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Welcome to our in-depth Distilled review. Distilled was founded in 2005 by lifelong friends Will and Duncan, and in 2007 Will's younger brother joined them. They originally began their venture in London, but have since branched out and now have offices in Seattle and New York as well.

When Distilled first started out, they were primarily a website development company. Fast forward a few years and they are now a world leader in the SEO industry and are known as a top-notch creative online marketing agency. Distilled has partnered with SEOmoz, who is a one of the most widely respected sources of SEO knowledge and services in the industry.

In 2012 the company formed DistilledU, an online search marketing university that includes courses which cover the core skills that every SEO needs to know. From beginners, to learn the search engine basics, to intermediate and advanced training for users of every level of experience.

Additionally, Distilled is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and a Marin Software Certified Agency. They also work closely with Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. They have worked with some big name clients such as eBay, Red Bull, Zoopla, Grovo, Concerthotels.com, Rasmussen College, Simply Business and CEWE Photoworld, SkilledUp, Balsam Hill, ThoughtWorks, WorldPay Zinc and Digital Sherpa, just to name a few.

The Good

  • Consulting services
  • Digital PR, outreach and creative services
  • PPC services

Distilled offers some fantastic consulting services, such as organic search, video, analytics, conversion rate optimization (CRO), mobile search and content strategy.  Distilled's organic search team consultants deliver powerful search strategies for brands around the world that will help them increase their search engine rankings using a crawlable platform, quality content to engage their audience and intelligent building of brand signals.

Distilled's video services utilize a goal-driven strategy that focuses on the exact result you want to achieve using their strong technical skills that will ensure your videos are seen by the right people at the right time.  In addition, Distilled also offers in-depth analytics that involve account audits, code deployments, attribution modeling and custom reporting.  Distilled is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and their team has worked with multitudes of accounts from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Distilled also offers conversion rate optimization.  They look at the entire customer journey from start to finish to identify any areas that don't flow well and the areas that make it difficult for the customer to convert then they implement fixes to improve the flow and ultimately your conversion rates.  Distilled also performs full-scale audits to learn how you can improve your mobile rankings, while identifying technical necessities, mobile-specific content, and potential outreach opportunities.  Then they integrate those with your social media campaigns.  Additionally, Distilled uses data-driven, engaging content to skyrocket your brand's positioning and to help you reach your content marketing goals.

Distilled offers a tailor-made approach to get your business in front of the right audiences and will use custom strategies that will grab their attention regardless of whether you want media coverage or to beef up your social media offerings.  They will also identify and communicate with the people needed to grow your brand and your brand's influence by using more focused content, while generating and creating new ideas to increase your online presence.

Distilled also has an expert team of graphic designers and developers, as well as animators, video editors and data journalists to provide you with just about any type of creative you might need, including interactive, visualizations, videos, quizzes and guides.  And that's not all.  Distilled also

offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  They will find the right audience for your company and ensure your campaigns are precision targeted and converting, while making sure you are receiving the lowest cost per click for the largest return on your investment.

The Bad

  • No relationship management program offered
  • Doesn't appear to off social media management
  • Website only has limited information about how Distilled's services are implemented

It doesn't appear that Distilled offers any type of relationship management.  We feel relationship management is a service every business should care about.  You never know when your competition, a disgruntled employee or a slew of negative feedback will appear on the public online forums.  And unless someone is monitoring and managing these, they could easily get out of control and make a significant mark on your business' reputation.

Additionally, it doesn't appear that Distilled offers any type of social media management either.  They might offer it in some form; however, their website does not reflect that social media management is something they offer.  So if you want this service, you will need to consult with them about it before you make any final decisions.

Distilled's website is user-friendly and easy to navigate; however, the details provided are extremely limited.  They do a good job telling you what they offer, but they don't give any details about exactly how they will go about achieving what they say they can deliver.  They do give a general overview; however, most other SEO companies go into great detail describing exactly what they do to take your business to the next level.

The Bottom Line

To conclude this Distilled review, we will recap what they are doing right and the areas we feel they could use some improvement.  Distilled appears to be a solid SEO agency with a top-notch reputation.  So let's begin by highlighting the good things Distilled has to offer.

  • They have a pristine online and offline reputation. We performed an extensive internet search of all the public online forums and were not able to find any type of negative feedback whatsoever.
  • Distilled offers a wide range of popular SEO services, such as: consulting services that include organic search, video, analytics, conversion rate optimization, mobile search and a stellar content strategy.  As well as digital PR, outreach, creative and PPC services.
  • Distilled has a team of experts with worldwide brand experience and have worked with businesses of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Those are the things we liked about Distilled.  So now let's talk about a few of the areas we feel they could use some improvement.  This will help you make an educated decision about whether or not they are the right SEO agency for your needs.

  • Distilled does not appear to offer any type of relationship management services. This is something we feel they should add to their list of offered services as reputation management is crucial to maintaining any brand's positive image.
  • Additionally, Distilled does not appear to offer any type of social media management. They very well might offer it; however, their website does not give any information leading us to believe they do.
  • Distilled's website is user-friendly; however, it only provides the visitor with basic details about what they have to offer, but no in-depth information helping you understand exactly how they will use their services to help your company grow its digital marketing presence.

Our Distilled review shows that this company has a solid reputation in the SEO industry and maintains a multitude of happy clients.  Therefore, we have no problem giving them a high recommendation for all of your digital marketing needs.  However, just as with anything else, we recommend you perform your own due diligence before making any final decisions.


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