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LAST UPDATED: December 8th, 2021

Hibu provides its clients with digital marketing solutions, helping hundreds of thousands of local businesses across the United States. Hibu aims to save clients time, frustration, and money by providing all the digital marketing and web design services they need; all designed to work together, all from a single provider. This is especially helpful for its target customer: local business and small business clients. 

Hibu clients get the advantage of one-on-one customer service, cutting-edge technology solutions, and distinguished partnerships with Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Hibu business services include: 

  • Business listings management
  • Display advertising
  • Online reputation management
  • Review generation and management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Website building

Keep reading our Hibu review for pros and cons of working with this website builder and SEO firm. 


The Good

  • SEO Premium and Elite
  • One-on-One Service
  • Free Internet Marketing Tools
  • Blog

SEO Premium and Elite

Hibu offers two custom marketing campaigns that provide on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and social SEO to appropriately structure clients’ website content, increase company visibility, and use social media marketing to engage customers.

SEO Premium is a performance SEO campaign for local businesses that helps maximize search engine placement, making it simpler for a customer to find your small business. The Premium campaign offers the following:

  • Three pages of optimized content
  • Google tags
  • Professional social media account setup
  • Quarterly consultation/review calls
  • Online SEO dashboard
  • Reputation monitoring tool

SEO Elite is a full-service marketing custom campaign that aids companies in increasing local rank, visibility, and audience reach. This campaign offers the following*:

  • Five pages of optimized content
  • Two social media posts a month
  • Social bookmarking
  • Monthly consultation/review calls
  • Online SEO dashboard
  • Reputation monitoring tool

One-on-One Service

For small business owners struggling to manage their online presence either due to time or lack of expertise, Hibu provides its clients with an account representative who will create a digital marketing solution to maximize SEO strategy and generate qualified leads. Hibu customer service wants to help small and medium businesses get the most out of search marketing, so a service specialist will work with each client one-on-one during campaigns to provide service and support whenever needed. 

Free Internet Marketing Tools

Hibu offers those considering its services several free tools to see where each business stands against the competition and how Hibu can help expand the outreach opportunities:

  • Solution Finder: Identify a digital marketing solution to help clients achieve their search goals
  • Facebook Calculator: View how many locals a Facebook Ad will reach
  • Marketing Quiz: Test digital marketing knowledge
  • Online Listings: See how a web page looks to customers and verify all information

Each of the tools has a simple and easy to use interface; however, potential clients will need to fill out a short form with some information about their business and agree to be contacted via the phone number given.

Hibu also offers other marketing solutions, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) management, and web design services, including responsive sites for mobile and tablet. It can also take care of duplicate content and other media marketing. 


The Hibu digital marketing blog is an excellent resource for new business owners or those looking to expand local businesses with online marketing. Various topic categories offer helpful ideas about SEO and marketing strategy, broadening a client base, and even Hibu client success stories. If reading an article seems like too much of a hassle, the Hibu website has infographics and videos to keep potential clients’ interest.

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The Bad

  • Pricing Information

Pricing Information

Because Hibu offers clients custom pricing, there isn’t any firm pricing or sales contract information on the site. If you are a business owner interested in finding out more, you will need to call a Hibu representative, which can be frustrating for those who just want to compare prices quickly.

Whether it's a monthly fee or an additional fee to pay, Hibu doesn't disclose much about its pricing structure online. Many SEO and web design companies follow this method, and it reflects in advertising. Potential clients have to call a sales rep for free estimates.


The Bottom Line

Hibu  is a full-service digital marketing agency that aims to help small to medium-sized businesses nationwide with website design, optimization, and marketing.

Working one-on-one with individual clients, Hibu strives to design and create a digital marketing solution that fits the client's specific wants and needs. Partnering with Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo, Hibu specialists are up-to-date on the latest technology so clients can grow their business through online marketing techniques. Hibu marketing services can manage your ads, business listing, article writing and publishing, and social media post planning. 

Since Hibu believes that clients should be able to select the digital marketing solutions that fit their company goals, there is little pricing information available on the web. However, Hibu offers plenty of ways for consumers to get in touch with a customer service or sales representative that can answer any questions.

*This is not a full list of the services provided by Hibu’s SEO Premium and SEO Elite. For more information, please refer to the site or contact a Hibu representative.

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Jen Chicago, IL

I would give HIBU zero stars if I could. DO NOT do business with HIBU. Absolute SCAM. The sales person tells you complete lies after you ask VERY specific questions. Then after you've signed your contract (even though you don't realize you are signing a six month contract) all they do is offer their apologies. I am stuck paying them $300 a month and have had ZERO sales as a result. I'm pretty sure they aren't even running ads, they are just pocketing the money. 19 clicks in one month is a complete JOKE. I wish I would have read these reviews before getting involved with them. They bill you at the beginning of your month and if you are even one minute late in paying, they WILL HARRASS YOU DAILY with phone calls and emails. I'm paying for nothing but apologies NO sales. They should truly consider becoming a non-profit because I'm donating to their paychecks. That's about it ...

1 month ago

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Kirk Steinhaus Middletown, DE

This is a horrible company. They did not deliver the promised results, and in my opinion didn't do the work they promised to try and get the results. My account rep went MIA after 4 months or so and wasn't responding to calls or emails. The contract details were not explained and when I tried to dispute the billing and cancellation at the end of the contract they were inflexible and wouldn't listen to my concerns. "Nothing I can do" is all I heard when it came to questions about billing. I got billed for an extra month over the 6 months I signed up for and no one would talk to me about it. Do not waste your money here. I can't leave a 0 star review, or I would.

2 months ago

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mad concerned Monterey, CA

Horrible company. We used to work with them often when they were primarily phonebook-based as we have a ton of elderly customers. In August of 2019 we received a bill from Hibu for an astronomical amount and called in and asked them why they renewed our contract when we told them we were not interested in continuing business with them. They then claimed that the founder of our business signed a contract when I was out of the office and I was just out of the loop. Calling their bluff, I invited them into our office to present said contract. They showed us a signature (if you could call it that) that did not match up with our Founder's signature and then tried to say oh well it has GPS when you sign, and the GPS showed it was signed nearly a mile away from our location! When the founder arrived to the meeting, all of the blood in the sales rep's face drained. He was caught and he knew it, and his manager at the time asked him to step out and told us he was fired that day and assured us she would cancel all services since we had told her we weren't interested and the signatures didn't match but that was a lie. Come to find out, they created another contract for one of our subsidiaries and have been calling an employee that was let go years ago for authorization to renew. I'm not sure if we even believe that, but if so it makes the contract completely voidable due to fraud. When we told Ms. Claudia B. (a "senior service rep") this she was condescending and essentially made it clear that she felt we were lying and claimed that it's not Hibu's responsibility to verify whether or not the person signing a contract is authorized to, let alone if they're even an employee; none of which is true. It is the responsibility of the contract provider to do their due diligence and make sure that the person giving the OK is authorized. Keep in mind, Ms. B. claims that the authorizations were made over the phone by "Steve" (who hasn't been with us since 2017) on a phone number we later found out was disconnected as it was a work phone, so none of what Hibu spews is true, but mostly just BS to keep their scam going. They know they're on the verge of bankruptcy and won't be around in a couple of years, so they are lying, cheating, committing fraud, forging contracts, and stealing from anyone they can. Beware!

3 months ago

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ARFordable Pet Grooming LLC

I have been a client if scamming marketing or advertising firms promissing you to get more clients for yiur business. Ive advertised and oaid out plenty of money to nit fall for annothrr scam again. This time i heard a about hibu & called then. I spoke with then thirughouly and for aeveral months before intruky felt comfortable and decided that well it wasnt alot of money and if inlost it again at least it was oretty much alot leas than most advertising & marketing firms. Wel i hired then to not only do advertising on social media alsos onkine as well as redesign my webiste & and do some SEO work that i trying to learn on my own which doing itno. My own. NO WAY to complicated and in depth computer language etc. and just didnt under stand it. So hired them in 3 weeks the websitee was live. IT WAS AMAZING!! I was surprised that someone that isnt in the let grooming industry clild lut a webiste together and just totally resdesign it having no knowledge of pet grooming & do an amazing job!!! In that first week i had 35 new clients make appointments for their dog groomed them most left reviews abs also from the seo work and getting the website out there i have had so many new likes on my FB page thatt is was almost unreal. I thought ok they have people giving me fake reviews. I was surprised they were definitely surprised rj see they were actually all my real clients. 2nd week and now into my 3 rd week worh then and its still booming. So much somi had to hired antkhe bather and another groomerr. Couldnt improbe mich they r doing fine.

2 years ago

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Steve Field Akron, OH

This is one of the worst sites ever do not use them they will overcharge you and they will not give you any information back if you leave them if you leave them beware.

1 month ago

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lenny scarola Springfield, VA

I'm the owner of Dream Home Remodeling with locations in MD and VA. Hibu has provided a variety of digital services helping to grow our business. Their SEO program improved my organic rankings of 100+ keywords to page one in less than 6 months. I'm very satisfied with their performance and service.

3 years ago

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Sofia Ortega Beaverton, OR

Normally we are not ones to write a review, but we at our company are extremely upset and dissatisfied with the quality of service received. If there was an option for zero stars that is what this rating would be. We had originally had HiBu had hosting us, but switched providers years ago. They still kept sending invoices and taking out money for months after canceling with them. When we tried to contact them multiple times, they had us jumping through hoops even after gathering all the information they asked for they would switch it up and say things like "Oh now we need this" or "Sorry we aren't able to process this and need another authorized person". Not to mention their rude and lousy customer service. We highly NOT recommend, they are an absolute scam and a waste of money.

11 months ago

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Wendy Thornton Ocala, FL

100% SCAM they charged me $ 1,000.00 to my credit card after telling me for two days how my phone would ring off the hook and i would have to hire someone to answer the phone 24 hrs a day. YA right they had our company in wrong area the phone number was not correct and they would never answer the phone for us. Once they get your money there done took 4 weeks to build website and then the other 3 weeks the number was wrong. This company will charge your credit card every month at any price please be ware i had to contact my bank tell them to turn off card cause it was lost because if i didn't they will completely drain a small business like a leach. They do not have costumer service and they are not out to build your companies they will take the hard earn money you have and ruin a good small mom and pop company. call 411 local they are not going to drain your company and they actually will help and they have costumer service that answer every time. HIBU IS SCAM

1 year ago

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Michele Wheeler Wolcott, VT

I used to have a print contract with HIBU - With them no longer publishing actual books -I called to confirm that my business would be done with them at the end of 2019. They have continued to bill me the exact same amount of money every month this year - When I called , they said they had switched me to an online contract. I said that I signed no contract for services, whereby they told me they mailed me something that stated they were switching my service and I had 60 days to opt out. For 10 years my contracts I have had to sign for - now all of a sudden I get an auto contract that I have to sign out of ? Very deceptive. They have now cancelled me but are refusing to reimburse the three months that they illegally debited my business bank account!

1 year ago

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Mike H Fenton, MI

Hibu does not deliver what they promise. Their contract effectively states they will "try" to perform some tasks, but they are under no obligation to accomplish what you are paying them for. I foolishly didn't read the contract before signing and paying for it, and found this little fact out after I called and asked why, after 9 months, nothing has been accomplished. It seems someone on their end pushed a couple buttons, gave up and said they "tried", and now i'm contractually stuck with the bill because they put in the most minimal effort into the task. Their sales person didn't even give grand promises, but very simple realistic promises on what would be done. And yet they couldn't even do a simple task like: create a listing for my company on a search service, with whom they are supposedly "partnered with". I don't even ask to be on the first page, let alone the top result, I just want some sort of listing to be there at all. Save yourself some time, do yourself what they promise in less time than it takes to listen to their spiel.

1 year ago

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Odalys Alonso Miami, FL

Beware! This company does mediocre service with very little results,I’m so upset I pay $500 monthly and yes my instagram followers grow 600 more and when I not continue with them because the lack of results they took away !!!! After I pay so much money! They said you have 9678 impressions on a week with only a few clicks.! Your website has nothing to do with how many clicks you get to actually get people to view your site, it is up to the Display Services to get you exposed to begin with. You might not get any clicks on your site with the type of advertisement service that Hibu offers. The price I am paying for this mistake is $500.00 USD per month. Please be careful about who you give your money to, I know I will be even more careful than what I have been in the past from now

2 years ago

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Ron Ogden, UT

HIBU promised they could deliver far ore than what I was paying currently for my marketing. Bottom line, they couldn't and they didn't. The ads were terrible. They were amateurishly designed and based on results and conversations with their managers, it was apparent they were "testing" to see what results they would get. My google analytics tanked from the day they took over. They eventually did get some traffic but almost all of it was outside of the scope of our target market. When I complained, they look at their "statistics" to show me the leads received. They problem is they only track numbers. They don't track that most were unusable and outside of the given scope rendering the campaign useless. Just another confirmation that they have no idea what they are doing. My end result? I spent over $10,000 and got zero return. Me and my team aren't terrible closers, we just didn't have anything to work with from them. After trying to cancel, they want to hold you to a contract even though they do not hold up their side of the contract. Customer service is non-existent. They continue to bill harass and eventually threaten you with lawsuits. You would be far better off doing this yourself but for sure don't walk, run away from HIBU

2 years ago

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Tulsa Craig Tulsa, OK

Very disappointed in Hibu. I can’t speak for all reps but the Hibu rep in Tulsa lied about pricing and process. After 6 months and $2,500 I am having to start all over from scratch with a new company. Complete scam IMO.

6 months ago

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stephen lekas Sugar Land, TX

I payed them $500 a month for 6 months, to run ads on the internet for my business. They showed me the ads on their computer, but i could never find them on my computer. I never a call. The more i thought about it the more sense it made. How could they pay for the ads and still make a profit. Answer- they never place any ads and make $500 month off you. This is a major scam and maybe someday someone on the inside will turn them in and we'll see a nice Federal Indictment,

1 year ago

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AHMAD EID Springfield, PA

dont waste your money m a furniture business owner in pa. every body have a lot of complaints about ripping people off. im one of these people. i had a contract with them for 6 months, the first month was a good response. after that month i had no response and i contacted the sales rep ken h, i found out the didnt put me for 3 months. they said i should be contacted but i never got contacted. i called and they said to open a new claim. so i advise you to not contact them.

2 years ago

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Christopher Kelly

Hibu is a complete scam. They literally did absolutely nothing for our company but took thousands of dollars from us. They even promised to do calls to keep us up to date with how their services were working for us and it’s been 6 months without any communication at all. We asked to cancel do to them doing literally nothing for us and they refused but still did nothing else to improve their service. I would recommend every single person avoids them at all costs.

3 years ago

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Rob Col Kissimmee, FL

Very poor customer service, difficult to cancel with them once you start using them. Have charged us for months and avoid answering the phone to cancel service. SCAM!! Stay away

9 months ago

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meme Pwow Kissimmee, FL

Terrible service Rip-off And they won't even cancel They have a bogus number that rings and makes you wost for 30 min and hang up to candel

9 months ago