. Better pay a bit more for a hosting - instead of having a non working hosting provider. I am somehow "happy" to see, that I am not the only one with this kind of experiences...

seldi rubakantha
June 13th, 2016

The company is fundamentally bunch of con artists. They lure you to register with them and when your domain expires they have their partners in crime who buy the domain you even without realizing your domain expired. Then they use blackmailing to sell the domain back. I was told not to trust non reputed companies mainly less unregulated places. I learned my leasson, it may help other avoiding these company.

Isaac Zoran
March 19th, 2016

There's a good reason why support a bike to work incentive programme, it's because they charge you more than the amount requested at the point of payment. I purchased a name from them adevertised at their discounted rate. At the point of payment, it clearly showed 1.99 but upon submitting the payment it changed to the full price of 10.99. I seriously DO have to find an alternative way to work tomorrow as they've taken my money for transport, and their support system stinks. The only way I got an answer was by hounding them on facebook, but even then they refuse to admit what happened. My advice? Any online company is only as good as it's support system, and has a lousy support system. Stick with a more reputable company to avoid paying more than what you intended.

Richie A
March 4th, 2016

Complete waste of space, they offer no telephone support and email support takes over two days to get a response, I am still trying to resolve an issue with them three days later. Don't touch with a barge pole.

February 25th, 2016 Phelan, CA

They run a domain renewal scam that will charge you an additional month of fees if you choose not to renew the domain.

michael steiner
February 4th, 2016 San Jose, CA

This is the absolute worst experience I have had in the 54 years I have been alive. The sight navigation is the most cumbersome I have used in the last 7 years. The templates are very limited and extremely hard, nearly impossible to use. I would rather upload my own html docs and use them but, even though I have my own domain which i purchased through they have no record of it. Support 0, ease of use 0. I will use one of the 3 other hosting companies where i can use a channel do do the things I want and not be locked in to a template that is barely editable. Negative 10 is my rating for this site.

Ruth Bell
November 13th, 2015

I cannot recommend this service. If you register a domain there and don't pay an additional amount for whois privacy, expect your whois information to be published on which is operated by There, your information can be indexed by search engines and in order to remove it, you will have to pay an additional amount of 30$ to Furthermore, you will have to buy whois privacy in order to protect your personal information from future publishing.

June 18th, 2015

I think the prices are good but the customer service not help. I had a problem with a SSL certificate and they don´t help me and resolve the problem. I think for a company a good customer service is very important. You risk to pay for buy nothing.

Hardeep Singh
June 16th, 2015

Poor service and much poorer support team. Support team is careless to reply to customer issues. dont listen anybody and take decision. Its very poor server administrator as well who talk bull****. I uploaded word press here and it got hacked then these fu**** people suspended my account without ant notice.... There hosting has lot of heck issues.

May 18th, 2015 Salt Lake City, UT

i registered my domain with them and wanted hosting, i've never had problems with hosting services before. i've used plenty of free hosting (, google webservices, amazon sw3) and its always worked. i tried using the cpanel and it gives me a ssl error. so i tried connecting through my account and its not working. finally i thought why not just try the old fashion way with FTP and for ***** sake I can't log in!!! This is extremely frustrating. i just started a legit business and i can't get my website uploaded. Not Gonna use them after this year deal ends.

March 9th, 2015

First, I'm a new dad who has come to learn that I don't have as much time as I used to as you can imagine. After being with for many years I decided why not try their hosting. I've seen their ads on the site trying to entice users with various deals over the years as well. I figured why not give it a shot now, after all - this isn't the stone age of hosting anymore and it should be pretty straight forward. Unfortunately I was wrong. I decided to opt for the starter package before investing any further. I'm glad I stopped at that point and encourage anyone who is considering using to reconsider. After purchasing the hosting I decided to put Wordpress on it via cPanel which was actually very straight-forward. "Wow" I thought, very simple and very quick. Next I decided to get started on setting it up, only to find that some error had occurred in regards to me not being able to access cPanel any longer. I didn't have any more time at this point and figured I'd shoot a quick email and hope to get a reply. I did get a reply, it took longer than I had hoped. In fact, it came so late that I had to wait for another chance to sort this issue out. The next day I had some time and figured I'll try to continue off where I left. I was told in the email that my issue had to do with's server needing time to fully propagate the site. Unsure if thats correct because after all I did install WP. Anyways, I figured enough time has passed and that issue should be done with. OK, time to use FireZilla to login via FTP and start building up the site. Wait, that can't happen. I used the config file provided by specifically made to ensure that FireZilla was properly setup to connect. I try to login to the FTP with my password from, or for some reason the password I set with WordPress. Nope and nope. Oh wait, now I can't get into cPanel again. WTF is going on here. I'll shoot them another email, hopefully they will get back to me quickly because I was actually looking forward to this and now having to deal with this is is starting to upset me. Wait another day. I then receive an email saying that I logged in so many times with wrong passwords that it got caught in their firewall and am told that I should double check my passwords - fair enough. "That's great they have a firewall" I think, and I double check my passwords. Yep, everything should work. Too bad that I can't even access the FTP. Alright one last try. Lets login and start this all over again, I have some free time again. Nope. I still cannot log into FTP, no matter if I make a new account or use the special account they provide as default. Better than that, I can't even log into cPanel again. you have greatly disappointed me. The time spent on making your ads or blog posts funny to attract new users should be better spent making things straight-forward for your already paying users. I was with you for many years, and I say was because this is ridiculous. I'm fed up with the lack of support you have, and the services other than your bulk-domain checker, which is the main reason this rating has a 2. Not only am I going to one of your competitors, but I'm looking to make sure that whenever looks for a review they'll find one of your previous customers warning them of what kind of garbage they have to wade through. BTW, I'm still waiting on an email reply. Thanks for nothing.