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LAST UPDATED: September 26th, 2019

Hive Digital is an internet marketing agency formerly known by two other names: Angular and Virante, Inc. It was founded in 1998 by Ryan Allis and transitioned to its new name, Hive Digital, in July 2016. 

Based in North Carolina, Hive Digital is a leading provider of professional and high-quality search marketing services and products for clients of all business models. It works closely with clients to develop and execute winning marketing strategies using interactive white-glove services, as well as providing a dedicated account manager.

Hive Digital is a certified Google Partner, a Bing Ads accredited professional, and an impressive list of awards, including the following: 

  • Top 15 SEO Firms by
  • Compass Awards winner
  • SEMPO member
  • Ariba
  • US Search Awards for 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • Best in Search on TopSEO's
  • Recommended by Moz

Keep reading our review for pros and cons, plus Hive Digital reviews.

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The Good

  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Website Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pricing and Transparency

Organic Search Marketing

Hive Digital has been providing white-hat, ethical SEO services since 2002 and has developed a range of services proven to provide its clients with measurable results.

  • SEO Consulting - From $250 - $400 per hour, depending on your commitment and specific needs. It also comes with a five hour minimum. This service will help with troubleshooting problems, assisting with site transitions and developing effective strategies for your market.
  • Website Analysis - SEO site audits range from a high-points analysis for $1250 to in-depth audits starting at $10k. This service covers SEO basics, such as titles and descriptions, in-depth analysis for duplicate content, Panda issues, link equity dispersion and click-depth, responsive design, site speeds and other valuable metrics with recommendations.
  • Offsite Analysis - From $1500 - $5000, depending on the volume of links pointing to your website. This analysis will advise you of any toxic links that need to be removed or disavowed and provides you with recommendations for strategies to ensure your site maintains a natural link profile.
  • Link Development - Starts at $2500 per month and requires at least one hour per month of consultation services to help with monitoring and advising you of content strategies and techniques to facilitate link building efforts.

Paid Search Marketing

Hive Digital's paid search services range from consultation and one-time optimizations to ongoing management with an aggressive approach for growth into multiple paid search channels.

  • Consulting Service - From $150 - $250 per hour, depending on your specific needs. This is perfect for those who have paid search accounts that have flat-lined and need a new perspective for keywords and techniques. Businesses that need help with conversion optimization or building an account would also benefit. 
  • Paid Search Audit - paid search audits range from $750 - $2500, depending on the size of your account and needs. This service can help with lack of negative keyword matching, improper campaign structure, low quality score and many other overlooked best practices that drive up your click costs and ruin your ROI potential.
  • Paid Search Management - this ongoing PPC management service has a $400 per month minimum fee and a percentage of your ad spend. Your campaigns will receive daily management and monitoring for a variety of metrics that will help decrease your costs and improve your conversions.
  • Conversion Tracking - this is a full service offering for call tracking, website analytics, conversion, optimization and KPI reporting and it ask you to contact for pricing information.

Website Analytics

Hive Digital's website analytics is a method of data collection to determine the source and behavior of your website's visitors. This will enable it to develop key performance indicators to improve your overall internet marketing success.

  • Analytics Consulting - This service begins with 3-4 hours of consultation dedicated to reviewing your analytics installation and determining recommendations for tracking improvements, etc. Your consultation costs will range from $150-$250 per hour, depending on your specific needs.
  • Analytics Setup - From $750 - $2500, depending on the size of your website and your specific needs. This analysis will determine a customized analytics tracking code installation, identify tracking goals and KPI's, creates multiple tracking profiles and all necessary testing.
  • Analytics Monitoring - A custom service that ranges from $450 - $2000 per month and is the ongoing monitoring for your analytics data with regular meetings and reporting for optimization and improvement of KPI's.
  • Conversion Optimization - Tracking KPI's and split testing to measure and track performance changes across multiple versions of a landing page. Contact Hive for a custom quote.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Consulting - From $150 - $250 per hour, depending on your specific needs. Hive Digital will provide you with a consultation and training to teach in-house marketers and PR teams how to optimize Google + accounts, LinkedIn accounts, Facebook accounts and other social media outlets for SEO and reputation management.
  • Social Media Setup - From $750 - $2500, depending on the number of networks you need and your specific needs. Hive Digital will provide you with a one-time service to help you kick-start your social media efforts with a strong emphasis on the proper optimization of profiles and other important metrics.
  • Social Media Monitoring - A custom service that ranges from $450 - $2000 per month and includes the ongoing monitoring and tracking of your social media accounts and the reporting and recommendations for a variety of important metrics.

Pricing Transparency

If you have done any research into digital marketing agencies, then you know it is hard to find a company that lists any pricing information at all on its site. Hive Digital’s pricing transparency, even with ballpark figures is refreshing. It certainly helps when you are trying to decide whether your company has the right type of budget for an agency. 


The Bad

  • Video Marketing

Video Marketing

There is no indication anywhere on Hive Digital's website that it offers video marketing of any kind. Video marketing is extremely valuable for SEO and something that helps build your brand and your reputation in the industry. Therefore, we feel this is something Hive Digital should offer to help bolster its services and its customers website rankings. 

With that being said, the company may offer that service; however, we couldn't find anything on its website indicating it does. You will have to contact the agency to find out if it's available, if that's a service you are interested in. 


The Bottom Line

Hive Digital appears to be a reputable digital marketing agency with plenty of impressive awards. Additionally, we were not able to find any negative feedback or comments about its company or its services on any of the public internet forums, so it must be meeting its customers' expectations. We have no problem giving Hive Digital a high recommendation; however, we would like to see improve upon its website a little more to make it a more user-friendly place to navigate.

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