Reason #3 to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: Welcome a Fresh Perspective


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Written by Anne-Marie Hays | Last Updated November 1st, 2019
Anne-Marie Hays is a Content Management Intern with Best Company. She enjoys comedy, hates crowds, and loves that you are reading this bio.

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Do your marketing and leadership teams need a fresh perspective? Lisa Barone, Chief Marketing Officer at Overit puts it this way: "You might need a digital marketing agency if you're bored by your own creative."

"We've all been there," says Barone, setting the scene, "When referrals are down, once-proven tactics are getting no response, and when your marketing bores the heck out of even you."

"If you're here," she says, "it's time to get some help."

Digital Marketer David Kranker agrees. It's time to think about hiring an agency when "You're looking to escape an echo chamber and bring new ideas to the table." He explains, working with "the same internal team, over and over again, it's easy to get stuck looping through the same ideas and strategies."

Garret Seevers, VP of Marketing at Azuga suggests that the new perspective can be valuable. While your internal team is working to solve the same marketing problem over and over, agencies often have experience in "various industries, marketing professionals and business types."

Clients benefit from a professional agency that has a wider perspective, is used to problem solving in various realms, and has a broader skill set. "Hiring an agency can help put the spark back in your marketing …" says Barone. Agencies offer "fresh ideas, new tactics, and another set of eyes to help you navigate smarter." Barone understands that all business can get in a rut. He also knows that, "Good businesses know how to seek the help they need to get out of it."

Kranker points out that you are not tied to an agency if you don't hit it off. "Because you have no commitment to a particular agency, you can also swap agencies from time to time if an agency isn't working out to ensure ideas and strategies stay fresh." Don't be afraid to reach out and contact a few agencies at a time.

Most digital marketing agencies offer free consultations, so you can get a sense of what additional strategies and ideas they could bring to your company. Veronica Batista, Social Media Manager for OnPoint Internet Marketing says that an agency's "External influence can offer different ideas and strategies to your company that maybe those inside the company would not be able to identify. Integrating a digital marketing agency experience with your company's goals and objectives can help generate innovative ideas for your brand which will make it grow faster."

And who doesn't want their brand to grow faster?

This article is part of our ongoing series: Top Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency.

Special thanks to our panel of experts:

Lisa Barone, Chief Marketing Officer, Overit
David Kranker, Principal, David Kranker Creative
Garret Seevers, VP of Marketing, Azuga
Veronica Batista, Social Media Manager, OnPoint Internet Marketing

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