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LAST UPDATED: March 25th, 2021

Finding the right medication for psychiatric conditions often takes trial and error. Patients and doctors struggle to find the best solution and may cycle through multiple medications before finding an effective treatment. Modern research has found a link between genetic makeup and depression medication effectiveness. 

With this knowledge, Genesight produced a pharmacogenomic test that measures how psychotropic medications interact with your genetics to recommend the most effective medication. The test results outline which medications may cause adverse reactions, be less effective, and require dosage adjustments based on your genetic information. The test can be used for patients prescribed medication to battle major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and other psychiatric disorders.

Genesight testing requires a simple cheek swab that must be administered at a medical facility unless requested by a telemedicine provider. Results include an analysis of 12 genes and how they interact with 55 different psychiatric medications. The test analyses eight pharmacodynamic genes and four pharmacokinetic genes to predict how your body metabolizes and receives medication.  

Keep reading our Genesight review to learn more about the pros and cons of taking a Genesight Test. 

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The Good

  • Cheek Swab Sample 
  • Solution for Healthcare Providers 
  • Possible Insurance Coverage
  • Easy Results Interpretation 
  • Peer-Reviewed Studies
  • Blog Post Resources

Cheek Swab Sample 

The Genesight Psychotropic Test is non-invasive and only requires a cheek swab. This is an easy collection method compared to a spit test. 

Solution for Healthcare Providers 

Medication selection affects the patient and the health professional. Psychiatrists will often need to prescribe different medications while monitoring symptom improvement. Depending on how quickly they can find the right medication and dosage, healthcare providers may feel discouraged in pursuit of an effective treatment for their patients. Genesight gives these health professionals another tool to help guide treatment decisions. 

Healthcare providers can watch testimonials from other professionals on how Genesight testing has improved patient outcomes. They can also benefit from rapid results. Test results are delivered within two days of the lab receiving a patient’s DNA sample. Healthcare providers can view their patients’ results on the online portal. 

Possible Insurance Coverage

Not all genetic tests are covered by insurance. Genesight seeks to offer an affordable test for patients. The company promises to always inform the patient if the test may cost more than $330. If you have Medicare (Part B) or Medicaid, you may have $0 out-of-pocket costs. Medicare advantage customers may need to cover a portion of the Gensight cost. Other insurance companies vary on how much of the test’s cost they will cover. 

Easy Results Interpretation 

Genesight presents the result in an easy-to-interpret format. Results are organized into three categories: green, yellow, and red. The green category suggests that patients can use the medication as directed. Medications in the yellow and red group indicate an interaction with the patient’s genetic makeup.

Footnotes accompany any medication listed in the red or yellow group to further explain why the medication was flagged. These might include lowering or increasing the dosage based on the patient’s drug metabolism. Healthcare providers can discuss results with a network of genetic counselors or pharmacists if they have additional questions. 

Peer-Reviewed Studies

As mentioned on Genesight’s homepage, the Genesight Psychotropic test is backed by seven peer-reviewed studies. Genesight conducted clinical trials to test the effectiveness of its DNA test. Many of the studies recorded improvements in patients who followed the Genesight Psychotropic test recommendations. Compared to other pharmacogenomic testing companies, Genesight has conducted and provided the most clinical evidence for its product. 

Blog Post Resources

Genesight provides additional resources for those struggling with mental illness. The editorial team covers several topics including dealing with holiday depression, using art to cope with depression, and understanding how social media affects your mental health. Patients can get tips and insight on how to better manage their mental health conditions. 


The Bad

  • Testing Location 
  • DNA Test Limitations

Testing Location 

Genesight offers clinical tests that must be administered at a doctor’s office or medical center. The test must be ordered through your healthcare practitioner. Speak with your doctor if you are interested in taking a Genesight test. 

Note: During the COVID pandemic, Genesight provides healthcare providers the option to send kits directly to their patients. Patients collect the DNA sample and send it back to the lab in a prepaid envelope. This is meant to limit the amount of unnecessary contact during the pandemic and make virtual telemedicine more accessible.  

DNA Test Limitations

Genetic testing continues to be a disputed practice in the medical field. Medical experts have found evidence that supports and refutes claims made on psychotropic testing. Making claims about which drugs work the best with your genetic makeup is inconclusive without accounting for other lifestyle factors.

Factors such as hormones, age, gut bacteria, diet, and other current medications contribute to the overall drug effectiveness. The results of a psychotropic test should not be the only tool used to decide proper mental health treatment.


The Bottom Line

Genesight Psychotropic test provides a new tool for finding effective psychiatric medications. Some insurance companies cover the entire cost of the tests making them more accessible to patients. Studies conducted by Genesight have indicated improvement in the test subjects who participated in Genesight testing. 

Genesight has its limitations because it does not take into account other lifestyle factors that could affect how the drug metabolizes.

Patients and doctors should continue to follow correct protocol, read side effect warnings, take the drugs as recommended, follow up regularly, and assess other potential drug interactions. Relying fully on the Genesight panel test could lead to incorrect recommendations and persistent symptoms. 

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