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LAST UPDATED: February 4th, 2020

Softline Solutions is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2008 and has offices in La Crescenta, California, and Palm Beach, Florida.  

It works with small, mid-size, large, and enterprise-level businesses. Annual revenue is upwards of $1,600,000 and it has a 97% client retention rate. It boasts over 1,000 local companies and more than 100 national and international clients.

Additionally, it is considered one of the Top 10 Online Reputation Management Companies in the United States and was recognized by Entrepreneur magazine for its achievements in this field, among other prestigious awards. 

Softline Solutions is a full-service search engine marketing (SEM) solution as it delivers a custom suite of features to meet your specific business needs. Its marketing options start around $2,000-$3,000 per month, depending on your business's unique needs. 

Softline Solutions begins by performing a free website assessment to better understand what your business requires to excel in the current digital marketing realm. Your website assessment includes an SEO analysis, technical analysis (analytics and development), paid search analysis, conversion analysis, and a social media analysis. 

Softline Solutions focuses on the business fields of technology, retail, media, entertainment, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and start-ups for businesses of all sizes.

Keep reading our Softline Solutions review for pros and cons of working with this agency. 

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The Good

  • Data and Reporting
  • Several Marketing Services

Data and Reporting

Softline Solutions goals are to provide data and reports to adequately inform your decision-makers. It strives to foster business growth, turn your leads into sales, and to market your business effectively, all while saving your resources. 

Several Marketing Services

It works with all the major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It has an amazing suite of services to fit just about every need. Let's talk about its services and how it can help you succeed in the wonderful world of internet marketing and beyond. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - On-site and off-site optimization, carefully selecting keywords, website analysis, competitive analysis, effective content writing, and link building, which are all necessary if you want to rank highly in the search engines. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) - Research and analysis for the best keywords at the lowest possible per-click charge. Monitoring, split-testing, and implementing necessary changes that will maintain a strong campaign, which is vital if you want to make the best use of your ad spend and gain the highest possible ROI. 

Conversion Optimization - Extensive monitoring and analysis to pinpoint exactly what aspects of your website can be improved in design and structure for the highest possible conversion rates. This is extremely important. If your visitors aren't converting into customers, you are wasting your time and money. 

Social Media Marketing - A social media audit, a custom tailored strategy, properly setup media profiles, implementing a blog on your site, monitoring, engaging and managing your social media communities, and all feedback received. Social media is extremely time-consuming, yet effective, which makes this feature priceless. 

Mobile Marketing - Includes a mobile landing page, mobile website design, mobile paid search targeting, SMS text marketing, mobile email marketing, mobile marketing consulting, mobile deal setup, and local check-in services. This is everything you need to be successful with your mobile users. 

Local Online Marketing - A turn-key local business advertising system with positive returns and measurable results with optional enhanced services such as CallPro Tracking. If you aren't being seen online locally, you are losing a huge percentage of customers and an even bigger loss of potential income. 

Website Design - Includes website design and development, copywriting services, hosting services, Google apps, email setup, content management, blog integration, mobile web and eCommerce systems. Nothing is left to chance. Softline Solutions provides you with everything your site needs to perform, both in terms of search engine rankings and user-friendly design. 

Content Marketing - An exclusive content marketing strategy, personas development, content creation (including writing and editing), case studies, white papers, eBooks, complementary websites, microsites, blog articles, emails, and print newsletters. A complete content management system that covers every possible angle of content marketing. 

E-Commerce - Everything you need to sell your goods and services locally, worldwide, and round the clock. Includes gathering of online trackable data to customize the most appropriate advertising or sales campaigns for your specific market via every possible method you can imagine. 

Email Marketing Services - Provides a system that will help build a list of qualified leads for future customer conversion and promotions. This service also includes the ongoing management of all email marketing campaigns. 


The Bad

  • Negative Comments

Negative Comments

We performed an extensive internet search into Softline Solutions’ online reputation and we found two negative comments, both of which seemed a little fishy. There were also other posts on some well respected public forums that gave Softline Solutions glowing reviews. Therefore, we believe the two negative comments are a non-issue as it appears that Softline Solutions is performing beyond its customers' expectations. 

Softline Solutions offers a full-service suite of features and we were not able to find any negatives about its company or its services, which is a good indication that it is a reputable digital marketing agency that has earned its place at the top.


The Bottom Line

Softline Solutions’ website is easy to use and provides all the information you need to make an educated decision about which services you need and which you don't. Furthermore, it provides a free analysis with the facts to back up its recommendations. 

You can also login to your account and access your data in real-time for an instant snapshot of every facet of your entire marketing program. 

Softline Solutions is one of the most comprehensive services we've seen and it doesn't appear to have any legitimate negative reviews that would indicate it is not providing positive measurable results. 

We recommend Softline Solutions as a top-notch digital marketing agency for businesses of all sizes. However, just as like anything else, we encourage you to perform your own due diligence to make sure this service is right for you and your particular needs.

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Aram Akopyan Tujunga, CA

What was the best part about dealing with Softline Solutions? The team at Softline Solutions did an exceptional job of getting my products the online visibility that they needed. Before hiring Softline, I was struggling to get my diverse portfolio of mobile apps any awareness in the vast online market. They developed a custom tailored strategy for my business, with both long-term and short-term goals, so that I can see immediate results. Every aspect of the strategy, from my website, to the SEO plan, to social media utilization, was explained to me upfront and in great detail. The team at Softline gives you the sense that they genuinely care about seeing your business succeed. The overall combination of knowledge, honesty, trust, and professionalism is what made Softline Solutions the best choice for me. What would you change about your experience with Softline Solutions? I wouldn't change a thing. My experience with them could not have been any more pleasant. Very reputable company with a knowledgeable team. Overall Feedback The best decision I've made for my business is hiring Softline. My site traffic and downloads have both seen a steady increase. They're currently working with me on developing a strategy to increase ad revenues.

1 year ago

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A Pe Burbank, CA

Having worked with various other Internet Marketing / Pay Per Click companies who had all promised the moon but delivered nothing of resemblance, we were rather hesitant at first in reaching out to Softline Solutions to help us try and recover from the damages of what the other companies had done. Reading the negative review left by another client left on this site also was not very promising but we had two personal references who swore by the company and what they were able to accomplish for their businesses. There was also nothing but positive reviews from other users on different sites, so we figured even in our own business we know that you just can not please everyone, even when you deliver them the moon. Sales and were dismal and shrinking by the month which poised our business as struggling to stay afloat. After having had phone consults with other companies and getting the same vibe as we had previously experienced with ones who could not deliver, we took a leap of faith and contacted Softline Solutions. Within minutes, our concerns were comforted by their professionalism and extensive knowledge of the industry. We were about an hour away from their office and insisted on visiting them to see what kind of business they ran. Reassured by meeting face to face, they performed an in-depth analysis of all our websites, reviewing the existing marketing campaigns and then custom tailoring a plan to meet both our lead generation and increase in sales expectations. We had a modest initial budget and they were easily able to maximize the most use out of it. Within a few weeks after implementing their custom tailored marketing campaigns, our phones literally started to ring and our online sales began soaring to new record highs to which we had only dreamed to be one day possible. Softline Solutions has definitely earned their keep along with our trust and we have since increased our marketing campaign budget with them. As proud and hard working entrepreneurs, we believe in paying it forward when it comes to anyone that supports our business and since beginning our working relationship with Softline Solutions, have referred their services within our trusted network of suppliers and vendors countless times over. Thanks Softline Solutions!

4 years ago

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Tony Ramos

It takes a lot for me to take the time to write a review but I feel that this company's misleading advertising and terrible performance warrant that. Before I continue, I want to emphasize this was my particular experience with them and I am not speaking for anyone else, but I can say that in the 22 years I have been in business, this company is the worst I have dealt with. Now, don't get me wrong. Everybody was very nice and everybody tried to achieve the goals they advertise but in business you don't get an "E" for effort or a "participation trophy." A business is rewarded by it's results and generally the better the results the more they charge, as they should. This could get a little lengthy so to summarize, AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE! Around the summer of 2016 I started getting these email ads from Softline Solutions advertising all kinds of good stuff. I have several websites for which I have been managing the Google AdWords PPC campaigns but their ads sounded so enticing that I figured I would give them a call. I mean, they said stuff like "We create PPC campaigns that deliver immediate results" (the only immediate result I got was a 90% drop in sales the first month...ouch!), they also mention a drop in the cost per click (mine doubled), or "63% more ppc conversions" (mine dropped 80% in 3 months) and, my favorite, they strive to make us an advertising unicorn which is a Google advertiser who achieves a click through rate in the top 1% of all advertisers. They say that in business terms that means 6 TIMES THE CLICKS AT 1/2 THE COST! Well, who doesn't want that. Only thing is I got 1/3 as many clicks as I was getting before which means if they are promising 6 times the number of clicks, I should have gotten 18 times the number of clicks I actually got. And on top of that, there was no disclaimer like "results may vary" or anything like that. Later on when you sign up they have you sign a boilerplate contract saying they are not responsible for anything that has happened, is happening or will But the ads are so great and everyone there is so enthusiastic the concept or possibility of failure was never brought up by anyone, until we failed, of course. Anyways, I call them up at the beginning of August and I get this very friendly guy on the phone who I assume is sorta like a salesperson/info provider whose job is to answer any questions you may have and enroll you and who knows what else. Now, my website has around 45 pages so he looks it over and tells me that they have to do some pre-launch preparation on the site before the campaign could be launched and that the fee for that is $4000 and then my monthly management fee would be $350/month. Well, what he didn't know is I had been in touch with another Google partner that does the same stuff they do and they charge $399 for the set up and $299 monthly fee. Upon hearing this, he dropped the price from $4,000 to $899! Now this may seem great to some but it was obvious I was getting gouged. You don't just drop your price by more than $3000 unless you are overcharging someone. Maybe he was on commission, IDK, but that was the first red flag which I vapidly ignored. It is clear that prices are highly negotiable and vary frequently. From Nov 22-30 they were offering the set up fee for free and a 24% discount on the management fee. That was nice for Thanksgiving but makes me feel I didn't get much for my $900. But, as I mentioned before, results are what matter. I have no problem paying good money for good results but paying good money to have your sales drop 80% as opposed to increase by 63% as they advertise...that's just not right. This is getting too long. To make a long story short, my sales dropped about 80% from Sept to Nov, 2016. After viewing the catastrophic performance of my campaign for Sept and Oct, they were kind enough to give me one "AdWords friendly page" and charge me nothing for one month's maintenance fee. Supposedly these pages help your performance, and they may, but for me the page did nothing. And they cost about $175 each and as I have 45 pages on my site, it would have cost me almost $8000 to have them create them and they would not have worked for me. I can't speak for others. But had they told me about the $8000 for the AdWords friendly landing pages from the beginning, I would have moved on. In any case, I guess I should feel lucky that I didn't waste another $8000 on those. As I mentioned, they may work for other. This was MY experience which I would describe as a nightmare. Having 3 sales in the month of Sept when I should have 30 is upsetting but they say it can take 30-60 days to see real results. Well I stuck it out for 90 days and threw in the towel. I didn't get a unicorn...I got a burro, and a lame one at that!

4 years ago

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Mark Louisville, KY

Terrible company - if you have a current PPC campaign you will see your wasted spend skyrocket and your conversions plumet.

2 years ago

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