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Posted By: George Hancock Jr.  |  September 24, 2015

Recently we learned that the majority of small businesses plan to launch a website soon. But what happens when they’re ready to get started? Setting up a website can be difficult, and hiring someone to do it for you can be expensive. What’s the best way for you to get your business online? Here are […]

Posted By: George Hancock Jr.  |  September 23, 2015

The common assumption in recent times is that everyone’s online. Why wouldn’t you be online if you’re a business, right? In reality, a huge chunk of small businesses don’t have a website, according to a GoDaddy survey. That and other interesting statistics revealed by the survey were reported in infographic format recently. RedShift Research was […]

Posted By: Natalie Mootz  |  January 27, 2015

If you’re thinking about transferring your domain registration, today just might be the right day for you to do it. Domain registrar Namecheap is hosting another “Move Your Domain Day,” as it has done annually since 2011. The cost of moving a domain to Namecheap today is $3.98, including one free year of registration. The usual cost […]

Posted By: Bryce Morgan  |  October 3, 2014

Did you know that before 1995, you could pick any domain name you wanted for free? Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be able to go back and obtain names like,, or and sell them today. Those names are now worth millions of dollars. So how did a free service evolve into […]