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LAST UPDATED: November 9th, 2021

Business Inspired Solutions is a marketing and business consulting agency with an aim to help small businesses with branding and growth. These services are offered through online courses and consulting sessions. Rather than just doing the job for its clients, Business Inspired Solutions empowers them with the skills and knowledge to continue marketing themselves. 

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The Good

  • Service Offerings
  • Strong Online Presence
  • Proficient with Many Online Tools
  • Previous Client List
  • Free Services

Service Offerings

Business Inspired Solutions has a few different service options:

  • Creating Your Legacy Course — This course coaches businesses through building a business plan, captivating clients, and growing continually. It also includes access to live check-in coaching calls. 
  • 10x Growth Accelerator Package — With this service, the Business Inspired Solutions team pairs their strategy with your vision and goals. This package is built to bring in more clients and increase profits. 
  • Website Development — The design team can help you create a website or redo an existing one to increase brand consistency and professionalism. 
  • Branding and Marketing Growth Plan — This is a three-month package. In the first month, the team helps you create a business plan. In month two and three, the team coaches you through implementation. 
  • Advanced Monthly Marketing Growth — Information about this service is limited.
  • Business Coaching and Consulting — If one of the above service packages does not fit your needs, schedule a call with a team member to discuss if Business Inspired Solutions can help you attain your business goals. 

Aside from these specific service packages, Business Inspired Solutions claims to offer expertise in blogging/copywriting, content editing, Google and Facebook advertisements, SEO, newsletters, email marketing, and graphic design. 

Strong Online Presence

With any company that aspires to help you build a strong brand, you want to ensure that the company itself has strong branding. With Business Inspired Solutions, this is absolutely the case. The company has a professional logo and an appealing website. 

Additionally, Business Inspired Solutions has social media presence. The company’s Facebook page continues to be updated, and the company recently started a blog. Business Inspired Solutions is still growing, but the content it has put out thus far has been well done.

Proficient with Many Digital Tools

The company claims to have a team of professionals who are proficient in many different digital tools. These tools include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, WordPress, Pinterest, Keap, Elegant Themes, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Adobe Suite, and LinkedIn. Some of these tools are social media platforms, while others are used for marketing automation, web design, or email marketing.

Previous Client List

Business Inspired Solutions provides a list of brands and companies it has worked with in the past on the company’s website. This list includes the name of the brand, a link to the business’ website, and in some cases, a testimonial. By browsing previous clients, potential clients can determine what services they would like to pursue with Business Inspired Solutions. 

The team at Business Inspired Solutions has worked with companies in many different industries. These industries include, but are not limited to food manufacturers, wellness companies, real estate agents, life coaches and counselors, attorneys, carpet cleaners, and gyms.

Free Services

Business Inspired Solutions periodically offers free webinars or free training. Potential clients can visit the Resources section of the company’s website; put in their name, phone number, and email; and receive a free training. 

On the company’s Facebook page, there is also a history of free Zoom webinars. These webinars can help potential clients get to know the team at Business Inspired Solutions and help them determine if a partnership could be a good fit. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Pricing
  • Specializes in Service Businesses
  • Limited Third-Party Reviews

Undisclosed Pricing

Business Inspired Solutions has no pricing information on its website or social media pages. It indicates that pricing varies. It would be beneficial if the company provided a price range or a starting price for its services, in order to help clients determine if these services fit in their budget. As of now, all that is known about pricing is that it varies by project.

Specializes in Service Businesses

The company’s website claims that its marketing solutions are designed for service-based businesses. This does narrow the client base a bit. However, if you think your business could benefit from offered services at Business Inspired Solutions, get in touch with a team member. 

Limited Third-Party Reviews

Most reviews you will find about Business Inspired Solutions come directly from the company’s website. This is not necessarily bad — but no company would post negative reviews on its own website. The good news for Business Inspired Solutions, is that there are a few Google Reviews of the company, and they are positive. Nevertheless, there are only a few. 


The Bottom Line

A quick look at the Business Inspired Solutions website and social media pages will show that this is a professional, well-branded company. Previous customers claim to be satisfied with the service they received. Since pricing and service details are not readily available, we recommend that you speak with a team member at Business Inspired Solutions about these specifics. 

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