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LAST UPDATED: February 5th, 2020

CrossDNA powered by 24Genetics is a DNA testing brand focused specifically on helping athletes improve their performance. It currently offers one specific test. 

CrossDNA Sport DNA Report — $269

This test is focused on athletes and helps inform about various aspects of the body, fitness, and recovery. The 90 different variables tested will include aspects of the following: 

  • Cardiovascular
  • Breathing and lung capacity
  • Food and how diet affects your absorption of nutrients
  • Health and training optimization
  • Creativity and personality traits that can help you train
  • Environmental factors that can affect your body while training
  • Inheritance and which countries your DNA comes from

When your results are ready, you get an email link to view them. They are provided in a pdf format that is easy to download and print if you like. 

Consumers can purchase CrossDNA products directly from the company's website or on Amazon where parent company 24Genetics is the official seller. 

Keep reading for pros and cons of taking a DNA test from CrossDNA.

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The Good

  • Focus on Athletic Performance 
  • Easy Swab Sample

Focus on Athletic Performance 

Whether you are an amateur or competitive athlete, this test can help inform the way that you train. If you take this test, you can learn data about your body's predispositions.This can help you understand how to train better, avoid recovery issues, and prevent injury where your body is prone. 

Easy Swab Sample

This test uses an easy swab sample to collect your DNA. A mouth swab sample is much easier for most people to complete than a "spit kit" sample where much more saliva has to be collected.


The Bad

  • No Raw Data Upload
  • Limited Data Online
  • Results Format

No Raw Data Upload

Many niche DNA testing companies give consumers the option to upload raw data from a previous DNA test. This athlete-specific test doesn't offer that option. 
If you have already had your DNA sequenced by AncestryDNA or 23andMe, you want athletic data, and you don't want to wait for a new sample kit to arrive and then be returned to the lab for testing, another alternative is to check out some of the reports available through Athletigen

Limited Data Online

To truly know if you can get a better or worse deal with another provider, it would be helpful if CrossDNA would disclose the SNPs that it analyzes for in this test. Unfortunately, we were unable to unearth the list of 90 variables that are targeted online. 

Results Format

Tests from CrossDNA are delivered via an easily printable pdf format. This is great for some users; however, users miss out on the interactive results that many other DNA testing companies are able to provide, as well as the easy visibility and portability provided by a specialized mobile app. 


The Bottom Line

Athletes looking to take their fitness to the next level can learn a lot from CrossDNA. It will provide data about the diet that will work best for them and their body's predisposition to many physical traits that limit performance. They can learn what their injury risks are and how to train wisely. 

However, CrossDNA claims to study 90 different variables, all for just $269. We would love to access a list of those variables to compare value with different genetic tests geared toward athletes. 

With this brand, you are also unable to upload data from a previous DNA test, as a new kit order and sample is required for testing. 

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