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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Siege Media is a unique content marketing agency that focuses on the content lifecycle and specializes in perfecting organic search rankings. The agency employs a diverse team of specialists that will work with you to build data-driven content that engages your audience with the types of media they want to read. Siege Media has the expertise to help you increase your social media presence while boosting your organic rankings. It also knows what it takes to drive traffic to your site and how to turn that traffic into conversions that meet or exceed your ROI goals. 

Siege Media believes in focusing on building great companies without focusing on profits. If you build great companies, the profits will follow. Therefore, Siege Media only works with a business if it can confidently offer the client a significant return on their investment. Additionally, it only wors with clients that move fast and provide great products, or are at least willing to build such a company. The agency's portfolio includes campaigns for the following: 

  • BuildDirect
  • Craftsy
  • Healthy Hearing
  • Mylife
  • Percolate
  • Realself
  • SeaWorld
  • Shutterfly
  • Software Advice
  • Travelstart
  • Tripadvisor
  • WineCountry
  • Wpmudev
  • Zillow
  • ZipRecruiter

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The Good

  • Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Siege Media specializes in a few select services, unlike other SEO agencies that try to do everything, but perhaps don't do everything well. Siege Media concentrates on offering services only in its areas of expertise, which is organic search and the entire content marketing lifecycle. The following services are offered: 

  • Content promotion
  • Content creation
  • Content strategy
  • SEO consulting
  • Social media services
  • Infographic design

If all you need is one or more of these services, Siege Media may be able to provide more expertise than another company that knows a little bit about everything, but is the master of none—or worse, a company that outsources your projects to inflate their profits.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Options

Limited Service Options

Siege Media only offers a few specialized services, which is great if everything you need fits within its area. However, if you need other marketing services the agency doesn’t offer, you will have to vet another SEO agency to either pick up the slack or handle all your digital marketing needs, which could be a little cumbersome and inconvenient.

Video SEO: Siege Media does not appear to offer any type of video SEO. If it does, it's not clearly stated on its website. Video is an extremely popular way to increase your traffic and build your brand and reputation in the industry. We realize Siege Media specializes in a few key areas; however, we believe they would benefit greatly if video marketing services were added to the list.

Relationship Management: Another service Siege Media doesn't offer is relationship management. This service is invaluable and should be something every business uses. It's critical to your brand and your brand's reputation that you monitor your online and offline feedback so you know the minute you receive any negative comments or complaints. This will allow you to respond appropriately and handle each issue before it damages your reputation.

PPC Management: Additionally, Siege Media does not offer any type of pay-per-click services. This is not critical; however, PPC is a great way to jump-start campaigns and get immediate revenue coming in while waiting for your SEO efforts to take hold. However, attempting to do your own PPC can be a huge mistake if you don't know what you are doing. PPC requires the proper training and implementation; otherwise, it could end up costing thousands of wasted dollars, or more, before you even know what hit you.


The Bottom Line

Siege Media appears to be a great choice for businesses needing help with content, whether it be for their own site, for social media, or for growing credibility through guest posting. 

If you need help with other digital marketing services, like web development, PPC marketing, or reputation management, you may have to either look for a full-service agency or work with two agencies. 

At this time, we need a little more data before we can recommend this company. Have you worked with Siege? Let us know a bit about your experience with a quick review below. 

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