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LAST UPDATED: November 16th, 2020

Genomelink is a DNA upload service focused on genetic traits in nutrition, intelligence, personality, physical traits, and sports. The goal of Genomelink is to “Unleash the power of DNA data.” Founders are passionate about genomics and the potential for this area of study to influence health, study, and fitness. 

Genomelink compares your DNA data to a large database of genomics research. Based on your results, you can see the strength of specific genes or traits based on your DNA data. You can receive a free report of 25 genetic traits by uploading your raw DNA data. The company accepts raw data from AncestryDNA, 23andme, or MyHeritage to start getting results. 

Keep reading our Genomelink review to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing Genomelink. 

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The Good

  • Free DNA Upload 
  • Compare Feature
  • Fairly Priced Unlimited Plan 
  • Continuous Updates 
  • Unique Reports Available 
  • Easy Results Interpretation
  • Personal Security

Free DNA Upload 

You can create a profile, upload your raw DNA data file, and get access to an analysis of 25 genetic traits all for free. Some of the free traits include your genetic tendency for loneliness, morningness, endurance performance, and caffeine consumption. The upload process is simple and only takes a few minutes. The results are almost instantaneous. You can use these results to determine if you want to purchase further reports or upgrade to the unlimited plan. 

Compare Feature

Genomelink offers a unique feature for those who upgrade to the unlimited membership. The compare feature allows you to upload up to five other DNA data profiles to compare your results. You may use this to upload your parents, siblings, kids, or spouse’s DNA. Discover both shared and dissimilar traits between. This is a fun way to evaluate ways that you are similar or different from your relatives based on your genetic report. 

Fairly Priced Unlimited Plan

Subscribe to Genomelink’s unlimited plan for just $14 per month. You don’t have to commit to long subscription periods required for other DNA testing companies. You can cancel your plan anytime you want. The unlimited plan gives you access to more than 100 traits and the compare feature. You will also receive weekly emails with a new “Discovery Trait.” Genomelink offers a reasonable price for a DNA data upload company. 

Continuous Updates

Genomelink continues to update its database with more information and genetic markers. You can check back into your account to see how your DNA results change as the database expands. The research team seeks new scientific data to make results and recommendations more specific. The commitment to innovation and system updates make Genomelink a competitive DNA upload company. 

Unique Reports Available 

Genomelink offers additional reports available for purchase. You can get personalized information and recommendations focused on nutrition, fitness, ancestry, and careers. 

Nutritional Advice

For an additional cost, Genomelink users can purchase a nutritional report that gives user-specific advice based on their genetic information. The nutritional report discusses genetic traits that determine your food recommendations. 

Fitness Advice

Genomelink can suggest specific exercise and training regimes based on your genetic information. You will be asked questions about your current body state to make appropriate exercise recommendations.  

Ancestry Report

Discover similarities between your DNA data and your ancient ancestry. The Ancestry report compares the genetic information with your ancestors that lived over 5,000 years ago.

Career Report

Genomelink offers a unique report that uses genetic data to suggest career paths. This report is based on a psychological framework focused on the big 5. 

Easy Results Interpretation

Genomelink makes it easy for customers to view and interpret their genetic test results. The results are split up between five categories: food and nutrition, personality, intelligence, physical traits, and sports. Within the categories, you will see a list of genetic traits with a meter indicating how strongly your genetics influence the given trait. 

You can click on each trait for an in-depth explanation of the trait and the corresponding genetic meter. This makes it easy to interpret and learn from your results. You don’t need to do any additional research to understand your genetic test. 

Personal Security

Once you upload your raw DNA to Genomelink, you can delete your information and account at any time. Genomelink also uses advanced security measures to protect your personal information. The website follows protocols for HIPAA-grade Security. Genomelink will never share or sell your data without your consent. The company adheres to the overarching principle that your DNA data is your property. 


The Bad

  • No DNA Kit Available
  • Inaccurate Results
  • Limited Contact Information
  • Insufficient Customer Reviews

No DNA Kit Available 

You cannot purchase a DNA kit from Genomelink. You will need to buy a DNA test from a company such as AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or MyHeritage to use Genomelink services. This may deter individuals who want to buy a kit and receive an analysis all from the same company. 

Inaccurate Results

Genomics is a growing industry that many scientists struggle to endorse. You should always be cautious in taking advice based on DNA test results. Customers of Genomelink warn against using the results as lifestyle advice. 

One woman shared her experience with Genomelink on She felt that many of her genetic results were inaccurate based on her own perceptions and medical diagnosis. She warned against the use of sites like Genomelink to make decisions on your health and lifestyle.

Genomelink works to correct inaccuracies by including a rating button at the bottom of each trait. You can determine the accuracy of your results based on your prior medical history and everyday observances. This helps the company revise and improve its results. Genomelink also shares a reliability level for each trait showing how confident you can be in the results. 

Limited Contact Information

Genomelink only offers an email address as a form of contact. This may be difficult for those who want an immediate answer or response with a telephone call. 

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Best Company has not received enough Genomelink reviews to make a final recommendation. However, based on secondary research, Genomelink seems to have a lot of advantages for those looking to learn more about their genetics.


The Bottom Line

The DNA upload company, Genomelink, offers exclusive features at a reasonable price. You can try out the service for free just by uploading your raw DNA data. The subscription service includes a unique compare feature that allows you to measure your results against relatives. Genomelink is committed to keeping your data protected and helping you retain ownership.  

Genomelink does not offer any DNA test kits for customers new to the DNA testing industry. You will purchase a kit from Ancestry, 23andMe, or MyHeritage to use Genomelink. Limited scientific backing and customer reviews make recommending this company difficult. However, with correct expectations, Genomelink might be a fun DNA site to try if you have already received your DNA data from another company. 

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