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LAST UPDATED: September 18th, 2021

Hive Marketing is a digital marketing agency, specializing in pest control and wildlife removal marketing services. The company’s team has over 60 years of combined experience in the pest and wildlife control industry. Most of Hive Marketing’s services are targeted towards small, locally owned pest control and wildlife removal companies. Hive Marketing offers several digital marketing services:

  • Lead generation
  • SEO management
  • PPC management
  • Full-service marketing
  • Website design and creation
  • Content development
  • Social media marketing
  • Local marketing

Hive Marketing wants each pest control and wildlife removal client representative to become masters of their marketing. Marketing independence is Hive Marketing’s goal for each of its clients. 

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The Good

  • Exclusive Lead Generation Options
  • Marketing Independence
  • Specific Industry Experience

Exclusive Lead Generation Options

One part of Hive Marketing’s services is lead generation. While many other companies promise leads, those leads are often sold to other businesses as well. Hive Marketing offers exclusive leads to its clients. No other pest control or wildlife service will be competing with Hive Marketing’s clients. 

Marketing Independence

Hive Marketing doesn’t want its clients to rely on its services or any other agency for their marketing needs. Hive Marketing trains its clients to become capable marketing consultants for their very own company. Not all Hive Marketing services are completely trainable.

However, the agency offers clients training on services that are simple and easy to adapt. Overall, Hive Marketing wants its fellow pest control and wildlife removal clients to become knowledgeable marketing specialists for their own business.

Specific Industry Experience

Hive Marketing specializes in specific industries of marketing: pest control and wildlife removal. The company’s team members have over 60 years of pest control and wildlife experience. Also, because the company only works with other small, industry-specific companies, its marketing professionals have experience in a focused marketing niche. Hive Marketing understands its clients’ experiences and needs. As its website says, “We’ve been in your shoes.” 


The Bad

  • Unclear Reporting Tactics
  • No Explanation of Marketing Independence Training
  • Lack of Reviews
  • Few Case Studies

Unclear Reporting Tactics

Many digital marketing agencies provide some sort of reporting or analysis to their clients. Hive Marketing’s website makes no mention of what happens after the services are implemented. Clients should be seeing detailed and easy-to-understand reports of their company’s marketing progress. This not only keeps the marketing agency accountable but informs the client to make wise, well-informed business decisions. It’s unclear what type of client-to-customer communication or reporting methods are used — if any.

No Explanation of Marketing Independence Training

While Hive Marketing’s goal is to train clients to become independent from marketing agencies, the company’s website provides no further explanation. The website lacks examples, past client testimonials, and training information. There is no evidence that the agency has had any success with past clients. 

Lack of Reviews

Hive Marketing’s website has no evidence of past clients’ experiences — no testimonials, quotes, or reviews. The company’s social media couldn’t be found; therefore, no reviews on social media. External review sites had zero reviews of the company. While the customer service and marketing services might be exceptional, potential clients have no idea.

Few Case Studies

Similarly, Hive Marketing’s website doesn’t provide any case studies or past projects. The website does link to one past company’s website. However, there is no reporting or details of any success from the project. Hive Marketing’s potential success isn’t yet convincing. 


The Bottom Line

Hive Marketing provides general marketing services to small pest control and wildlife removal companies. The company’s team members understand the pest and wildlife industry and have the marketing skills to help companies see success. Hive Marketing offers marketing training, in addition to a variety of marketing services. The company wants pest control and wildlife professionals to become independent in their marketing efforts.

While Hive Marketing’s goals and services are desirable, the company doesn’t provide much evidence concerning its past success, past clients, marketing training, or reporting. The agency does not yet have a credible reputation. 

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