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All of CloudfloorDNS’s service packages come with a 100% uptime and reliability guarantee, but the Enterprise package boasts a more than 100% SLA.

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CloudfloorDNS offers several services, including DNS, to strengthen and accelerate businesses’ presence on the internet. Their services are designed for companies and users of all sizes and they offer multiple support features to cater to each customer’s needs. CloudfloorDNS was formed by the acquisition of MicroTech, one of Europe’s leading and established DNS providers, by CloudFloor Corporation, a U.S.-based software company, in 2011. The company remains primarily a European-based establishment with their main headquarters located in the United Kingdom; however, they do have an office base in Massachusetts as well. CloudfloorDNS uses a hybrid routing system that combines both Anycast and Unicast nodes for optimized query routing regardless of network conditions and has 28 name servers scattered across the world. They also offer over 170 top-level domains (TLD), including country-specific domains for international businesses. 

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The Good

  • Service levels
  • Features
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Failover solutions
  • No overage fees

CloudfloorDNS offers three main levels of DNS service: Premium, Premium Plus, and Enterprise. Each package is designed for users with different levels of need, and the rates and features vary accordingly.

The Premium DNS Service is ideal for individuals, small companies, and other low-traffic users. It employs a flexible credit system so customers pay for what they use. Rates start at $18.96/year for one domain, and they also offers domain packs (of 10, 25, 50, etc.) for a slight discount. The Premium service comes with a 100% satisfaction pledge and a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Option for a free trial
  • 5 globally distributed Unicast servers
  • Can be used as primary, secondary, or dynamic DNS
  • 100% satisfaction pledge and a 30-day money back guarantee

The Premium Plus DNS Service builds on the Premium DNS Service and allows clients to choose from one of three levels of service based on their DNS needs. All three levels include built-in features such as DNS failover, a reliability SLA, audit logs, email forwarding, unlimited records, domain health checks, 30-day reporting, and priority and emergency phone support. Up to 20 DNS nodes are available for all three packages, including CloudfloorDNS's Anycast system. The Premium Plus service is advertised as an upgrade to the Premium service with more DNS nodes, better performance, increased reliability, preferential support, improved SLA. The differences between the three levels are in the number of domains, queries, and price.


  • $39.50/month
  • up to 25 domains
  • 1 million queries


  • $63.20/month
  • up to 50 domains
  • 2 million queries


  • $79.00/month
  • up to 100 domains
  • 3 million queries

CloudfloorDNS's Enterprise DNS Service offers the most number of advanced features of the three packages. It is designed for and can be customized to large businesses and corporations with high volume needs. Pricing for the Enterprise package varies according to the customization a company requires, but general starts around $125 per month and includes:

  • 21 (and growing) globally distributed name servers
  • advanced geographic targeting, which will reroute visitors based on their location to create a personalized experience for them
  • advanced load balancing
  • innovative and standard security features
  • priority customer support
  • failover and monitoring
  • no overage fees

All of CloudfloorDNS's service packages come with a 100% uptime and reliability guarantee, but the Enterprise package boasts a more than 100% SLA. CloudFloor uses an advanced metrics system of analysis so that if the reliability or performance of their servers dips below the established limits, clients are provided with substantial service credits based on their monthly DNS service.

CloudfloorDNS takes both standard and innovative security measures to protect against attacks as part of the Enterprise package. They offer DNS security extensions (DNS SEC) which protect against attacks by digitally "signing" data to assure it is valid. They also have features such as IP and country blacklisting and detailed logging available.

CloudfloorDNS offers failover services and boasts the industry's fastest failover solutions in as little at 10 seconds. They have multiple failover options including real time DNS failover, which directs customers to a custom landing page when there is a problem. Their failover services support load balancing and automatically remove and restore failed nodes. They also provide 14 different failover test cases to go beyond a general systems check.

There are no overage fees for extending beyond the packaged number of queries. If clients underestimate their needs, they can upgrade their contracts without paying penalties.

The Bad

  • Focus on enterprise customers
  • Limited services

While CloudfloorDNS does offer several levels of service to clients, their focus is definitely directed toward their enterprise customers. Their Premium and Premium Plus packages do not include many of the advance features of the Enterprise package, including the full range of security measures, advanced load balancing, geographic routing, and priority customer support. The Premium service especially is very basic and does not include the following features included with the other service levels:

  • unlimited records
  • domain health checks
  • SLA for reliability and replication time
  • emergency or priority customer support

DNS failover is an optional feature for the Premium package, as is email forwarding, and the audit log and 30-day reporting features are limited. The limited service is reflected in the pricing, however, and for many individuals or small businesses who may not need advanced features, it may a cost-effective option.

The Bottom Line

CloudfloorDNS is a well-established company that has become a leading DNS service provider in Europe, with 28 name servers throughout the world. They use both Unicast and Anycast routing technology to offer a variety of options to their clients. They offer competitive pricing, especially for some of the advanced features such as load balancing, failover, and geolocation. Their security measure include DNS SEC, and as a company, they have extensive experience in providing DNS service. Their Premium Service package is very basic and does not include most of the features the other packages provide. However, it is inexpensive and ideal for individuals who do not have high volumes of traffic or who do not require advanced features. Because of the other services CloudfloorDNS offers in addition to their DNS services, businesses with high traffic and dynamic networking requirements can find everything they need here.


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