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LAST UPDATED: July 16th, 2021

Creative Web Designs is a full service SEO, branding, marketing, and website design agency based in San Antonio, Texas. The company has helped hundreds of clients achieve professional, creative, and highly functional websites and brands all around the globe.

In 2020 the company scored in the top 27 out of 107 digital marketing agencies ranked in San Antonio, Texas.

Creative Web Designs can help customers from industry, and specifically has worked in healthcare, home services, legal, real estate, contractors, professional services, small businesses, retail, restaurants, and more. Customers interested can call Creative Web Designs for a free consultation.

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The Good

  • Full Service Digital Marketing Agency
  • Huge Portfolio
  • Domain Purchasing
  • Website Security

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Creative Web Designs is a full service digital marketing agency. The company has vast experience in the following fields:

  • Website design
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • PPC
  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Social media marketing
  • Website maintenance
  • Industry solutions
  • Domain purchasing
  • Website security
  • WordPress hosting

Huge Portfolio

Creative Web Designs has an impressive portfolio of both web designs and graphic designs. Most impressively, Creative Web Designs shows its entire portfolio for web designs, displaying hundreds of different past projects. Few digital marketing agencies offer such a wide variety of projects for potential customers to view, pointing to the company’s confidence in its work and care for the customer in allowing them to view past projects. 

Domain Purchasing

Purchasing a domain is a crucial step in launching a website, and Creative Web Designs makes the process easy. Customers can search for available domains online and purchase them for as little as $16.99. 

Website Security

Creative Web Solutions offers packages for online web security. This is unique in the industry and is highly beneficial for customers who want added protection against hackers and viruses when the website is officially turned back over to the customer. These plans range from $5.99 to $29.99 a month — an impressive deal for such a low price.


The Bad

  • Out of Date Blog
  • No Pricing Information
  • Some Design Errors

Out of Date Blog

Creative Web Designs runs a blog linked to its homepage. However, the last time a post was uploaded was in 2020, and before that in 2019. While it is not necessary for a digital marketing agency to run a blog, having an inactive one could reflect poorly on the company's services.

No Pricing Information

Creative Web Designs does provide two sample projects with prices; one ranged less than $10,000 and the other from $10,000 to $49,000. These large price ranges make it difficult for customers to know what to expect from a project firsthand and may indicate that smaller budget projects are not within the company’s expertise. Customers should make sure to address pricing in their first call with Creative Web Designs.

Some Design Errors

Some design errors are evident on the company’s website; however, fewer are manifest on its example pages from past client projects. Errors include a mix of more than three serif and san serif fonts on the same page, centering all the text, and text overload. While some of these can be a matter of preference, these are universal design principles that speak to a company’s expertise and professionalism. For a digital marketing agency which deals with design daily, these standards should be upheld.


The Bottom Line

Creative Web Designs is a full service digital marketing agency with a track record of happy and satisfied customers. The company does everything from SEO to branding, website security, design, and much more. It has been recognized in San Antonio, Texas as an excellent digital marketing agency and works with hundreds of clients from around the world.

The company doesn’t list any pricing information on its website but does allude to a budget around or exceeding $10,000. Customers looking for examples of the past work can see the company’s massive online portfolios, which are very organized and easy to use. 

While the company’s online portfolios show excellent work, the company's own website and blog stray from some crucial design principles we’d like to see in a top notch agency. Overall, however, Creative Web Designs meets the criteria for a viable option when looking for digital marketing support. 

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