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LAST UPDATED: December 30th, 2021
Founded in 1988,1&1 offers domain names, SEO and web hosting services plus other marketing tools. This company has over 7000 employees worldwide that are serving an ever-growing client base of 19 million domain names registered. They also offer email solutions and high-end servers in 10 different countries including Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the United States. Currently, they have 11 million customers.  

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The Good

  • Number of TLDs available
  • Bulk price
  • Security features
  • Mobile app
  • ICANN accreditation
Number of TLDs Available
1&1 offers over 600 Top Level Domains (TLDs) for purchase. Most companies offer between 100 and 500 domains, which puts 1&1 at an advantage with over 500. These domain names cover a broad spectrum of industries and have discounted introductory prices, some even as low as $0.99 but these prices increase after the introductory term ends.
Bulk Price
For customers wanting bulk pricing, 1&1 offers a bundle package for single domain names. For example, if you purchase a .com domain name, you can purchase all popular TLDs for that name for one bulk price of $29.97/year. You need a minimum of 3 domains to get this discount. 1&1 does not advertise a large scale bulk discount the way a few of their domain competitors do, with a discount pyramid of prices like 100 domains = 10% off, 200 domains = 20% off, 300 domains = $30 off, etc.
Security Features
1&1 offers WHOIS Privacy protection for domain name customers, which hides your personal information contained within the WHOIS database - including name, postal address, email address and phone number - from the general public. The most impressive feature 1&1 offers is free Privacy protection with the purchase of a domain name. Most domain companies charge an annual fee, typically around $9.99. Also impressive is 1&1's free SSL certificate that comes with each newly purchased domain name. Most domain companies charge an additional fee for SSL protection. This makes 1&1 even more competitive in the area of security protection than competitors.
Mobile App
1&1 is one of the few companies that offer mobile customers app availability to manage their domains from a mobile device. The company stands out not only for offering one app but offering up to 5 apps. These include:
  • An email app, holding a 4.3/5 star Android rating and a current iOS 4/5 star rating.
  • Online Storage app, holding a 1.5/5 iOS rating and a 4/5 star Android rating
  • Photo Gallery app with a 4/5 star Android rating and a 1.5/5 star rating in Apple
  • Music app with a 2.5/5 star iOS rating and no Android app
  • Blogmywebsite app with a current 3.5/5 star iOS rating and a 3/5 star Android rating
  • Control panel support app a current iOS 4.5/5 star rating and no app in Android.
1&1 also offers screen shot tutorials on their website showing customers how to use their apps. These apps are free to download, which surpasses a few domain apps that charge a monthly fee. It is slightly confusing trying to find the apps for 1&1 online and it seems that there are certain apps only available in either Android or Apple.
ICANN Accreditation

The Bad

  • Price
  • Other TLD prices
  • ICANN fees
  • Cross selling
  • Customer support
  • Simple domain transfer policies
1&1 charges an introductory price of $0.99 for a .com domain name. The actual price is $14.99/year, which is what customers pay once the introductory period expires. This may be unfavorable to some customers who may have purchased the domain for the extremely low price. $14.99/year is on par with the industry average price major competitors charge for a .com domain-although some domain companies offer a lower .com price of $8.99-$9.99/year.
Other TLD Prices
If you want to purchase other Top-Level Domains (TLDs) (.net, .co, .org, .info, etc), 1&1 charges introductory prices ranging from $0.99 to $19.99/year. Once the introductory period ends, annual prices range from $14.99 to $39.99/year. Although the introductory prices are extremely discounted for alternate domain names, the actual prices are less competitive, with many TLD companies charging from $11.99/year to $16.99/year for the most popular extensions.
1&1 is one of the very few domain name companies that openly display their added ICANN fees during the checkout process. All Domain name registrars have to pay an 18 cent annual fee to ICANN for each domain name registered through them. Although this is inferior to companies who don't charge customers ICANN fees at all, it surpasses companies who are not transparent with their ICANN fees altogether. These companies don't mention whether or not they have these fees, causing transparency issues for customers. The downside is that customers have to pay slightly more than the price as advertised.
Cross Selling
When checking out on 1&1's website, customers encounter approximately 5 upsells. These upsells appear "in your face" more than many domain registrars, who typically display upsells quietly as itemized additional features with boxes to be checked. Regarding the number of upsells, 1&1's 5 upsells are more than what the average company offers (2 upsells), making 1&1 less competitive in this area.
Customer Support
Similar to the majority of Domain Registrars, 1&1 offers customers a Help Center page with answers to commonly asked questions, such as how to transfer domains, website building tools, updating your domain's IP address, account and billing questions, etc. Other than a Help page, customers appear to be kept at arm's length. There is no phone number or Live Chat for customer support and the email support is "guided", meaning if you have a question, you click on the email icon on their contact us page. They ask "how can we help you today?" by offering a series of icons representing the services they offer: account & billing, email & office, domains, web hosting, mywebsite, servers, ecommerce and online marketing. When you click on the Domains icon, it takes you through a series of predetermined questions with a drop down menu of answers to what question you select. Most companies offer way more customer support than 1&1 with 24/7 support via telephone, live chat and email.
Simple Domain Transfer Policies
With such unavailable customer service, Domain Transfers with 1&1 appear to be straight forward, but customers may have issues if they hit a bump during the process. To transfer a domain away from 1&1, the following conditions must be met:
  • The domain has not been registered or transferred in the last 60 days.
  • The domain must have public registration.
  • The account containing the domain must be in good standing.
  • The domain's contact information should be updated.
  • The domain must be unlocked for transfer.
  • The domain's authorization code is needed (if applicable).
These conditions are standard for most domain transfers to another domain. 1&1 does not appear complicated with a bunch of hoops to jump through. Some registrars are openly known for holding names hostage, making it difficult to switch registrars if you become dissatisfied.

The Bottom Line

Areas where 1&1 excels are app availability for both iOS and Android and free domain security features (which most companies charge for). They also offer over 500 Top Level Domains and a bundle pricing option. However, pricing may leave customers dissatisfied, since the introductory pricing is as low as $0.99 and jumps to $14.99/year once the introductory period is over. They also add on an ICANN fee during checkout, making the total price increase. Also an issue is 1&1's customer service. They offer no phone support or Live Chat if a customer encounters an issue where a live representative is needed. There is some controversy surrounding the company's current A BBB rating, which was formerly an F rating with over 500 customer complaints. They are, however, ICANN accredited.
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Brett Schiftner Weatherford, TX

Been a customer about 10 years. All I do is have them host my domain name and forward email. The price has gone up quite a bit over the years but the service is what I need.

3 weeks ago

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Brittney Mac Gregor Louisville, KY

This is a great hosting company for people with minimal computer experience. I often helped my clients get set up using 1&1. They have some of the lowest prices offered out there and the customer serviced and tech support I have received was outstanding.

4 months ago

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F Spen Dallas, TX

(BEWARE) Don't hesitate to file a complaint against 1 and 1 to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Under the for Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP). My opportunity to renew the domain promptly due to the confusing 1 and 1 massive flooding of Marketing/Junk/Advertising emails sent to my billing email box; made it extremely challenging to distinguish essential billing emails from junk. An influx of marketing email from 1and1, definitely hindered my ability to made payment; due to new card had been issued with an updated expiration date. After all, was said and done the wanted to pay a whole lot more to reinstate the domain and they then ridiculously hiked the price of the domain up so high that I let it go and now the domain is bidding for $ thousands of dollars higher online. Should any of you experience this please file a complaint with the CPFB with the UDAAP in mind. I had already asked them Countless times prior, to stop the advertising/ marketing email from them precisely because I was getting confused and they failed to do just that, and the results ended up with me losing a domain I had for nearly two decades. They blamed the mishap stating it was my fault anyway. I felt the deception of bait and switch for a higher rate. So please, if you experience this please file a complaint through the proper channels. Understand the UDAAP laws.

3 years ago

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Jan E.

"1&1 = Nothing!" I freely admit that this review refers to abysmal practices by 1&1 some years ago (10+?), but then again, because people on umpteen review sites I am currently reading are still saying much the same as me, I thought I'd at last add my 2-cents worth. This is because – even after all these years – I still want to spit when I see anything about 1&1! ( and that really isn't like me in everyday life!) In brief: in the early days of my internet use I wanted my own website. 1$1's advertising was ubiquitous, so I took the bait... In brief: 1. I found trying to carry out all of the confusing and opaque procedures and muddles on their site to be like wading through double-thickness treacle! 2. The so-called "help" bits were partly in (German?) and partly in English. 3. The site was a mess! I'm a very patient being, but it was really *very* difficult to get everything sorted out properly... 4. Support: so I tried to contact them, to (politely) ask questions about their disaster zone of a site, but that proved fruitless and futile; if I did get any reply it was enigmatic, incomprehensible and thus useless. 5. Now here's the worst bit of all: ...After a couple of months of this frustrating farce I finally got so sick of them that I just wanted out. But trying to get rid of them (and lose my money into the bargain) was well nigh impossible It's surely no coincidence that still now (here in 2016) so many condemnatory reviews of 1$1 still report that trying to get rid of this rogue company is like trying to wipe ...umm... something VERY sticky-nasty-smelly off the bottom of your shoe!! ...But I was very determined; so in the end I got through to a (difficult to find!) number in the UK and finally got them, not the parent body, to close my account and stop pestering me with absurd delusion that I owed *them* something! They made it well-nigh impossible to escape their greedy little clutches, but I did it in the end, but it left such a nasty scar that I've still not forgiven them. Advice: If you find yourself drawn to this bunch of money-grubbing brigands, slap yourself awake – then RUN!! :) Ps: I liked the idea of "Better Business Bureau ratings" ... until I just read that they have awarded 1$1 a very high rating – Huh!? ... My first thought was: "How on *earth* did 1$1 manage to game the system and pull off *that* stunt?!" – We might hope and pray that fistfuls of $$$'s weren't involved!)

5 years ago

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CM Brendle Henry, TN

I used 1and1.com for a number of years on the recommendation of a close family member who is also a computer geek. They started out good, especially having switched from GoDaddy, which had terrible service, but then things started going downhill. Not once, but TWICE, they have shut down all my websites and lost (nearly) all of my data and subscribers without explanation. Worse still, they resold one of my domain names WITHOUT my permission, and gave me a lame "Oh, we're sorry for the misunderstanding" after the fact. NOT okay. They are not trustworthy as a company, and unless your issue is extremely simple, their tech support is severely lacking as well. Their people can't even tell you how to configure their own software properly. Do NOT use them for hosting, if you care at all about your domains and your data.

6 years ago

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Len Umina Phoenix, AZ

1and1 was once the best registrar on the web. Their website was fast, complete, and their service was amazing. They have become one of the worst ever time by outsourcing tech support, moving their core platform to windows, Unfortunately for me it takes a long time to move everything to other providers, but I hope to be completely away from 1and1 within a year. They are that bad. If you are not bothered by control panel pages that take 15-20 seconds to load, these guys are you, but unless you work at the DMV find someone else that uses Linux.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Sara Jane Crestwood, KY

I have been a customer for more than 15 years. Good customer service. My site has NEVER gone down (knock on wood).

3 years ago

star star star star star


Excellent Service and really good service altogether! I would highly recommend their service!

5 years ago