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    Who You Calling Dog Breath? Canine Oral Health FAQs
    Let's face it. Bad breath is bad breath, whether it is emanating from man or beast. While it can be hard to tell another human to reexamine their oral hygiene routine, you do have the power to improve the health, well-being,...
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    Everything You Need to Know About Doggie Dental Hygiene
    Do you ever wish that your best friend had better breath? What about man's best friend? Tired of the same old stinky dog breath? As a pet owner, you know how important it is to take care of your dog's health. When was the las...
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    How to Spend Less Time Cleaning Up After Your Dog
    Many dog owners feel that they have underestimated the amount of work involved in adding a canine to the family. On top of feeding, grooming, and walking your dog, there is the added work of cleaning up after your pet, insid...
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    Beyond Chocolate: Scary Foods to Keep Away from Your Dog This Candy Season (and Every Day)
    Growing up as a pet novice, I gleaned certain facts about dogs from babysitters, classmates, and television. I got the basics down: Dogs sometimes pee on the carpet, but people just "clean" it up and forget about the gross ...
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    How Diet, Exercise, and Mental Activity Contribute to Your Dog's Overall Health
    60.2 million. That's the number of U.S. households that own a dog — and those aren't just single-dog households, because there are almost 90 million pet dogs included in the survey data. It's safe to say that dogs are ...
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    8 Ways to Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Water
    "Moisture plays a vital role in your dog's health," says Krystn Janisse, from Homes Alive Pets. "In the wild, dogs would get most of their moisture from their diet. If you are feeding a dry kibble or dehydrated food, then you...
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    4 Easy Ways to Exercise and Bond with Your Dog
    Russell Hartstein, a certified dog behavior consultant and certified professional dog trainer with FunPawCare, tells BestCompany that meeting your dog’s needs is a multifaceted concern. Dogs need socialization, play, wa...
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    Should You Feed Your Dog the Same Thing Every Day?
    Pet owners are always trying to do the best for their fur babies. When it comes to meal time, some wonder whether feeding Fido the same kibble everyday is helping or harming him. To understand the complexities of this questi...
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