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LAST UPDATED: March 9th, 2020

When it comes to finding a reputable and reliable digital marketing agency, many business owners often find themselves overwhelmed with how many agencies there are to choose from. 

MatchBack aims to eliminate the stress of finding a digital marketing agency by providing users with a conglomerate list of digital marketing agencies — all of which are ready and capable of handling all your marketing needs. 

MatchBack is sort of like a dating site, but for people looking for marketing and development services. 

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The Good

  • Free to Sign Up
  • Get Matched with Hundreds of Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Access to Company Software at No Charge
  • Partner Clients

Free to Sign Up

Signing up for a MatchBack account only takes a few seconds, plus it's completely free. 

To sign up, clients will need to first enter their name and email address. This will create a base account. However, to really get started, clients will need to create a project and input the project details. Project details include things such as the type of project (one-time, ongoing, complex), project goals, required skills, budget (pay by the hour or a fixed price), time frame estimate (how long the project will last), and any other significant project details. 

Get Matched with Hundreds of Digital Marketing Agencies

When a client finishes signing up and creating a project, they'll be asked to select who can see the job. 

By selecting QuickPick (the most popular option), users will be shown agencies that are part of MatchBack's Network. These are agencies that have been verified and vetted by MatchBack and have proven success within various industries. This option does not have a selection process and works best for clients who want to get their project up and running immediately.  

The Only MatchBack option allows MatchBack agencies to send a proposal for a job. This is an excellent option for clients who want to be more involved in the selection process and want to have a hand in choosing the digital marketing agency they want to work with.  

Lastly, there is Invite-Only. This allows clients only to see agencies that they invited; only these agencies can send a proposal. This option gives clients the most control over the selection process. Unfortunately, that in itself comes with certain pros and cons. 

Many clients often have a specific vision for their company and feel more comfortable inviting agencies they feel can adequately portray that vision. However, only inviting a few agencies can limit the service pool and may take more time than the client has available. 

After all that, MatchBack will receive a list of proposals. The company will then review the information and data to come up with a shortlist. The shortlist is essentially the top contending agencies. Clients can choose to see the top two, three, five, or ten. 

MatchBack claims that all companies on the shortlist are qualified and competent agencies that can get the job done right. In fact, MatchBack believes this claim so much that the company signs any agreements with the agency on the client's behalf — freeing clients from any contractual obligation.

Access to Company Software at No Charge

To connect clients and agencies, MatchBack gives both access to the company software (PodBuilder) — for free. PodBuilder allows unlimited talk via voice, screen share, video calling, or chatting with partners. Additionally, all communication is recorded and transcribed, so there is no need to worry about things getting lost in translation. 

Basically, PodBuilder is MatchBack's central software that allows clients and agencies to communicate with each other through one platform. 

Partner Clients

MatchBack's stress-free experience has attracted many big-name clients, including the following:

  • Microsoft
  • BMW
  • IBM
  • Ford
  • Chase
  • AT&T
  • Nike
  • Honda
  • Pampers
  • Kellogg's
  • Audi
  • Red Bull
  • Cisco

Check out MatchBack's website for a complete list of clients.


The Bad

  • No List of Digital Marketing Partners

No List of Digital Marketing Partners

Those who select MatchBack's QuickPick method are shown a list of agencies that have a pre-existing relationship with MatchBack. However, unless consumers create an account, there is no way to see which digital marketing agencies MatchBack partners with. 


The Bottom Line

MatchBack is a great resource for anyone looking for a digital marketing agency. The entire process starts with creating an account (for free) and filling out a simple questionnaire — which helps establish which agencies will show up on a company's shortlist. We love that the process is so simple and straightforward. Plus, it's 100 percent free to use. 

According to the website, the company has a list of digital marketing agencies that already have an existing relationship with MatchBack; however, unless users set up an account and create a new project, there is no way to see which agencies MatchBack is partnered with. It would be helpful for MatchBack to display its partner agencies upfront, so users can determine if they would like to be matched with a specific company (without having to create an account). 

Overall, we recommend that business owners try out MatchBack's services. It eliminates a lot of the leg work that many people face when looking for a digital marketing agency. Users can simply create a project, list all the specific requirements and details, and MatchBack will compile a list of reputable and reliable agencies.

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