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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2021

Dante Labs is a whole genome sequencing company headquartered in New York City. The main laboratory is located in central Italy. Dante Labs’ mission is to make whole-genome sequencing more affordable for Europeans. Since its founding, the company has reduced the testing cost to $599–$849 for a genome sequencing kit. 

Each DNA kit requires a spit saliva sample unless a person contacts the customer support team for an alternative collection method. After purchasing the initial sequencing kit, customers can purchase a variety of reports detailing specific health functions related to their genetic information. Dante Labs also offers a genetic counseling service for those who would like to discuss actionable insights based on their test results. 

DNA processing takes two to eight weeks depending on which turnaround time you select at purchase. 

Keep reading our Dante Labs review to learn more about the pros and cons of purchasing a whole-genome sequencing kit from this company. 

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The Good

  • Variety of Reports 
  • Testing Options
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Privacy Protection

Variety of Reports 

Dante Labs offers a wide variety of genetic reports for those who have purchased a Whole Genome Sequencing Test through its website. You can choose from over 53 different reports that analyze different parts of your health. These reports can provide valuable information such as how genetics relate to your heart health or your predisposition to Rheumatoid Arthritis.  

You can purchase reports in the following categories: cardiovascular system, dermatology, endocrine system, gastroenterology system, immune system, metabolic system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, ocular system, respiratory system, and sensory system. Dante Labs has one of the most comprehensive sets of genetic reports compared to other DNA testing companies. 

All reports provide a data analysis of the listed variants with a chart to further describe the relationship between your DNA and the genetic variant. Reports also include actionable insights to help you live a healthier life aligned with your genetic information. 

Testing Options

Customers can choose from two different DNA tests: the 30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test and the Whole GenomeZ test (130X + 30X). The major difference between the two tests is the coverage — how often the genome is sequenced. Dante Labs recommends the 30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test for individuals interested in learning more about genetic health risks and overall wellness information. 

The Whole GenomeZ test uses whole-genome sequencing and whole-exome sequencing. The test covers genome hotspots where 85 percent of genetic mutations are likely to be found. These genome hotspots have 130X coverage and advanced variant interpretation. People who suspect a genetic predisposition for a rare disease should consider upgrading to the Whole GenomeZ test.

If you take the 30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test and decide you want to upgrade to the Whole GenomeZ test, you can purchase an upgrade for $299. The turnaround time is eight weeks and you don’t need to worry about sending in another saliva sample.

Genetic Counseling

Dante Labs offers a genetic counseling service for $149. Before the session, you will be asked to share information about your family medical history with the doctor. You will also indicate which Dante Labs report you want to discuss during your session. 

The counseling session includes a 45-minute phone consultation to discuss genetic testing results and answer questions. The genetic counselor will discuss class 4 and 5 variants highlighted in your report. You can also ask specific questions about other parts of your genetic results.

Genetic counseling is a unique offering that not all DNA testing companies provide. If you are looking for genetic interpretation and counseling, Dante Labs may be a good option. 

Privacy Protection

Privacy is a major priority in the DNA testing industry. According to the website, Dante Labs implements encryption and data segmentation to safeguard sensitive information from outside threats. The company also gives customers control over their own genetic information.

For example, customers can choose to have Dante Labs destroy their DNA sample after it has been processed. Dante Labs only shares raw data with third-party researchers if a customer agrees to the research consent.


The Bad

  • Spit Saliva Sample 
  • Cost of Genome Sequencing and Additional Reports
  • Slow Processing

Spit Saliva Sample 

Dante Labs DNA tests require a saliva spit test to collect your DNA sample. This test takes more effort than a simple cheek swab. Older members and young children may have a difficult time producing enough saliva. While this isn’t the most convenient method for saliva collection, most customers are able to fulfill the spit level requirement.

Note: Dante Labs’ FAQ section explains that customers can make a special request for a cheek swab kit if they are testing a child or another individual who has trouble producing saliva. Customers need to contact customer support as soon as they place an order to receive the alternative collection kits.  

Cost of Genome Sequencing and Additional Reports

Customers can expect to pay around $599–$849 for a genome sequencing kit. This price is more expensive compared to other whole-genome sequencing companies. Each kit comes with a ‘Wellness and Longevity’ and ‘Genome Explorer’ report.

Additional reports can be purchased at $49 per report. Dante Labs has different reports for all of its rare disease tests. You may have to purchase multiple reports depending on which rare diseases you want to test for. These additional reports can quickly add hundreds of dollars to your total testing cost.

If you want access to all reports, you can purchase the all panels package for $499. This will save you money in the long run if you plan on purchasing at least 10 of the reports. 

Slow Processing

The Dante Labs website claims that results will be returned within either two or eight weeks of the lab receiving your sample. The turnaround time is selected during purchase. If you want a two-week turnaround time, you are going to need to pay around $400 more in addition to the cost of your DNA kit. This could easily push your purchase over $1,000. If you decide to test with Dante Labs, consider choosing the eight-week turnaround time to avoid a steep price increase. 


The Bottom Line

Dante Labs offers an in-depth whole-genome sequencing test that helps identity genetic abnormalities and predispositions. Whole-genome sequencing is considered more accurate and reliable than other DNA tests offered through leading companies Individuals interested in learning more about their gen

Dante Labs has a secure privacy protection policy that gives customers a choice in how the company handles personal DNA data. The company does not offer the most affordable whole-genome sequencing kit compared to other options. Depending on what information you are seeking, you could end up spending a lot of money on additional reports. If you are looking for a cheaper and faster whole-genome sequencing option, we recommend looking into other companies. 

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Have you tried Dante Labs? Would you recommend it to a friend? Let us know by leaving a review below. 

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