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How we rank for


Price is always important for ranking purposes. DNS companies not only vary on pricing options but also on what they offer. This criteria takes into account pricing as well as the benefits included. Affordable rates will come with a higher score. We also take into account the various packages available. One size fits all is not always the best.

5%Time in Business

Knowledge can be gained over time. We take into account how long the DNS Service has been in business and what sort of track record that they have (quantity of domains).


We tend to blame everything on how fast our internet is but when searching for a website, it actually relies on the DNS Service. A DNS Service will take a website name and translate it into an IP Address. This happens every time you plug in a website. Therefore, when choosing a DNS Service speed is very important to take into account.

4%Better Business Bureau Rating

A company's Better Business Bureau rating can be a good indicator of how they treat their customers. While we understand that some individuals may not think it's a completely accurate measure of a company's ability to serve customers, we still feel it's an important metric. Higher BBB ratings yield higher scores in this area.


DNS Servers are one of the easiest targets for hackers to take down because they are so neglected. It is becoming more common for companies to include security on their DNS Servers but it is still not everywhere. When searching for a company, check to see if they include security measures on their servers. Those without security, will rank much lower than those who provide it.


How much will your business lose with just 1 minute of downtime? When looking at DNS Services you need to read up on their Service Level Agreements (SLA).The SLA explains what the DNS Company will be responsible for, should something go wrong.

8%Customer Support

DNS capabilities are vital in today's day and age. That is why it is important to have multiple ways to contact your DNS provider in case of issues. We take into account the various points of contact and especially how long it takes for the company to get back in touch. This is not just for service issues but also for new customers as well.


This takes into account a variety of results that can be measured and used for better performance. These include:
  • Where are your users coming from and are the servers close to them?
  • What routing technology is being used? (Red Robin, IP Anycast and BGP)
  • Extra Services (Auto Failover, Load Balancing)

15%Consumer Reviews

This site is designed to let consumers share their experiences. Given our expertise in many industries and the knowledge that we have gained over the years, we know that some of the most important opinions come from real customers. That is why we have allocated so much of our overall rating to the voice of our validated customer reviews. The Consumer Reviews Score is broken down into three metrics:
  1. The Average User Score
  2. Total Number of Reviews
  3. Total Number of Reviews in the last 12 months
These 3 metrics not only help us understand what consumers are saying, they also help us gain an understanding of volume and recency. All of which are critical to understanding the value of a company in the eyes of the consumer. Note: this is different from the user score that is displayed on each company profile. The "user score" that is publicly displayed is the average of all user scores published for a given profile.
User Review Moderation
In order to prevent fake and misleading user reviews, BestCompany.com has a review moderation team specifically assigned to moderating all user reviews for all companies listed on the site. This team follows a very specific and strict moderation process that has been designed by gathering learnings from mistakes other major review sites have made in the past. This moderation process involves a “flag” system where a flag is assessed for each negative attribute associated with a user review. Too many flags result in a disapproval of a user review. Some of the things our moderation staff looks for and assigns potential flags to include:
  • Email address verification of the user
  • IP address duplication and region check
  • User review semantic verification
  • Is the user an employee of the organization?
  • Is the user associated with a competitor of the organization?
  • Foul language of any kind
  • Relevance of the content pertaining to the company and the review
As you can probably tell, we take our user review moderation process very seriously. We believe accuracy and authenticity is critical when it comes to user reviews, and as a result we are constantly finding new ways to evolve our user moderation process to make it better. Please note that while we do our best to manually moderate each and every user review, mistakes can be made; however, our dedication to resolving errors in our process is what sets us apart from other review sites in the industry.

20%Expert Review

Along with the criteria points mentioned above, we take into account a variety of other factors that help determine the viability, stability and trustworthiness of a company. As experts, we conduct an extensive research process specifically tailored to each industry that considers many additional factors including:
  • Financial Standing of the organization
  • The number of industry experts and professionals on staff
  • The company's ability to scale
  • Historical revenue/growth
  • Past and current lawsuits
  • Customer service and transparency
  • And much more.
We consider this Expert Review process a vital component of how we rank and review companies. As a result, the factors included are always changing, adapting, and updating. We also reserve the right to voice our expert opinions as a part of each review.