Posted: Natalie Mootz | January 27, 2015

Domain Registrars

Move Your Domain Today & Help a Nonprofit


If you're thinking about transferring your domain registration, today just might be the right day for you to do it. Domain registrar Namecheap is hosting another "Move Your Domain Day," as it has done annually since 2011. The cost of moving a domain to Namecheap today is $3.98, including one free year of registration.

The usual cost for domain transfers to Namecheap runs from $9.87/year for dot-com domains and can go as high as $49.99 for dot-pe domains (Peru).

We've reviewed Namecheap, and it finished #2 in our current rankings, calling it "a great domain registrar option."

Namecheap is also donating part of its profits today to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). According to its website, the EFF is a nonprofit founded to protect civil liberties in the digital world, including "user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development."

As of 3:00pm Pacific Time, the promotion has raised $37,054.50 for EFF.

As an adjunct to the promotion, Namecheap is hosting an AMA on Reddit with its CEO, Richard Kirkendall, where the chief executive offered answers to questions such as:

  • Any plans to update the domain management interface? (Yes, "in the coming months.")
  • Would your team consider better features to move domains? (They offer a concierge service.)
  • Two factor authorization coming anytime soon? (Yes.)
  • Did Namecheap suffer any negative consequences by opposing SOPA and getting involved in policy? (They had a few complaints.)

To cash in on the promotion, you'll need to enter a coupon code. Full instructions can be found on the promotion's website.

If you're considering registering a new domain or transferring an existing one, check out our reviews here.


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