BuddyNS is an international company, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company has team members that speak and can respond to customers in English, German, Italian and Spanish. The company’s goal is to make customers’ DNS infrastructures safe and simpler. Because it is not based in the U.S.


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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Reliability
  • Manageability
  • Performance

Here are some things that make BuddyNS a great place for your DNS needs:

  • Pricing: BuddyNS offers customers unlimited domains, records and updates. The pricing allows for up to 0.3 million queries per month for free. In fact, basic users can use BuddyNS services free of charge; only advanced users (companies or those using premium service) pay for the service.
  • Reliability: With BuddyNS, your site will continue to run seamlessly and continuously with 100% uptime. The company has never experienced anything below 100% uptime.
  • Manageability: With BuddyNS, you can manage your DNS by yourself with one or two servers. The platform is designed with the customer in mind for ease of use and hassle-free management.
  • Performance: BuddyNS has multiple servers across the world, including locations in the U.S., Russia, Europe, Oceania and Asia. There is immediate synchronization after setup when using BuddyNS products NOTIFY and SyncNOW! BuddyNS offers DNS lookups, AAAA Records, AXFR, and WWW.

BuddyNS uses Stealth Master to cut down risks of DNS servers being exposed through Internet intruders. But a BuddyNS customer’s server is hidden, providing protection against these nagging, unwanted destroyers.

The Bad

  • Additional cost for premium features
  • Customer support

The free service is fantastic to the ears. Of course, if you want premium service, you’ll have to start paying. And of course, after awhile, customers are going to want more features and have access to different features. So don’t get used to freebies.

The company provides little information about its customer support services. A customer has to call, and response times are inconsistent. Advanced users do get priority, but users of the free service might get the runaround while experiencing the frustrations of waiting and having questions unanswered.

The Bottom Line

BuddyNS will attract customers with free service. Just be careful to realize you’ll be enticed to upgrade, which will come with a price tag. If you are willing to do this, BuddyNS is a great selection for anyone.

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