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LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

Cellular Research Institute Genetics, also known as CRI Genetics, provides DNA tests and reports to individual consumers. Founded in 2016, the DNA testing company also participates in genetics research. The team is led by veteran molecular geneticist Alexei Fedorov Ph.D., who previously worked under Nobel prize winner Walter Gilbert. CRI Genetics was created to help consumers unlock interesting and useful information that can improve their quality of life. 

CRI Genetics offers consumers DNA testing reports about ancestry, health, allergies, and weight loss traits, testing DNA samples against over 600,000 genetic markers. Customers are guaranteed to get their results within eight weeks of the lab receiving their DNA sample or they get their money back. CRI Genetics tests multiple types of DNA and presents unique genetic information about your ancestry and health.

Keep reading our CRI Genetics review for pros and cons of choosing this DNA testing service.

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The Good

  • DNA Test Options
  • Types of DNA Tested
  • Cheek Swab Sample
  • 8-Week Efficiency Guarantee
  • Customer Service Options
  • Privacy Policy
  • Unique Ancestry Features

DNA Test Options

CRI Genetics offers various DNA reports related to health and ancestry. You can buy tests separately or as a bundle. Once you purchase the basic ancestry test, you can purchase other DNA test results without needing a new DNA testing kit. Below is a list of all the available tests.


The basic ancestry DNA test from CRI Genetics provides users with three basic results: 

  • A percentage breakdown of your autosomal ethnicity
  • An ancestry timeline report that goes back more than 50 generations
  • A deep history biogeographical ancestry report with haplogroups

Ancestry + Health 

This test bundles the Health Test and the basic Ancestry test results together. The package includes the following: 

  • Trait reports about your physical features and sense of smell
  • Allergy reports
  • Nutrition reports
  • Weight loss and metabolism reports
  • Health and wellness reports

Weight Loss 

The weight loss test provides you with the following information: 

  • Custom weight loss profile
  • Nutrition reports
  • Metabolism reports

Weight Loss + Allergy 

In addition to weight loss reports, the allergy test also offers genetic information on your tendency for an unusual reaction to a harmless substance. This weight loss and allergy test bundle include the following reports:

  • Allergy reports
  • Health and wellness reports
  • Trait reports

Allergy + Health

This test reports on traits related to allergies and overall health testing: 

  • Allergy reports
  • Health and wellness reports
  • Trait reports

Types of DNA Tested

Many DNA testing companies only test your Autosomal DNA. an Autosomal DNA test produces enough information to make basic assumptions about your health and ancestry. CRI Genetics also evaluates your Y DNA and your mtDNA. Testing these types of DNA allows researchers to draw conclusions about customers’ maternal and paternal haplotypes. You can receive information about your haplogroup — the ancient group your ancestors belonged to. Men can trace their mother and father’s line. However, women can only trace their maternal lineage because only men have Y DNA traced through the Y chromosome.

Cheek Swab Sample

If you order a DNA testing kit from CRI Genetics, you will receive a kit in the mail to provide a simple cheek swab sample. Many people find this type of sample easier to provide than the "spit kit" type of test. 

8-Week Efficiency Guarantee

A standout feature of CRI's testing service is the company's exclusive efficiency guarantee. Once your sample arrives back at the lab and passes quality analysis — enough DNA collected, no damage or contamination in shipping, etc. — the company has eight weeks to provide your results. 

If your results take longer, you benefit from a money-back guarantee. 

For consumers who may not have had a DNA test before, this may not seem significant. However, many other companies often have longer windows of time in which they deliver results due to staffing issues, opening new facilities, processing returns out of order, or having unprecedented sales during seasonal promotions.

We like that CRI has a defense against this. It is one of the only companies that offers a guarantee of this sort. 

Customer Service Options

Customer service is available via phone or email and live chat. It's definitely a plus to be able to contact customer service via a variety of options. 

Privacy Policy

At CRI, none of your information is shared without explicit consent from customers, and several procedures are used to help make sure your DNA data and sample are secure. 

Unique Ancestry Features

When it comes to DNA testing for the purposes of learning about your personal heritage, this isn't the most robust result that you can get, but there are a few unique things this test report provides. CRI genetics provides an Advanced Genetic Timeline, which goes back over 50 generations and estimates where different ethnicities entered your family line. Your DNA results will also highlight any famous or well-known ancestral relatives.


The Bad

  • Raw DNA Data Options
  • Results Delivery
  • Insufficient Customer Reviews

Raw DNA Data Options

CRI does not accept raw DNA uploads from third-party testing sources. 

Additionally, if you take a test with CRI Genetics, you will not have the option to download your raw DNA data. From our conversation with the customer service team, this feature is being considered, but there is no ETA available yet. 

Results Presented 

When your results are ready, you will receive an email notification. Then, you must log in to your account on the CRIGenetics website to view your reports. There is no app to view mobile, but you can still bring it up on your browser. 

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Best Company has not received enough CRI Genetics reviews to make a final recommendation for the company. 


The Bottom Line

CRI Genetics offers consumers a large slate of tests and bundles to choose from. Testing for over 600,000 genetic markers, this DNA testing company offers a variety of different results from categories like health, wellness, nutrition, allergies, and ancestry. As you decide which test you want, make sure to double check whether the specific traits you are interested in will be tested.

Customers also benefit from an eight-week efficiency guarantee. If your results aren't ready in eight weeks, you are eligible for a refund. This company is best if you have never taken a DNA test before. CRI Genetics does not offer raw DNA uploads, so if you have already taken a DNA test, you should seek out another third party health or ancestry DNA company that could offer similar reports for a better price. 

Have you tested with CRI Genetics? Let us know about your experience and contribute to our CRI Genetics reviews. 

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