Posted: Bryce Morgan | October 3, 2014

Domain Registrars

How To Pick Your Domain Registrar

Domain Registrars

Did you know that before 1995, you could pick any domain name you wanted for free? Oh, what we wouldn't give to be able to go back and obtain names like,, or and sell them today. Those names are now worth millions of dollars. So how did a free service evolve into such an expensive one?

On September 14, 1995, Network Solutions saw the demand in domain names start to increase. They were actually the first domain registrar to start charging for domain names, and they started at a high price of $100 per year for the first two years. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) eventually stepped in and helped regulate the industry, which in turn led to the current more affordable pricing. However, there are clearly some names that are much more valuable than others.

There have been many domain registrars pop up since 1995. (TBC) has recently launched their rankings of over 10 of the major domain registrars. Although Network Solutions was the very first domain registrar on the market, they aren't one of the top competitors. We carefully graded each company on a number of criteria and found some companies have better features than others.

We graded these companies on some of the following criteria:

  • Price of .com: This is especially important because it's the most wanted domain.
  • Other TLD price: A few of the top level domains are .net, .co, .org, .and .info.
  • Bulk Pricing: Some domain registrars will give you a deal on purchasing several domains at once.
  • Hosting: This is an excellent additional feature for some domain registrars. We made sure to list which ones offered it, and which ones didn't.
  • ICANN: Like previously mentioned, ICANN regulates prices on domain registrars. If they are ICANN accredited, it just shows that they are well priced. Luckily, most of the major domain registrars we found were accredited.
  • Time in Business: Experience is valuable. The more experience a company has, the better their score.
  • BBB Rating: This shows us a basic overview of how the company is doing and how they're handling their customers.
  • Customer Reviews: The more customer reviews we get on the company, the more accurate the score. It's important to us to see actual customer experiences to make sure we are recommending the right companies.
  • Expert Reviews: This is done after thorough research of the overall company standing and their customer service.

The domain industry is certainly booming. As more and more consumers are seeing the value of placing their businesses online, domain names are becoming more and more of a hot topic. Consumers are either rushing to reserve their name for their business or they are rushing to bulk buy domain names in hopes to turn around and sell them to desperate business owners. Whichever situation you're in, make sure you go through the right domain registrars by checking out our reviews on TBC.


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