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LAST UPDATED: January 20th, 2022

Based in Madrid, Spain, 24Genetics is a DNA testing company that offers testing kits for a variety of different purposes, including medical, nutritional, skincare, and pharmaceutical analysis, as well as ancestry testing. 

It offers testing in over 90 countries. It is the largest European direct-to-consumer wellness and ancestry test and offers reports in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

The 24Genetics testing database uses last-generation sequencing technology, testing roughly 700,000 genetic markers. 24Genetics tests your entire genome sequence providing you with the most accurate results. 

Keep reading our 24Genetics review for pros and cons of choosing this DNA testing company.

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The Good

  • 6 Different Types of DNA Tests 
  • Cheek Swab Sample
  • Free Express Shipping
  • Raw DNA Upload
  • Examples of Results
  • Extensive Security Measures 
  • Free Pharmacogenetics Test During the Pandemic 

6 Different Types of DNA Tests 

Many DNA testing companies focus on one DNA testing area such as ancestry or health. 24Genetics appeals to a larger audience by providing more unique options. 24Genetics offers six types of DNA testing options including ancestry, health, nutrigenetics, fitness, skincare, and personality tests. Multiple tests can be bundled into one package.

Read more about each of the individual tests below: 

Ancestry DNA Test 

This autosomal DNA test looks for 700,000 genetic markers. It shows breakdowns by continent, countries, and more than 500 geographical regions. However, the ancestry report doesn't provide much explanation about what the different regions mean and how they relate to you. It just lists percentage breakdowns that you have inherited from your ancestors, from the paternal and maternal sides of the family, combined.

24Genetics doesn't offer deep ancestry testing, such as Y-DNA or mtDNA testing. If this is the type of genetic genealogy data that you are looking for, several other DNA testing companies might interest you, including African Ancestry, 23andMe, or LivingDNA

Health DNA Test

This genetic test analyzes your DNA sample for genetic risk for more than 200 diseases and genetic predisposition to conditions like alopecia, diabetes, cancers, BRCA, psoriasis, and more. You can learn about genetic risks for heart disease, celiac disease, macular degeneration, and more. The test will study carrier status for conditions, genetic risks for various mutations that could lead to cancer, biomarkers, biometrics, and traits, as well as several pharma reports indicating whether you would have normal, abnormal, or harmful effects from specific drugs.


The 24Genetics Nutrition test looks for your body's genetic predispositions towards certain vitamins and minerals, nutrients, diets, and traits that have to do with an individual's relationship to food and certain tastes. Your DNA data is tested for markers to help you better understand your relationship to nutrition, and what nutrients your body has an increased need of. Test markers indicate Omega fatty acid levels, taste sensitivities, your natural levels for different vitamins, how your body handles cholesterol (HDL and LDL), as well as predispositions to impulsive eating, sweet foods, and bitter tastes.

DNA Sports Test

This sports test looks for insight into your physical activity, like your metabolism, cardiovascular genes, injury risk, aerobic capacity, cardio performance, muscle regeneration, and exercise recovery.

DNA Skin Care Test 

This health report provides personalized skincare advice so that you can have the most effective beauty treatments. It tests for genes to help you know more about your skin's sensitivity, inflammation, sun sensitivity, and photoaging, as well as the vitamins that your skin needs. It tells you about your predispositions for acne, psoriasis, sun spots, and more. The test helps you know what types of nutrients you need more of to provide personalized skincare treatments.

Talent and Personality Test

This test looks at genetic markers about your risk of dependence on alcohol, cocaine, and opium, as well as the AKT1 gene which can indicate whether you are predisposed to develop marijuana-related psychosis or paranoia.

Cheek Swab Sample

24Genetics uses a simple buccal swab to collect your DNA sample. This is the easiest type of at-home DNA kit to take, compared to the saliva/spit sample that many other genetic testing companies require.

It's a long-stemmed swab that just snaps off once it’s in the sterile tube.

Free Express Shipping

U.S. purchases get free express shipping and free scheduled USPS pickup.

Raw DNA Upload

Raw DNA results are free upon request from this DTC genetic testing company.

If you have taken a test with another company that allows you to export your raw data file, like AncestryDNA or 23andMe, you can just upload it to 24Genetics to have your DNA analyzed through the company's algorithm for $49.

Uploaders should know that 24Genetics raw data may have up to 80,000 more genetic markers than the 23andMe and Ancestry.com tests, so you won't get everything.

Examples of Results

To better understand what you will be getting with 24Genetics, you can check out PDF examples of the different types of tests online. PDF reports include dozens of pages and color illustrations. It even includes article links to scientific journals if you want to learn more about each portion of the test, including the clinical studies behind each of the tested factors and researchers’ in-depth insights into what your results mean.

Extensive Security Measures

24Genetics uses secure methods to keep your personal data safe. The company does not store any of your data online. While this may be a disadvantage for those who desire mobile access, the policy erases any potential for online security breaches. The company takes other steps to keep your personal information disconnected from your sample. For example, processing labs have a barcode to record your results, but they do not have access to your full name. The laboratory uses the barcode to link your genetic information to your account. 

24Genetics also takes extra measures to keep your saliva sample safe. Two months after the sample is processed, any remaining DNA is destroyed. You don’t have to worry about your DNA being used for other purposes. The company also promises to never sell your data to third parties. 

Free Pharmacogenetics Test During the Pandemic 

24Genetics is doing its part to help individuals stay healthy despite the worldwide COVID pandemic. The company is currently offering a free Pharmacogenetics test for customers who have ordered a DNA test kit with 24Genetics. The free test is not available to customers who have uploaded raw DNA data from another company. The offer is not available in the United States. 


The Bad

  • Presentation of Results
  • Results Time Frame
  • Customer Service
  • English Translation
  • Expensive Pricing

Presentation of Results

When you get your results, you are sent a PDF. There is no online interface. You can't get DNA matches and find living relatives through the site. The company suggests using GEDMatch as a free tool for genealogy and family history research. Unlike many other DNA companies, your results won’t automatically update when a more accurate algorithm is created. 

This test would be best for someone who wants to get one-time DNA analysis results that can easily be printed off at home. 

Many other testing companies offer a digital interface with non-static results. They change and update when the science advances, the company refines its algorithms, and more consumers take a DNA test, so there is more data for scientists to draw conclusions from. 

Results Time Frame

Once your test kits have been received back at the lab, with your samples, it can take three to eight weeks for you to get your results. This is a relatively long wait time compared to other DNA testing companies.

Customer Service

Customer support is only available via email. In such a competitive landscape, this is a little disappointing when consumers have multiple questions and would like to talk to a real person for advice. 

English Translation 

The company operates in many different countries and languages and the website does not always use proper translation. Consumers for whom English is their first language may be confused by some of the wording on the 24Genetics site and reports. One example is from the "Frequently Asked Questions" section: "We will see the genes that influence weight diet effectiveness."

Expensive Pricing

24Genetics offers a variety of tests and packages. The most expensive package includes all six DNA tests for $399. This is a relatively expensive purchase, but a good value for those interested in all the test reports. 24Genetics’ basic ancestry test is $149. The ancestry test is much more expensive than a similar test from 23andMe, MyHeritage DNA, or Ancestry DNA. You should consider buying an Ancestry test from one of these well-known companies and then uploading your raw DNA to 24Genetics for $49. This will give you maximum information from both companies for the same price as one. You can also choose a report that is unique to 24Genetics.


The Bottom Line

24Genetics offers consumer genetic testing for a variety of purposes, including genetic health screening, pharmaceutical predispositions, nutrition and health risks, as well as genetic ancestry analysis. 

Results from this DNA testing service are provided digitally via a PDF, rather than through an interactive online portal, the way many other genetic testing companies provide results. You cannot find DNA matches or relatives through this company, but you can upload your DNA to GEDMatch — a free genealogy site. Check out examples of result reports on the company's website before ordering a DNA testing kit.

Have you ordered any genetic tests from 24Genetics? Let us know about your experience with this provider by leaving a quick DNA test review below. 

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roberto arcia Columbia, MO

I sent my DNA into 24 Genetics and they gave me a very detailed list of things within my genetic code. They not only gave me regional inferences but gave me different options to better take care of my health through inspection of my genetics. I would recommend 24 Genetics to everyone as they have great offers and are vert fast when it comes to results.

6 months ago


Review Source

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J B Sandy, UT

Love the comprehensive offerings from 24 Genetics

4 months ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Mazi Marcel Womack Cedar City, UT

24 Genetics was one of the most comprehensive results I have seen with DNA testing.

2 years ago