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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2022

River & Buzz is a digital marketing agency specializing in creating ads and increasing traffic that ultimately lead to improved sales. From brand awareness to media buying to social media advertising, River & Buzz has a team equipped to handle a number of digital marketing solutions. 

The agency focuses heavily on targeting an ideal customer base utilizing some of the largest and most popular platforms. Whether it is through search engines like Google and Bing or through social media platforms, River & Buzz caters the service to meet the audience where they are currently spending time. 

The company is a Google Partner but also specializes in other marketing and advertising services. In addition to providing expert services in the Google Ads platform, River & Buzz is equipped to handle campaigns within Amazon Ads, TikTok, LinkedIn Marketing, and even Instagram. 

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The Good

  • Data-Focused and Results-Driven
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Retargeting and Audience Identification
  • In-House Work

Data-Focused and Results-Driven

River & Buzz is data-focused and results-driven. More specifically, River & Buzz focuses on the results that specifically matter to the client. For every client, River & Buzz can track and monitor the following results:

  • Website Visits — Data is collected on traffic that is driven directly by ads and solutions implemented on search engines and social media platforms. 
  • Purchases — With audience identification, River & Buzz can specifically target active shoppers looking into products or services offered by the client. 
  • Streams and Video Plays — With increased ad presence, River & Buzz is able to boost streams and video plays specifically in the group of customers being targeted. 
  • Appointments and Reservations — Clients that require appointments or reservations for increased profit can see the rising trends. 
  • Social Media Growth — With River & Buzz, clients can see a more substantial social media presence through following growth and organic reach. 
  • Phone Calls — Businesses that look for initial consultation or phone calls to service and sell customers will be able to see increases in this form of initiation. 

Transparent Pricing 

One of the most unique offerings of River & Buzz is the transparent price packages available to prospective clients. Most digital marketing agencies will highlight specific services offered, but rarely disclose pricing information and what services are offered at specific pricing points.

River & Buzz works to be transparent with clients and prospective customers and offers the following packages: 

Starter — $79 per month, includes 1 targeted campaign

  • Brand awareness, lead generation, and traffic ads
  • Search (Google, Bing, and social media)
  • Ad spend limit of $750

Standard $397 per month, includes 2 targeted campaigns focusing on the same strategies found in the Starter Package, and more:

  • Retargeting solutions
  • Management of current campaigns and media buying
  • Limited creative consulting
  • Search, social media, and display networks to identify audiences and advertise
  • Ad spend limit of $2,500

Full Service — $997 per month, includes 4 targeted campaigns focusing on the same strategies found in the Standard Package, and more:

  • E-Commerce ads
  • Real estate dynamic ads
  • Conversion optimization strategies
  • Ad spend limit of $7,500 

Retargeting and Audience Identification

One common focus of the River & Buzz service is the retargeting service. Retargeting is not necessarily a new concept, but when done correctly, can be profitable over time. The practice of retargeting is reaching an individual again after already interacting with a previous ad. Whether the person saw the ad, clicked on it, or browsed a specific advertising method, River & Buzz is then able to retarget these individuals that already have a peaked level of interest. By offering this service, River & Buzz is able to zero in on targeted customers.

In addition to offering retargeting strategies, River & Buzz also does a good job of identifying a prime audience where that audience is already spending time. For instance, River & Buzz can identify an audience and potential customers through searching habits on Google and Bing.

On the social media side of engagement, River & Buzz can ultimately find a targeted audience and potential customers through Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms. There is also the occasional use of third-party websites, mobile applications, and popular blogs. This audience identification will only bolster ad performance and retargeting strategies. 

In-House Work

It is not uncommon, especially for large digital marketing agencies, to outsource work. Whether it is the actual content creation, creative work, or implementation, outsourcing certain digital marketing work is a relatively common practice.

River & Buzz takes a different approach, handling and implementing all services the company offers with in-house personnel. This means that the company can gauge the quality of work and ensure that what the client wants is ultimately delivered. 


The Bad

  • Creative Support Needed
  • Unknown Client Base

Creative Support Needed

For a digital marketing agency that focuses heavily on ad creation and implementation capabilities, the lack of creative solutions is concerning. River & Buzz will create the base design of an ad and some minimal creative assistance, but clients may need to outsource creative work or hire someone in-house with a creative skillset in order to maximize the look of the ad.

River & Buzz offers “creative consulting support” which is not the same as creative design or implementation. Most digital marketing agencies have a creative team equipped to handle this type of work, but River & Buzz expects clients to hire a third party for this particular service. 

Unknown Client Base

Some digital marketing agencies are designed specifically to help local clients, generally smaller operations or family-owned businesses. Other digital marketing agencies are designed to service national clients, meaning the businesses can operate from anywhere or have a national reach. A few digital marketing agencies are equipped to help global clients.

Agencies usually make it clear what kinds of businesses they target, but River & Buzz has not made that information public. 


The Bottom Line

River & Buzz provides specialized digital marketing services to businesses looking to bolster digital data. The agency focuses on obtaining the results that matter most to the business or client at hand.

With upfront and transparent pricing packages publicly available, companies can quickly make a decision on what services or solutions best fit their needs. River & Buzz offers retargeting services and identifies customers in an efficient manner. All services offered by River & Buzz are done in-house; they are not outsourced to other contractors or agencies.

While River & Buzz offers a number of quality services, the company does have some limitations that prospective clients should be aware of. Despite River & Buzz offering specialized advertising services, most companies will need to hire a third party or use in-house creative work as River & Buzz ads are typically generalized. 

Companies looking for an advertising-focused digital marketing agency that specializes in social media and popular ad platforms would likely benefit from what River & Buzz has to offer. 

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