DNS Made Easy was founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC. Based in Reston, Virginia, the company has a strong track record providing reliable enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy provides a healthy range of products, including IP Anycast DNS, Secondary DNS, SMTP services, backup mail services and mail server forwarding. The company’s mission is to be the “world leader in enterprise DNS services.


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The Good

  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Manageability
  • Support

DNS Made Easy recently began business in Japan. Other strong features include the following:

  • Price: Customers will love the pricing structure at DNS Made Easy. It certainly ranks among the most affordable in the business. Customers can choose from among three plans beginning at an affordable $29.95 a year.
  • Reliability: Impressively, DNS Made Easy has remarkable uptime of 99.9999% since it began business 14 years ago. In fact, uptime is a perfect 100% over the past eight years.
  • Speed: In comparison with other companies in the industry, DNS Made Easy outpaces everyone else in speed. Average response time is a mere 24 milliseconds. The slowest recorded response time over the past three and a half years is 45 ms, with the fastest being 18 ms. DNS Made Easy is a full 10 seconds than most competitors. DNS Best gives you instant access to your servers. Not only do they give you access but they will provide real-time updates on how your changes have affected your servers.
  • Manageability: DNS Made Easy has a customer-friendly platform that has a contingency plan if several sites experience outages. In such a case, the other sites shoulder the load, making sure all queries are answered locally.
  • Support: DNS Made Easy has exceptional customer support, including the option for customers to chat online or call into to a knowledgeable agent. Representatives are friendly and helpful and resolve concerns in a timely manner.

The Bad

  • Phone support

There are few negative aspects of this DNS provider, so one would have to nitpick somewhat. To use the phone support for technical issues, customers must pay.

The Bottom Line

DNS Made Easy is an excellent choice for a DNS provider. Customers are almost universally satisfied with its product offerings, usability, reliable and manageability. If you are willing to pay for phone support, there’s no reason to not choose DNS Made Easy.

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    August 24th, 2016 King City, MO

    After my bank initiated a chargeback on this company, I received legal threats from DNS Made Easy from their support team. They threatened that if I didn’t respond within 24 hours they were going to forward my information over to the authorities. When I contacted my bank, they said the “scare tactics” were actually very common among merchants who received a chargeback fee.

    Despite telling them to contact my bank for a resolution to dispute the chargeback fee, they failed to do so, and continued to harrass me several times a day via email. I’ve never experienced anything like it from any individual nor business. They’ve sent multiple threats, telling me they were going to have criminal charges pressed against me, and they were going to send their chargeback fee (issued by my bank) sent to collections under my name, which would be considered a fradulent debt by both myself and my bank Chase. After I told them to stop all further communications or I would seek legal action, they persisted.

    I’m sure their actual service is excellent, but I had to turn their emails over to the authorities and my bank.

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