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LAST UPDATED: July 27th, 2021

Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Harvey Cohen realized that much like humans, animals need a healthy diet to live a long and happy life. Sadly, the pet food industry was producing products filled with dangerous dyes, preservatives, chemicals, coloring agents, and other harmful ingredients.

Dr. Harvey decided that his pet foods would not compromise on ingredients and he promised to not cut corners in the name of profit or efficiency. Today, Dr. Harvey’s team is dedicated to helping pet parents give their companion animals the best food, made from the best ingredients, using the best processes.

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The Good

  • Dog Food and Treat Selection
  • All-Natural Herbal Supplements and Grooming Supplies
  • Availability
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Dog Food and Treat Selection

Dr. Harvey’s is probably best known for its dog food. Back in the 1980s, the Canine Food line was one of the first healthy dog food products on the market. Every batch of dog food is made with the finest, high-quality, human grade ingredients and is formulated to help dogs live a long and happy life.  Here are a few of Dr. Harvey’s most popular dog foods:

  • Raw Vibrance — grain-free foundation for raw diets
  • Canine Health — pre-mix used as a base for balanced homemade meals
  • Paradigm — specially blended “green food” pre-mix, ideally for a low-carb diet
  • Oracle Grain-Free — high-quality freeze-dried protein

Dr. Harvey’s also sells dog treats in a variety of flavors:

  • Coconut Smiles — made with one ingredient — dehydrated organic coconut
  • Power Pops — freeze-dried raw green tripe
  • Le Dogue Bites — small bite-sized pieces of meat with no fillers
  • Sweet Potate’r Chews — healthy chews made from natural sweet potatoes

All-Natural Herbal Supplements and Grooming Supplies

Dr. Harvey’s products are meant to be used by dogs of all ages. Whether pet owners are welcoming a new puppy into their home or taking care of an older dog, Dr. Harvey’s offers a number of herbal supplements to help their unique needs.

  • Kidney Health — An all natural, safe, herbal and mushroom supplement that helps reduce the chance of kidney disease
  • Solaris — Safe and effective whole food supplement to help support the immune system
  • Health and Shine — Pure salmon oil capsules, that are used for skin and coat enhancement
  • Golden Years — Nutritious whole foods and herbs that are known to help fight disease and increase longevity
  • Relax and Stress — All-natural aid to help calm dogs

Grooming a dog is one of the best ways to check their health. A shiny and full coat is often a sign of a healthy dog. Dr. Harvey’s has a variety of dog grooming supplies that are made with herbal and organic ingredients and offer a wide range of topical holistic solutions.

Pet parents can purchase healing cream (used for minor skin irritations, hot spots, rashes, cuts, sunburn, etc.), herbal protection spray, ear wash, and shampoo.


Dr. Harvey’s products are available through its website as well as several major online pet stores.  Pet owners can purchase Dr. Harvey’s products from the following companies:

  • Amazon
  • Chewy
  • Only Natural Pet Store
  • PetFlow

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The company stands behind its products and because of this, Dr. Harvey’s offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all its products. Customers can return any item within 90 days from the date of purchase for a complete refund. Customers can also return the unused portion of a product and will receive a credit for their account.

Customers should be aware, however, that Dr. Harvey’s does not refund shipping costs.


The Bad

  • Dr.Harvey Is Not a Veterinarian

Dr.Harvey Is Not a Veterinarian

Although Dr.Harvey has been helping to educate pet owners for over 30 years, he is not a licensed veterinarian. His may give general advice about feeding guidelines, herbal supplements, vitamins, and other information about your pet’s diet, but he doesn’t prescribe products or treatments for medical conditions.

Many pet parents ask for Dr. Harvey’s opinion on what to feed their pet and how they can improve their pet’s overall health, yet the website clarifies that any educational information on the site is not a substitute or replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


The Bottom Line

Although Dr. Harvey has dedicated his life to teaching pet owners the principles of using a holistic approach to help improve the overall health and longevity of our pet’s lives, he is not a veterinarian. Any information given by Dr. Harvey is not a substitute for professional medical advice. However, we do appreciate that the company is transparent about this information and recommends that pet owners consult with their vet before starting a new diet or treatment approach.

That being said, dog owners looking for an affordable, all-natural dog food brand, should consider Dr. Harvey’s. The company genuinely seems dedicated to providing dogs with healthy foods that will improve their lives and doesn’t skimp on adding the essential ingredients that dogs need for a long and healthy life. Dr. Harvey’s doesn’t only just sell dog food and treats; the company also manufactures its own herbal supplements and grooming products.

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Anna Hale Jacksonville, FL

My Pekingese girl had kidney disease when I adopted her 3 years ago. Fortunately, I found Dr. Harvey's Miracle Food soon after. Her incontinence ceased immediately after starting the food, and her labs are very good. I also use the Kidney Health Powder and the salmon oil. Having lost one dog to kidney disease in the past, I find these products to be a Godsend. I wish I had found Dr. Harvey's sooner. The company is a rare gem and I truly consider their products to be a lifesaver for my fur baby.

6 months ago

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Vivian R Carlsbad, CA

I am new to Dr. Harvey’s miracle health mix, but so far very impressed. My dog has issues on everything kibble, from leaky anal glands, acid reflux, to regurgitating, and has done great on Honest Kitchen, but she doesn’t like it, so we have to add treats to get her to eat it. Not so with Dr. Harvey’s. She spins around wagging her tail at every meal. I’m so relieved!

1 year ago


Review Source

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Rylie Crandall Draper, UT

I started purchasing Dr. Harvery's dog food for my dog and I've noticed a positive change in his energy levels ever since.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Tracy Hill Draper, UT

My dog loves this bran of dog food. He gets so excited to eat it and I’ve noticed that he has way more energy

2 years ago


Review Source

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Jason Draper, UT

I love buying Dr. Harvey's dog food because it's a great value for the price. My dogs love it.

2 years ago