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BrightEdge was founded in 2007 by Jim Yu and Lemuel Park and they offer business intelligence software that is backed by some of the top venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley. They currently employ more than 300 people with offices in San Mateo, Seattle, Chicago, New York, London, Sydney, and Tokyo. BrightEdge currently has over 1,200 customers around the world that include giants, such as 3M, Adobe, Microsoft, VMWare, Nike, Macy's Wyndham, Marriott, Groupon, Audi and Monster Energy, just to name a few.

SEO and marketing your company via the internet are a completely different animal than traditional marketing and if you are doing it wrong, you could be doing more harm than good. Ultimately, it could end up costing you your reputation, not to mention a loss of revenue. Therefore, collecting, analyzing and testing every available piece of data is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts and your business as well.

We will be looking at BrightEdge. They state they can help you with predictable planning, optimizing and measuring your campaigns based on actual content performance by helping you transform your internet content into solid business results, such as traffic, revenue, and customer engagement. All of which is extremely important, and necessary, if you want good results from your SEO efforts and to help improve your search engine rankings.

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The Good

  • Content performance marketing
  • Data cube
  • Content and landing page optimizer
  • Ignite campaigns and StoryBuilder

BrightEdge is a comprehensive piece of software that collects and analyzes a wide variety of critical data a company needs to perform successfully.  So let's talk about each of their offerings and how they function to help your business.

Content Performance Marketing

By now, most companies realize they need good quality content in order to attract visitors to their website and their services.  So with this influx of content continually flooding the internet, you need a way to gauge the content you put out, including its quality and its performance.  The BrightEdge software will help you highlight content marketing challenges through a three-part process that will assist you with finding target demand, optimizing your content and then measuring your results using the following tools.

Data Cube

The Data Cube is a research on demand feature that will give you access to billions of pieces of data and offers customizable recommendations, search opportunity forecasting, page reporting and more at lightning fast speeds.  The results will give you valuable insights that will help you make educated business decisions about how you should proceed. You will be able to identify strategic keywords, search terms, rich media and content that will, in turn, allow you to identify new opportunities and develop competitive strategies.

Content And Landing Page Optimizer

The Content Optimizer provides you with content recommendations and a competitive analysis directly within Adobe Experience Manager, which will allow you to easily create properly optimized content from day one.

The Landing Page Optimizer helps you identify competing landing pages so you can identify who is winning the content war and will help ensure your landing page is up to par and competitive in your industry and against your competitors'.

Ignite Campaigns And StoryBuilder

Ignite was designed to be used at all levels of digital marketing experience and will enable you to optimize your existing content based on best marketing practices and by comparing it to your competitors successes.  StoryBuilder will create appealing charts and dashboards quickly and easily.  It will also allow you to respond to queries and analyze real-time data while collecting valuable insights and trends.

Overview Of The BrightEdge Services
  • The BrightEdge Keyword Rankings Report
  • A priceless backlinks tracking feature
  • SEO recommendations and performance analysis
  • A valuable keyword and PPC discovery feature
  • A Share Of Voice report
  • An invaluable site audit
  • A tasks and workflow management feature

BrightEdge does offer reasonable customer support.  You can reach them via their 800 number.  They also provide a contact form on their website.  However, they don't have an FAQ's page on their website from which you could quickly find answers to seemingly simple questions.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • Availability

Unfortunately, BrightEdge's website doesn't give any pricing information, nor does it disclose whether or not a contract is required.  However, many of the comments on public forums state that they are a bit pricey, but at the same time, the majority of their customers are also very pleased with BrightEdge's services for the most part.

At this time, BrightEdge only offers their services in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.  Additionally, they only offer their services in English.  No other languages or options are available.  Additionally, BrightEdge is probably better suited for larger businesses due to the price and because of the ease with which SEO tasks can be assigned and tracked from within the tool.  Whereas smaller business might not be setup to leverage this feature and, therefore, paying for something they don't need.

We were very surprised at how difficult it was to find information on BrightEdge's website.  Yes, they have a lot of information, but it's all over the place and you have to repeatedly click and browse just to find what you need.  And for a business of their caliber, they really need to revamp their website, if they truly care about their visitors' experiences.

The Bottom Line

Although pricey, BrightEdge looks to be a fantastic service that combines SEO and business data into one-click reports that follow through by offering you actionable recommendations for the best opportunities that will increase your organic search traffic and help you find unique data that you might not have otherwise been able to find.  And this could result in growing your revenue and your brand, perhaps significantly, if your marketing team acts on the information provided and uses it to maximize their efforts.

We can definitely recommend BrightEdge; however, we encourage you to explore all your options before making any decisions.  This is powerful software; however, it's not right for every situation.  BrightEdge is more geared towards larger businesses due to how easy it is for SEO tasks to be assigned and tracked from within the tool.  Whereas smaller business might not be setup to leverage this feature and other features within the software, and, therefore, would be paying for something they don't really need.


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