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LAST UPDATED: August 17th, 2020

ROI Amplified is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2017, it offers a variety of services including PPC, SEO, content creation, graphic design, as well as web design and development.
In addition to being a Google Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional, ROI Amplified partners with Marketo, HubSpot, CallRail, and SharpSpring to fulfill its services.

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The Good

  • Variety of Services
  • Free Resources 
  • Free Consultation
  • Certified Partners

Variety of Services

RIO Amplified advertises “customized solutions” for your business. Its variety of services can be contracted individually or bundled together depending on your needs. These services include: 

  • Digital advertising (aka PPC management)
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting
  • Content creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Brand development
  • Website design
  • Web development

Free Resources

One of the most impressive things about ROI Amplified is the free resources on its website. It hosts four guides covering SEO, Google Ads and Analytics, and marketing terminology. These guides serve two purposes:

  1. They help prove that ROI Amplified employs experienced professionals. The guides explain best practices in easy to understand language, which clearly speaks to the knowledge of the author(s).
  2. They help answer one of the main questions businesses have when looking to hire a digital marketing agency, “Should we hire an agency or keep this in-house?” The guides do an excellent job explaining the scope or work required for these services so you can make an informed decision. 

ROI Amplified’s website includes four guides:

  • SEO Guide — This guide gives a solid base for understanding SEO principles. Reading through the guide will not make you an expert overnight, but it does clearly explain what you need to know in order to run a successful SEO strategy. 
  • Google Ads Guide — This guide walks you through setting up your first Google Ads campaign. Google Ads can be intimidating if you haven’t used it before, but ROI Amplified explains the steps and terminology you need to understand to run successful campaigns. Again, this guide will not make you an expert; however, you will have enough knowledge after reading it to be able to set up your own PPC campaigns.
  • Google Analytics Guide — Analytics are a crucial part of SEO and ad campaigns. It lets you know what is and isn’t working. This guide provides basic instructions for setting up a Google Analytics account and brief descriptions of its reports. It does not cover everything Google Analytics is capable of, but it gives you enough information to start exploring on your own. 
  • Digital Marketing Dictionary — ROI Amplified’s Digital Marketing Dictionary is beneficial to anyone unfamiliar with marketing terminology. It gives clear definitions for marketing jargon and can help non-marketers feel more comfortable in conversations about marketing strategies and tactics. 

Free Consultation

ROI Amplified provides a free consultation for any interested clients. You can schedule an appointment to talk with the CEO over the phone or in person to discuss your any questions and concerns you have before making a commitment. 

Certified Partners

Google Partner

Google Partners must be able to meet specific performance requirements. ROI Amplified has proven they can effectively use Google Ads to deliver results to its clients. 

Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

Microsoft advertising’s (Bing) requirements are not as strict as Google’s. To become a Certified Professional a company must take Microsoft’s training courses and pass the required exam. ROI Amplified has completed the training and knows how to set up and manage ad campaigns on Bing.


The Bad

  • No Examples of Work
  • Undisclosed Information

No Examples of Work

ROI Amplified does not provide any case studies or examples of past work on its site. This makes it difficult for businesses to decide if they like ROI Amplified’s marketing and design style.

Undisclosed Information

ROI Amplified does not disclose any information on pricing, contract lengths, etc. This is a common practice among marketing agencies because project scope can vary drastically from client to client.


The Bottom Line

ROI Amplified’s variety of services makes it an appealing choice for businesses looking to amp up their marketing. The free resources on its website show expertise and experience in SEO and PPC; however the lack of work examples makes it difficult for businesses to be confident they will like ROI Amplified’s style. Fortunately, the free consultation offers a no pressure opportunity to speak with the CEO and discuss any questions and concerns before any commitment is made.

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