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LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

Healthy eating is different for everyone. We each have a unique genetic makeup that determines our response to foods and vitamins. Understanding the way our body reacts to different food groups can help inform our diet needs and body functioning. As a solution, GenoPalate has developed an analysis tool to help consumers learn more our their genetic variants for certain foods

Molecular biologist, Sherry Zhang is the founder and CEO of GenoPalate. Before starting Geneopalate, Sherry Zhang spent over 11 years studying genetic factors leading to obesity and pre-diabetes. Her passion and expertise in nutritional genomics has guided her to the development of GenoPalate. The company strives to help customers lead a healthier lifestyle with nutritional recommendations based on genetic testing. 

GenoPalate lets you upload raw DNA data from AncestryDNA or 23andMe to assess nutritional reports. You can also purchase a full DNA testing kit. Results are delivered digitally with details about the best foods for you, your nutrient needs, and the likelihood of gluten and lactose intolerances. 

Keep reading to our GenoPalate review to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing a GenoPalate report or testing kit.

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The Good

  • Free Sample Report
  • Easy Collection Process
  • Raw DNA Upload
  • Informative Report 
  • GenoPalate App
  • Additional Customer Resources 
  • Customized Recipes and Supplements 

Free Sample Report

Geneoplate offers a free sample report in exchange for your email. The sample report will help you determine if you want to purchase a full DNA testing kit or report. 

Easy Collection Method

Once you purchase a GenoPalate kit, you will receive a DNA testing kit in the mail. The kit will come with instructions and a saliva collection tool. GenoPalate uses a cheek swab to collect your DNA. Compared to the spit test, a saliva swab is the easiest way for consumers to collect  DNA samples. After collecting the sample, send back your kit in the prepaid envelope. You should receive your results within four to six weeks of sending in your saliva sample. 

Upload Raw DNA 

GenoPalate offers a “report only” option for people who want to upload their raw DNA data from a third-party site. You can upload a past report from 23andMe or Ancestry. These are the only two participating companies. Your results will usually be delivered within three to five days of uploading the report

Informative Report 

The DNA analysis includes information about the recommended intake of 23 vitamins and minerals, more than 100 recommended foods for your meal plans, and food sensitivity levels for lactose, alcohol, gluten, and caffeine. Customers should note that sensitivity levels are different from food allergies. GenoPalate does not test for or diagnose food allergies.

Access the report through the online portal. The results are user friendly and provide a color scheme to help customers interpret the meaning. View your results online, in the app, or in a printable pdf version. You can use GenoPalate results to create a specialized meal plan for healthy living.

Note: Test results are not meant to replace professional advice. GenoPalate recommends going over test results with a certified nutritionist for more specific health recommendations. 

GenoPalate App

Acces your results on the go with the GenoPalate App. The app is available for download on IOS and Android devices. The app contains user friendly features to help guide customers through the nutritional analysis. The app makes it easy to share results with a medical professional or family member. 

Additional Customer Resources 

  • Genetics Course — GenoPalate educates customers on the basics of genetics. If you purchase a kit, you will receive a small course in genetics to help you better understand your test results. 
  • Informational Blog — GenoPalate has an informational blog featuring topics on dieting, recipes, and nutrition. This is a great resource for customers looking to stay up-to-date with new research and to find tips on healthy eating. 

Customized Recipes and Supplements 

GenoPalate provides customized recipes influenced by your nutritional analysis. Upgrade your report or DNA testing kit to receive five recipe recommendations. The five recipes cost about $30 more in addition to your basic package. You can also buy recipes separately in a batch of three for $29.99 or five for $49.99. 

With the recipes, GenoPalate lets you specify whether you want to receive breakfast, lunch, or dinner recommendations. You can also mention any dietary restrictions or preferences. The customized recipes help integrate your DNA results into an actionable plan. 

GenoPalate also offers personalized supplements. These supplements contain all the vitamins and minerals you need in one pill. GenoPalate’s supplements are meant to save you money and to help you avoid a complicated vitamin routine. All supplements are vegan and gluten-free. 


The Bad

  • Poor Privacy Policy 
  • No Raw DNA Download 
  • Expensive Testing Kit 
  • Limited Options
  • Location Availability 

Poor Privacy Policy 

GenoPalate’s privacy policy includes the right to share customer’s genetic results with third parties as long as it is unidentifiable. GenoPalate can also share information with future company owners in the case of an acquisition.  Other DNA testing companies better protect your information by promising not to give data to other companies. 

No Raw DNA Download 

Although you can upload your DNA from a third-party testing company, you cannot download raw DNA from GenoPalate. You do not own your DNA data when you take a test with GenoPalate. If you want to download your raw data, choose a company such as 23andMe or Ancestry. 

Expensive Testing Kit 

GenoPalate offers reasonably priced reports for individuals who have already taken DNA tests with AncestryDNA or 23andMe. However, GenoPalate’s DNA testing kits are much more expensive than competing companies. The standard price for the basic DNA kit is $189 at GenoPalate. 23andMe offers a basic testing kit for $99. 

Consider purchasing a basic DNA kit from another company and then purchasing GenoPalate’s report for a nutritional analysis. Also, watch for sales and promotions from GenoPalate. The company will discount its products up to 50 percent off. 

Limited Options

GenoPalate only offers four different product options. Options include the existing DNA report, existing DNA report with five recipes, DNA test kit, and DNA test kit with five recipes. All the tests report on the same information. Other DNA testing companies such as Orig3n and Vitagene offer more products tailored towards nutrition. However, GenoPalate offers a useful product for individuals who want help choosing better foods for their diets. 

Location Availability 

GenoPalate only serves the United States market. GenoPalate’s limited availability may be a roadblock for international individuals looking to take a GenoPalate test.


The Bottom Line

GenoPalate seeks to inform eating choices based on genetic results. The company offers informative reports and clear product choices. GenoPalate’s app makes your test results accessible on the go. 

GenoPalate is best for individuals looking to learn more about how their unique genetic makeup influences food absorption. GenoPalates' most unique offering is its personalized recipes based on your genetic results. You will receive the most value for your money by taking a basic DNA test with another company before uploading your raw DNA data to GenoPalate. 

Customers should read through the privacy policy before purchasing a kit or report. GenoPalate’s privacy policy is less strict than other companies allowing for more data sharing with third parties. This is a major concern for those worried about their personal information getting into the hands of government officials or other companies.  Keep in mind that you do not own your DNA data generated from GenoPalate’s testing kit. You will not be able to download any raw DNA data from GenoPalate. 

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