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LAST UPDATED: October 24th, 2019

Pet Plate is a dog food delivery service offering all-natural, cooked meals designed by a veterinarian. All meals are made with human-grade meat and fresh produce. All of the ingredients are prepared in a USDA facility to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients make it into Pet Plate’s fresh meals.

Pet Plate got its start when Renaldo Webb, a former consultant in the pet food industry, saw the mediocre ingredients and substandard processes that many dog food brands were using to produce mass-market pet food. Webb decided that it was time to find a healthy diet for his dog, Winston, as well as dogs all around the world.

Webb began by making homemade dog food, then moved his business into a commercial kitchen and consulted with Dr. Renee Streeter, DVM, a veterinary nutritionist who formulated each of Pet Plate’s meals for optimal nutrition. Pet Plate boasts that its cooked dog food is made in a professional cooking facility, is only made up of the best, human-grade ingredients, and includes lots of vitamins and minerals. 

Pet Plate delivers its meals to pups throughout the continental United States and is enjoyed by dogs of all life stages and breeds.

Keep reading for pros and cons, plus Pet Plate dog food reviews from consumers.

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The Good

  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • High-Quality Dog Food Selection
  • Skip, Pause, or Cancel at Any Time

Personalized Meal Plan

Most dog food companies have a one-size-fits-all meal plan, failing to consider a dog’s unique needs. Pet Plate asks owners to share their pup’s individual attributes such as the dog's breed, age, current weight, ideal weight, activity level, the kind of food they’re currently eating, and any health issues (anxiety, sensitive stomach, itchy, joint pain, and more). A tailored meal plan helps to ensure that your dog is getting the nutrients it needs. 

High-Quality Dog Food Selection

Pet Plate’s delivery service currently offers four meal recipes full of fresh ingredients, including protein, as well as fruits and vegetables:

  • Chompin’ Chicken is great food for dogs with a sensitive digestive system and looking to slim down. This recipe includes ground chicken, sweet potatoes, chicken liver, butternut squash, apples, safflower oil, calcium carbonate, taurine, and more. 
  • Barkin’ Beef is a familiar flavor that is sure to please a picky eater.  This recipe includes ground beef, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beef liver, apples, green peas, carrots, and more. 
  • Tail Waggin’ Turkey is great for improved digestion and pets with food allergies. This recipe includes ground turkey, turkey liver, brown rice, apples, pumpkin, salmon oil, and more. 
  • Lip Lickin’ Lamb is a wonderful option for furry friends who are sensitive to other protein sources and need an extra boost of energy. This healthy dog food recipe includes ground lamb meat, sweet potatoes, quinoa, lamb liver, broccoli, fish oil, and more. 

All meals for dogs are freshly-cooked, meet the nutrient profiles set by the AAFCO, and delivered in resealable containers.

Skip, Pause, or Cancel at Any Time

Subscription members can put their account on hold or cancel any time, as long as it’s before Pet Plate’s weekly cutoff (Thursday at 11 p.m. ET).

Conveniently, Pet Plate makes pausing, skipping, and canceling an upcoming dog food delivery simple. The company allows members to make changes to their account online at, meaning subscribers won’t have to call or email Pet Plate’s customer service, like some other pet food companies require.

Pet owners who decide to skip a scheduled delivery are only skipping one box; the subscription will auto-resume after that.


The Bad

  • 48 States Only
  • No Returns or Exchanges
  • No Sample Packs
  • Costs More Than Traditional Dog Food

48 States Only

Similar to meal delivery services Spot & Tango and NomNomNow, Pet Plate's dog food delivery is only available in the contiguous 48 states. So, if you are looking to improve your dog's diet with fresh food, but you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you will have to look elsewhere. Few, if any, fresh pet food delivery companies currently deliver to these states. 

No Returns or Exchanges

Because Pet Plate sells perishable items, none of its pet products can be returned or exchanged. The company urges buyers to contact the company with any concerns or questions and it will attempt to resolve the issue.

However, Pet Plate does offer a 100 percent clean plate guarantee on the first box. If a dog doesn't lick the plate clean, Pet Plate will give customers a full refund.

Since Pet Plate doesn't allow returns, the company suggests the leftover food be donated to a local shelter.

No Sample Packs

Pet Plate doesn't offer any sample packs of its dog meals, meaning consumers will have to sign up for a dog food subscription plan right off the bat. However, the company does offer a discount on the first box, free shipping, the 100 percent clean plate guarantee, and members can quickly put their account on hold or cancel altogether.

Costs More Than Traditional Dog Food

Dog owners will most likely be paying more for Pet Plate's meal delivery services than they do for their current dog food, whether its dry food or canned. Every meal will vary in cost as each plan depends on several different factors including height, weight, breed, and specific dietary needs. However, Pet Plate does try to help pet owners narrow down the price by offering a daily price range for the different sizes of dogs:

  • Small Dogs — $2.50-$4.75
  • Medium Dogs — $6-$8
  • Large Dogs — $9-$13
  • XL Dogs — $16-$19

The Bottom Line

Pet Plate is an excellent option for pet parents looking for a fresh dog food delivery company. The company offers four great recipes, free shipping, and recyclable, resealable containers. The company provides high-quality, human-grade dog food, designed by a vet nutritionist, that can help improve any dog's health and well-being. Pet Plate also makes it easy for members to make changes to their meal delivery account by letting them do everything online, which is uncommon in the industry.

Customers should be aware that Pet Plate doesn’t allow returns or exchanges on its products but does have the clean plate guarantee on the first box — buyers will get a full refund if their pet doesn’t love the recipe.

Feel free to let us know about your Pet Plate experience by leaving a quick review below. 

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