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    Choosing Dog Food: 4 Things That Trump Breed-Specific Labels
    The last time I went grocery shopping, I found myself spending at least seven minutes choosing between two different packages of corn dogs. CORN DOGS. What took me so long? Here is a breakdown of some of the considerations I...
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    How to Switch from Puppy Food to Adult Dog Food
    As babies develop, they transition from nutrient-rich liquids to soft foods to hard foods. But these are not discrete steps. They build on each other. When it comes to dogs, are these transitions similar? L.A. dog trainer Rus...
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    The Truth About Dog Food Fillers: Good or Bad for Fido?
    Many dog food companies proudly state that their high-quality food contains no harmful "fillers." What exactly does this word mean? Is it really as sinister as they make it sound? The subject is disputed by the dog food comm...
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    Should You Feed Your Dog the Same Thing Every Day?
    Pet owners are always trying to do the best for their fur babies. When it comes to meal time, some wonder whether feeding Fido the same kibble everyday is helping or harming him. To understand the complexities of this questi...
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