Posted: George Hancock Jr. | September 23, 2015

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GoDaddy: 55% of Small Businesses Plan to Launch Website Soon

The common assumption in recent times is that everyone's online. Why wouldn't you be online if you're a business, right? In reality, a huge chunk of small businesses don't have a website, according to a GoDaddy survey. That and other interesting statistics revealed by the survey were reported in infographic format recently.

RedShift Research was asked by GoDaddy to survey small businesses about their web plans, and that they did. 4,000 responded to the survey. They were from Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Turkey, United Kingdom and the U.S. According to their responses, few businesses plan to stay offline. That can be assumed when you compare the percentage of businesses that are offline to the percentage businesses that plan to launch a website in the next few years, 59% and 55% , respectively. How many actually build a website in the coming year or two can't be predicted easily, but few have made the decision to remain offline.

48% of respondents said they plan to sell goods from their website within a year of its launch. That seems to suggest online sales are important when compared to simply having an online presence. However, having a branding website with nothing for sale is common. It can also be important if competing brands have a strong web marketing push.

Among the respondents, a larger portion (52%) planned to improve their local customer base and a smaller portion planned to expand internationally (39%) by building a website. The difference could be explained by the newness of businesses planning to get online soon. 72% of businesses 3 years old or less plann to launch soon, whereas 42% of businesses 4 or older plan to launch soon. Younger businesses often focus on their region before expanding elsewhere.

Especially if your model doesn't rely on face-to-face relationships you've already established or can establish easily, it's fair to say that your business should have a presence on the interwebs. Simply having a website online improves your image. The question is, how do you get started? Luck for you, my next post will point you in the right direction.



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