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LAST UPDATED: March 25th, 2021

Promethease, a DNA upload site, gained popularity when the FDA banned 23andMe’s health report tests for a brief period. 23andMe customers used Promethease as a low-cost, third-party tool for learning about genetic variants. Promethease has since expanded to allow DNA file uploads from a variety of DNA testing companies such as AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA. In 2019, MyHeritage DNA acquired Promethease.

Promethease works by scanning your raw genetic data to find matching DNA genotypes with reports on SNPedia. Users can read more about their report results on SNPedia with continuously updated peer-review research studies.  

A Promethease report is reasonably priced at $12 for lifetime access. This price point makes the DNA service accessible to the majority of prospective customers. Results are not meant to determine a medical diagnosis. However, reports can be analyzed with a healthcare professional to create an actionable lifestyle plan. 

Keep reading our Promethease review to learn more about the pros and cons of uploading your DNA data file to Promethease.

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The Good

  • Cost of DNA Upload
  • Detailed Report 
  • Sample Report with Site Tour
  • Filter Options
  • Free Report Updates

Cost of DNA Upload

Promethease offers reports at a flat rate of $12 for full health analysis. This cost is relatively low compared to other DNA upload sites and DNA testing companies.

Detailed Report

After uploading their raw DNA, users receive a comprehensive report that can be download or viewed on the website. The Promethease report uses three different genome descriptions to indicate the genetic conclusion. The border color around the associated characteristic signals whether genome description is good (green), bad (red), or not set (grey).  

Each of the genetic test results will give you a brief summary of your health risk or genetic trait with the associated allele. You can click on the gene to read more about the scientific research connected with the likelihood of disease. You may get some added information about your genetic genealogy outlining regions related to your ancestry.

Sample Report with Site Tour

Users interested in learning more about the site can view sample reports. The sample reports are interactive and allow you to see all the available features and filters. When you click on a sample report, the website will walk you through a guided tour to explain the different filters and terms used to evaluate your raw DNA data. 

Filter Options

Promethease provides a lot of data and information that can be overwhelming at first glance. That’s why the site gives you several filters to help narrow your search and discover critical health insights. 

Users can search by topics, medicines, medical conditions, ClinVar Diseases, specific genes, magnitude, reference, reputation, and frequency. Magnitude indicates how interesting the information might be to the user. Higher magnitudes may mean that you have a very high or low propensity for developing a given disease.

The “reference” narrows down your search based on how many research articles are documented on SNPedia for the given gene. You can also choose to filter by reputation — whether the association is good, bad, or not set. The frequency represents how often this variation presents itself in your ethnic group. Lower numbers suggest that you possess a rare gene for your ethnic group. 

Free Report Updates

Promethease deletes your DNA raw data from its server within 24 hours if you do not create an account. If you create an account, you are given 45 days to review your report before it is deleted.

However, the company will continue to store your raw DNA data so you can regenerate a report at any future time. SNPedia annually updates its database so you could potentially get more accurate or detailed information as the SNPedia grows. Promethease also allows customers to delete their data from the server to ensure privacy protection. 


The Bad

  • Dull User Platform 
  • Long and Complicated Reports
  • DNA Testing Kits Not Offered

Dull User Platform

Many DNA testing companies spend time and money invested in creating a user-friendly site and report. The Promethease user platform is dull and plain compared to the competitor. The site contains a lot of information with little to no graphics.

This means users need to spend extra time interpreting their results instead of quickly digesting the major takeaways. However, the low-cost reports may be a positive trade-off for those who don’t mind sifting through pages of data. 

Long and Complicated Reports

Promethease reports give you pages and pages of data. For individuals who do not specialize in genetics or data science, the reports may seem overwhelming and even alarming. Reports will highlight some of the genes and conditions you are genetically predisposed to.

You may find out that you have a higher likelihood of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, celiac disease, Alzheimer’s, Type 1 Diabetes etc. Based on the Promethease results, this genetic information could add additional stress and anxiety to an individual’s life.

Users should remember that this site is not meant to be used as medical advice. Information can be taken to a healthcare professional to further investigate the potential for disease development. Healthcare providers can help you determine what lifestyle changes may decrease your genetic health risks. 

DNA Testing Kits Not Offered

Promethease does not supply its own DNA testing kits. You must order a DNA test kit through a DNA testing company and then upload the raw data to Promethease. Check out some of the top-rated consumer DNA testing options on


The Bottom Line

Promethease provides a low-cost option for diving deeper into your genetic data. The genetic analysis includes thousands of genetic marker summaries. Promethease users can sort their genetic data using filters to see which traits or diseases have a higher likelihood of occurring.

Individuals interested in testing out the site can use the sample reports to learn the site navigation and determine if they want to upload their own DNA data. 

Users should remember that Promethease is not meant to diagnose medical conditions. Promethease does not provide any access to genetic counselors, so users should talk with their health care provider or a certified genetic counselor if they are worried about a specific gene result. 

A higher likelihood of developing a given disease does not guarantee a future diagnosis. Many other factors such as environment and lifestyle choices affect gene expression. These factors are not taken into account when creating the genetic reports.

Have you used Promethease? Would you recommend it to a friend? Let us know your thoughts and contribute to our Promethease reviews. 

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