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LAST UPDATED: September 26th, 2019

Conductor Inc was founded in 2010 and is a privately held tech and SEO company headquartered in New York, NY. Investors include FirstMark Capital, Matrix Partners, IGC Investor Growth Capital, and Catalyst Investors.

Conductor's software uses a natural approach to internet marketing by integrating search engine optimization (SEO) technology, targeted content marketing, and digital team enablement. This, coupled with exceptional customer support helps Conductor to provide its customers with top-notch services.

Conductor's Searchlight software gathers data from the web to deliver analytical insights about where a company's content is being discovered, how their competition is being found, and recommendations about how to excel without resorting to paid search (PPC) optimization.  

The platform requires an annual contract and has four tailored product packages to help businesses reach their internet marketing goals. Additionally, Conductor has agency-specific pricing available as well.

Keep reading our Conductor review for pros and cons. 

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The Good

  • Technology and Features
  • Reporting 
  • Services
  • Platform Packages

Technology and Features

With the Conductor Searchlight software, you can take charge of your internet marketing using state-of-the-art technology. Let's go over Conductor Searchlight’s features and tools to see how it could help with your SEO and content marketing needs. 

  • Content Mapping - Shows opportunities to create more powerful content based on persona, product line, role, or business unit. Then track your content to see how it's performing.
  • Search Experience Tracking - Shows location, device performance, and content types from the customer's perspective. Images, videos, and local listings are all included. This information can be used to customize your content to improve the user experience. 
  • Channel Insights For YouTube - Helps discover how your content is being found on YouTube. Gives actionable insights to help marketers expand efforts by making sure content is being presented to your audience wherever they look.
  • Workspaces - Allows instant access to any search metric, in any combination, so you can create personalized workspaces. Generate reports and schedule automated delivery to anyone you wish.
  • Business Case Builder - Provides predictive analytics that will help identify revenue opportunities, qualify it, report it to stakeholders, and monitor the success while demonstrating marketing ROI.
  • Daily Performance Management - Provides the highest priority keywords and the ability to measure how your SEO strategies, content marketing activities, algorithm changes, and on-site technical SEO adjustments reflect on your visibility. With this feature, users can immediately identify potential problems and correct them before they affect organic traffic or your search engine visibility.
  • Social Signal Tracking - Shows real-time reporting of social signals for your business, as well as competitors’. Share SEO and social media metrics across your organization for brainstorming and help to develop cross-channel strategies.


Other Services - Searchlight is a powerful piece of software with a wide variety of capabilities, which in addition to the above features, also includes the following:

  • Paid and natural explorer
  • Searchlight API
  • International search performance
  • Modeled traffic
  • Visibility explorer

Additionally, Conductor also offers a few professional services should you need the advice of an expert, such as:

  • Implementation services consultation
  • Strategy services
  • Analysis services
  • Training services

Platform Packages

The Conductor Searchlight software platform comes in four different packages:

  • Starter - This package starts at $1,995 per month and gives 1,000 searches, up to three comparison domains, and up to five content segments. The Starter will help identify and prioritize the biggest opportunities, which is perfect for those who don't have much time or the staff to spend more than a few hours per week on their internet marketing efforts.
  • Standard - This package starts at $3,750 per month and gives 2,000 searches, up to 10 comparison domains, and up to 15 content segments. The Standard will provide automation and intelligent analytics to maximize your reach
  • Premium - The cost of this package is undisclosed. Potential customers will have to contact Conductor for the pricing information. However, with the Premium you will receive 5,000 searches, up to 15 comparison domains and up to 25 content segments. The Premium is Conductor's most popular package and has quite a few features to make your internet marketing task easy for your entire team.
  • Enterprise - The cost of this package is undisclosed and you will have to contact Conductor for pricing information. The Enterprise package allows up to 10,000 searches, up to 100+ comparison domains, and up to 25 content segments. Enterprise will help align people, technology, and processes to expand your search marketing efforts on a global scale.

The Bad

  • New Features
  • Integration

New Features

Conductor seems a bit behind when it comes to marketing new features and its integration with Google Analytics could stand to be expanded a bit. Additionally, the Searchlight software needs to be better at link building management than it currently is. Local search tracking also needs to be expanded to more cities, as many are not currently included.


There have been reports of lack of integration. 


The Bottom Line

Overall, Conductor Searchlight is a superior product with an emphasis on organic search strategies, rather than paid search. It offers enough essential user-friendly features to skyrocket performance and value far beyond most of its competitors. It's worth every penny of whatever you pay in monthly fees. Conductor has a great reputation in the industry.

In fact, we only found one complaint about it after performing an extensive general internet search and that complaint seemed like it was from someone who just couldn't afford its services and was a bit bitter about it. Other than that, there is nothing negative about Conductor to be found anywhere. That coupled with their fantastic suite of services is enough for us to give a recommendation.

We can confidently recommend the Conductor Searchlight software for all your internet marketing analytics as this software could potentially bring higher returns than any amount you pay for the service. However, just as with anything else, you should always perform your own research before deciding if this service is right for you.

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