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LAST UPDATED: September 9th, 2021

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Bradon Colby, is a personal genomics company focused on delivering accurate and actionable information based on your genetic makeup. The company hosts the world’s largest DNA app marketplace for furthering analyzing genetic information.

Customers can choose between two testing options, the Ultimate DNA Test and the Ulitmate Genome Sequencing Test. Both tests include a DNA collection kit that uses a cheek swab sample. Testing prices are comparable to competitors and tend to be lower than average — especially for whole-genome sequencing. 

If you’ve already taken a test with another DNA testing company, you can upload your raw DNA data to to purchase additional reports through the DNA app marketplace. You can access some apps for free and others can cost up to $399. Customers who want to try a few news apps per month but avoid the variable cost can purchase a subscription. 

Keep reading our review to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing this DNA testing company. 

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The Good

  • Low-Priced Whole-Genome Sequencing
  • Easy Collection Method
  • Free DNA Upload and Download 
  • Largest DNA App Marketplace
  • Secure Privacy Policy 

Low-Priced Whole-Genome Sequencing offers clinical-grade, whole-genome sequencing testing for customers who want more detailed and accurate DNA reports. A whole-genome sequencing test analyzes 100 percent of your genome sequence compared to the majority of DNA tests that analyze less than one percent.

You will also find that pricing for the whole-genome sequencing service is competitive with options provided by other companies. 

Easy Collection Method  

The DNA test kit comes with an easy cheek swab to collect your DNA sample. The cheek swab test is much easier compared to the spit test. The company also has a relatively fast turnaround time.

Results for a regular DNA test can be expected within about four weeks and results for a whole-genome sequencing take about eight weeks on average. 

Free DNA Upload and Download 

If you’ve already taken a DNA test with another company, you can upload your raw data to 
access new reports and information. The company accepts the majority of genetic tests from other brands, making it one of the most compatible DNA upload companies. believes in making the customer the ultimate owner of his or her own data. The company has made it easy for customers to upload, download, and delete raw DNA data on the site.

This is a great benefit for customers who want full control over their DNA data. Some DNA companies will not let customers download their own DNA data and may share customer data with third parties. 

Largest DNA App Marketplace has the largest DNA app marketplace in the world with more than 100 DNA analysis apps. New apps are constantly being added to the site to create an ongoing learning experience.

However, all apps must meet the company’s high standards of reliability and accuracy to be approved. Users can choose from different categories including fitness, lifestyle, health, ancestry, nutrition, children, beauty, and more. released a Coronavirus DNA health report last year that provides personalized information on your risk from coronavirus based on your genome sequence. The app analyzes factors such as your risk of infection, severity, reaction to possible treatments, insights, and updated news. 

Each DNA app comes with a personalized report that provides recommendations based on your DNA sequence. always recommends speaking with a health care provider if you plan to make significant lifestyle changes based on your results. has a subscription option for those who would like to gain access to a few apps each month. Depending on what DNA analysis apps you choose, purchasing a monthly subscription can help you save money at the DNA app marketplace. You can choose from four different options when using the DNA app marketplace:

  • Free Version — If you don’t want to purchase a subscription, you can upload and store your DNA for free. You can access all of the free apps on the marketplace. However, you will need to pay full price for any paid app you wish to access. 
  • Silver Membership ($9.99 per month) — An individual with a silver membership has access to two free apps per month. These apps can be chosen from any category. 
  • Gold Membership ($29.99 per month) — A gold membership gives users access to four apps of their choosing per month. Users can also opt-in for health-related alerts to receive updates when a new discovery is made. 
  • Platinum Membership ($49.99 per month) — The top-tier membership gives you access to six apps per month. Individuals who pay for the platinum subscription can also request genetic counseling sessions to review a specific genetic test. 

Note: the Ultimate DNA Test and the Ultimate Genome Sequencing test both include a free one-month Silver Membership subscription. 

Secure Privacy Policy uses encryption technology to protect private user information. In the privacy policy, the company states that no personal information will ever be sold or shared with third-party companies. This promise offers reassurance for those worried about protecting their DNA data. 


The Bad

  • Expensive Apps and Membership Fees 

Expensive Apps and Membership Fees 

While offers affordable DNA testing, the company also provides apps and memberships that could significantly increase your overall cost. Membership fees can quickly add up if you want to access multiple apps and reports. This additional cost factor should be considered before choosing


The Bottom Line offers a variety of testing options for those interested in learning more about their genome sequence. Customers can upload DNA results from a past test or pay for a complete DNA testing kit. Ordering a DNA test kit through the company is simple with an easy DIY cheek swab. also offers a whole genome sequencing test which can be hard to find in the DNA testing industry. This test is much more comprehensive and accurate than traditional DNA tests. The sequencing technology identifies genetic variants that could help slow or prevent a possible disease expression later in life. 

Customers who are interested in further analyzing their genomic data can purchase apps in the DNA app marketplace. Purchasing a monthly subscription can help reduce the overall cost spent on specific apps.

However, these additional options could end up increasing your overall cost for testing. Customers can browse through the available apps to determine if a membership option makes sense for their needs and interests. 

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Unbought Salem, OR

Don't trust what you read on their website. They claim that you can use many different file types to access their app store. The fact is that once you upload your data, they will claim it doesn't work with their apps. They will try to charge you $50.00 to make it compatible. I learned this after I uploaded a 120GB file. Being on metered internet it took 9 hours and cost $60 to upload. This wouldn't be a big deal if the fees were disclosed anywhere on their website. Or if it said .cram files aren't compatible. Ultimately it draws into question how much of what says can be taken at face value... Do they honor their privacy policy? Do the apps in their app store honor their privacy policies? Based on my experience with them, I'm going to close my account and cut my losses. Many of the apps are intriguing, however the paid apps that I accessed with my 23&me data were disappointing. You get more information with other free services, such as Nebula Genetics. Promethease lists all the same information in a much more accessible form for a small fee.

3 months ago