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LAST UPDATED: September 15th, 2020
CloudFlare is a relative newcomer to the DNS industry, having opened its doors in 2011. With a home base in San Fransisco. CloudFlare helps deliver clients’ websites to their intended audiences through high speed and page loading, high performance and ironclad security measures.  

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The Good

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Manageability
  • Performance
Here are some specifics of what makes CloudFlare an easy choice for your DNS needs:
  • Security: CloudFlare takes security very seriously, and there are many aspects of its security measures that should give peace of mind to customers. First, anytime there are security issues, CloudFlare's technology will automatically detect the threats. Users can also select the level of security they desire-high, medium, low or none at all. Users also have access to reports so they can know what types are threats are causing havoc and what the level of severity is.
  • Reliability: CloudFlare offers customers a 100% uptime guarantee for their sites with a 2,500 guarantee.
  • Manageability: Manageability is fantastic. Users can see what types of users are coming to their sites, sorted by visitor type, time and traffic type. There is also the ability to track search engine crawlers and to see how much bandwidth they are using. CloudFlare also has the technology to provide real-time updates on visitor data.
  • Performance: CloudFlare knows that customers can easily become frustrated with slow page loads, so the company has provided tools to enhance bandwidth. Customers anywhere will experience fast loading without having to make additional purchases.
Cloud Fare also offers exemplary service. Customers with questions or concerns can call the company and speak to a well-qualified representative. If preferred, customers can visit the website and watch tutorials and read other educational materials designed to address questions or technical issues. Agents are prompt to respond and are friendly and professional in their interactions with customers. CloudFlare is also mobile-friendly and has a number of useful apps available for use.

The Bad

  • Scaling
  • Speed
While front-end performance exceeds customers' expectations, CloudFlare cannot address any scaling issues you're experiencing. If you need to scale your application tier, you'll have to go elsewhere. Though CloudFlare touts speed, customers have experienced the contrary with their sites. While this is not a universal sentiment, it is concerning that this has come up at all.

The Bottom Line

CloudFlare has a number of features to like, especially with its mobile capacities and many aps available. With reliable uptime and solid security measures, CloudFlare is a solid-if not spectacular choice for your DNS needs. CloudFlare is simple to use and manage. If you're a first-timer to DNS, CloudFlare is a safe and wise bet for you.
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Jason Ross

Last summer I transferred my business website over to cloudflare, then about 6 weeks later, my site went down. I logged into my CloudFlare account and found no domain records in my account, after waiting for several weeks, and being pitched better support only if I open up an enterprise account (their most expensive), and answering the same questions from their support team multiple times, one of them finally admitted that they had deleted my domain records by accident, but over a month later, they still had not fixed this issue, and even went so far as to say I had not set up my account. I am a professional web developer, with training on how to manage domain records, and had been running my site on their service for about 6 weeks before it went down, so that claim did not fly with me, but that was the last I ever heard from their support team. They never responded to any of my support requests again. That's not the only experience I've had with them either, about 8 months before that, I had a client's website go down due to a CloudFlare caused error, which CloudFlare never fixed and I eventually had to advice my client to cancel his CloudFlare account in order to get his site back online. Based on these 2 experiences I would recommend you avoid CloudFlare at all cost.

6 years ago


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Lottielyn Schwenke Orlando, FL

We use cloudfare at work to help with our website and it does the job well. Helps to load our site fast and the issues we've had with it are usually a user error. Easy to integrate and good customer service on tech issues.

1 year ago

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Vernon Timke Chicago, IL

I have tried CloudFlare at least 5 or 6 times in the last few years. I never got past two or three weeks before I had outages, display problems, visitor being blocked or pages freezing up. As soon as the switched the name servers back over the problems were gone. In my humble opinion they totally suck the royal bone.

2 years ago