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LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

Athletigen Technologies Inc is a DNA testing company seeking to transform athletic training through DNA analysis and recommendations. The company has even teamed up with other organizations to improve Olympic athlete performance. 

Athletigen offers a variety of DNA testing options, with a focus on improving human performance through DNA analysis. Customers can either upload an already taken test data or order a DNA kit from the company. Athletigen offers a unique variety of health and wellness reports to better inform athletic performance, recovery, and nutrition. 

Continue reading our Athletigen Review to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing Athletigen's DNA testing products and services.

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The Good

  • Easy Testing Process
  • Cheek Swab Sample
  • Variety of Health and Wellness Reports
  • Raw Data Upload and Download
  • Data and Privacy
  • AthletigenPRO coaching Program
  • Supported Olympic Athletes

Easy Testing Process

For individuals without a raw DNA report, they can order a test online to receive a DNA testing kit. The DNA Kit includes a welcome report and costs $174.99. 

The DNA kit ships within one to two business days. Shipping takes three to five business days in the United States. Each DNA kit includes a return shipping label to send your DNA sample back to the lab. While the DNA is being processed, you can go online and set up your account information with email and password. The results will show up digitally in the online portal. 

Results take about six to eight weeks after the lab has received your sample. This is the same time frame as many of the big companies, like AncestryDNA

If you already have raw DNA data from another company, you can create an account and upload your information all on the same day. Just link your DNA file and wait until the status light turns green. This will signal that the file is linked.

Cheek Swab Sample

If you order a testing kit from Athletigen, note that the kit comes with an easy-to-do cheek swab sample. This type of test is often easier to administer for people who have a hard time with dry mouth or spitting. 

Variety of Health and Wellness Reports

Athletigen offers a variety of reports uncovering information about performance, nutrition, and recovery for athletes. Athletigen also partners with other companies and specialists to offer more detailed reports and programs. This is a unique benefit for athletics seeking information on injury recovery or athletic performance data. 

The price of the reports ranges from $19.99 to $79.99. Some reports provide as much as 50 pages of information. The variety of Athletigen reports gives consumers the opportunity to uncover new insights to achieve their fitness goals. 

Below is a summary of Athletigen DNA reports: 

Fuel. Perform. Restore: Your Cosmopolitan Report (Free) 

This test helps people better understand how their individual body responds to nutrition, how you can perform at a higher level with insight from your DNA, and what helps your body recover after a workout. The report is free if you already have a raw data file from another company. 

Welcome Report 

The Welcome Report analyzes 40 different markers to better understand 19 traits covering topics in sleep, exercise recovery, speed and power, and vitamins. This report comes with the basic DNA testing kit. You can also purchase the report separately. 

Athletigen Wellness Report 

This report analyzes more than 40 genetic markers to help understand 32 biological traits. The report will cover several topics such as aging health, bone health, joint health, metabolic health, vitamins and minerals, muscular health, diet sensitivities, and sleep health. 

Athletigen Athletic Report

This report analyzes more than 100 DNA markers to provide insight into 40 traits. Report topics include power vs. endurance traits, injury risk, training influences, exercise recovery, sleep hygiene, hormones, and sports psychology. 

Athletigen Nutrition Report

This report will help you understand how your DNA influences your body's response to diet nutrition and food in general, otherwise known as nutrigenomics. The report evaluates traits that show how you react to over 40 nutrients and whether you need more or less of them to be healthy. The nutrition report includes information on vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and diet sensitivities. 

Mobility WOD Optimum Movement and Recovery (Partnership Report) 

This report is a partnership between Athletigen and Mobility WOD. Dr. Kelly Starrett collaborated on this project to understand the best way that your body recovers from injury and moves to help prevent injury. The report includes 40 hours of video training, bone health, exercise recovery, injury risk, joint health, muscular health, and sleep hygiene.

ALTIS Sports Performance Report (Partnership Report) 

This report is made in partnership with ALTIS head coach Dan Pfaff. ALTIS is an elite training place for elite track and field athletes, as well as coaches. The report looks at 50 markers that influence 22 sports and performance traits such as body temperature change, cellular energy, hydration, muscle growth, muscular adaptation, oxygen-carrying capacity, and response to caffeine. 

Raw Data Upload and Download

If you have already taken a DNA test you can upload raw DNA data files to the Athletigen website. This testing company accepts file uploads from AncestryDNA (all versions) and 23andMe (versions 1–4, 5 may have some mission sections due to the different markers analyzed). 

You can upload your DNA data and get the Welcome report for free when you make an Athletigen account. You can also download your raw DNA from Athletigen if you choose to order a testing kit from the company. You retain full control over your data.

Data and Privacy 

Athletigen uses several security measures to keep your genetic data private. For example, the Athletigen portal and website uses Secure Socket Layer to protect your connection. Athletigen also stores it’s database on a private subnet to avoid cyber attacks. Athletigen uses several security measures to keep your data private. It is also HIPAA compliant.

AthletigenPRO Coaching Program 

Athletigen offers an exclusive coaching program and partnership. According to Precision Nutrition, pairing Athletigen results with a certified professional or coach improves client outcomes. AthletigenPRO helps coaches tailor workouts and practices to fit the needs of their athletes. 

DNA coaching is a relatively new industry that is projected to grow within the next few years. Athletigen believes that joining the program will put you ahead of the game and improve your coaching resources. 

You can also earn money by selling Athletigen products to your athletes and other individuals. Athletigen will give you 25 percent of all referred purchases. You can go onto Athletigen’s website to request the AthletigenPRO Handbook. The handbook includes an overview of the products, programs, and next steps for AthletigenPro Coaching Program.

Supported Olympic Athletes

In the Rio 2016 Olympics, Athletigen used its tests and reports to support Olympic competitors. The company teamed up with the World Athletics Training Centre to provide performance recommendations for five track and field Olympic athletes. Athletes commented on feeling more prepared to enter the Olympics with the help of Athletigen.


The Bad

  • Limited Starter Options
  • Not a Substitute for Medical Advice
  • Kit Cost
  • 23andMe Version 5 Compatibility
  • Refund Policy

Limited Starter Options

If you want an Athletigen report, and don't already have your DNA data, you should know that there are limited options when buying your starter kit from this company. 

You have to start with the welcome kit or the Optimum Movement and Recovery. If you are aiming for the Nutrition test, you will have to wait till after your results are ready to order the additional report, but it shouldn't take much longer because your DNA has already been genotyped. 

Not a Substitute for Medical Advice

While some DNA testing services partner with health care providers, this company states: 

"The Athletigen Services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have about a medical condition or regarding your physical or mental health and wellness."

Athletigen does not provide any health care providers or health support to help you build an actionable health plan. Athletigen suggests taking your test results to a certified nutritionist or genetic counselor. With both resources, you can create a science-backed plan to improve your nutrition and health.

Kit Cost

If you haven't already had your DNA sequenced by a big company, you might consider that the Athletigen branded kit takes just as long as Ancestry or 23andME, but the entry level kit costs $174.99. 

You can do the entry-level Ancestry kit for $99 and get access to all of Ancestry's ethnicity information, which is continuously updated and gives access to DNA matches. Additionally, 23andMe offers its basic kit for a similar price. 

Reports are sold separately from the basic DNA test. We recommend getting an entry-level DNA kit from Ancestry or 23andMe and using the raw DNA data to access specialized reports on Athletigen. This will end up saving you money and give you additional information about your ancestry. 

23andMe Version 5 Compatibility

If you're uploading data instead of ordering a new DNA kit, you should know that the 23andMe version 5 testing raw DNA data won't give a full report. You can upload it, but it doesn't have all of the markers listed to provide the full report. 

Refund Policy

You can return your Athletigen testing kit; however, a full refund isn't available. Customers will get a 50 percent refund less shipping costs if the kit is returned unused with a receipt. The timeframe is 30 days from the date your order shipped. 


The Bottom Line

Athletigen is a performance tool for athletes looking to better understand their body and what it needs for optimal performance. You can upload raw DNA data to get a report or you can order a DNA testing kit to get the job done. Processing time is just about average and pricing is a bit high for the entry-level kit, but depending on which of the specialty reports you have your eye on, this could be a good deal. For example, the exclusive ALTIS and MobilityWOD collaborations are not available anywhere else. 

If you haven’t taken a DNA test, consider using another company such as 23andMe or Ancestry and then uploading your raw DNA data to Athletigen. 

Have you taken an Athletigen DNA test? Would you recommend it to a friend? Let us know about your experience with a quick review below.

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