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Written by Anne-Marie Hays | September 12th, 2019
Anne-Marie Hays is a Content Management Intern with Best Company. She enjoys comedy, hates crowds, and loves that you are reading this bio.

Finding the right gift for your friend who just graduated with a marketing degree or got their first digital marketing job can be daunting. What will they find helpful and practical for their new life?

To help you find the right gift for your friend, brother, cousin, or co-worker, we put together this list of highly recommended products that digital marketers, new, old, and in-between will be sure to appreciate.

Coffee club

“Marketers are known for burning the midnight oil, or in my case, rising at the crack of dawn. For many, coffee is a must-have to get them through the day. A great gift for marketers is a monthly coffee subscription service. My top pick is Atlas Coffee Club. Every month they'll send you globally curated coffee from around the world, including Columbia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.” 

Suggested by Alex Membrillo, CEO, Cardinal Digital Marketing

Motivational mug

What about something to put that fancy coffee in? What about a mug with a motivational or marketing-specific saying like this one from Proud Gifts, that says, “I’m silently judging your font choice,” or one of these from Red Bubble with quippy sayings like, “Internet marketing because it's cheaper than therapy.”

Desk calendar

“Being a marketer means you need focus and attention to detail; these have to be ingrained in you. If they're not, you're in for some serious issues. I keep a whiteboard calendar on my desk with cork and space for notes. I keep a digital calendar in addition to this but I find it helps to write dates out and visualize my week/month. I use this one!

Buy some extra marker colors for color-coordinating notes.”

Suggested by Brett Middleton, Owner, Brett Middleton Digital

Image used with permission from Hamelin

Notebook with superpowers

This new notebook line from French paper company Hamelin comes in seven colors and comes with superpowers.

That’s right — super powers.

It comes with a free app called SCRIBZEE, which allows users to scan, save, share, and file images of notes for easy access.

Stylish laptop stand

Consider getting a sleek laptop stand. A new tech gadget that really has a purpose is always helpful. This model is one of Rachael Lovette’s favorite marketing-marketing related gifts she has received.

Suggested by Rachael Lovette, Digital Marketer, Microsoft


“Most people have seen fidget spinners, but another fun (and helpful) fidget gadget for digital marketers is the FidgetCube. It’s the perfect desk toy designed to help you focus. It’s addicting and fun and an awesome gift for any digital marketer who logs a lot of desk or computer time.”

Suggested by Alex Membrillo, CEO, Cardinal Digital Marketing

“It's perfect for the people who drank lots of coffee to stay awake but are forced to sit (or stand) behind a computer. It lets you put your energy into something, and it's great for de-stressing during stressful calls or hard web updates.”

Suggested by Dylan Myatt, Digital Marketing Associate, Advice Media


“Another gift that I am sure will be appreciated by someone starting out in marketing (or any new career) would have to be new stationery. I myself use a 10 subject project book, that allows me to separate all of my different projects neatly, and find the information I need easily. The receiver will be sure to thank you for a set of new pens, notebook, and perhaps a few highlighters for good measure.”

Suggested by Katherine Rowland, Digital Marketing Executive,

Ember smart mug

“Give the gift of control. Instead of burning your tongue on a hot cup of coffee, keep the temperature just right. An Ember Mug is embedded with technology that allows you to change the temperature of your drink to a preferred setting. Don’t let your coffee get lukewarm on a cold winter day, take control with a perfect hot drink on a cold afternoon. Staying in control of the heat setting on your drink gives you the comfort of knowing that you can enjoy your drink without being rushed.”

Suggested by Leo Friedman, iPromo

Light filtering glasses

What about a pair of blue light filtering glasses. A lot of people are prone to headaches and these help alleviate those, as well as some eye strain, that you get for constantly looking at a computer screen.

Suggested by Dylan Myatt, Digital Marketing Associate, Advice Media

Fashion statement

Fat Joe Swag - Mo Links Mo Problems Tee

Image used with permission from Fat Joe Swag

This “Mo Links Mo Problems” t-shirt comes in men’s and women's styles, and will be sure to catch the eye of link-builders everywhere. Check out for more SEO swag. On top of that, FatJoe sends 100 percent of the profits to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

Another suggestion is this Redbubble double-whammy for fans of SEO and Heisenberg.

Spark Hustle Grow

“One website I recently came across was Spark Hustle Grow. It’s a monthly subscription box website and an online community for female entrepreneurs. The box includes four to six items like planners, books, and chic office supplies.”

Suggested by Clare Bittourna, Marketing Designer, Codal

Kangaroo water bottle

“ a young business owner with a number of friends who are in the digital marketing game, there is one gift which I have given one of them previously, that I think every marketer should have.

The Kangaroo water bottle is versatile and 100 percent leak and spill proof. The dishwasher safe container features a built-in compartment which can store ID, gym card, money, and much more — perfect for a busy marketer who may not have time to go home before hitting the gym.” 

Suggested by Ollie Smith, Chief Executive Officer, ExpertSure

Fancy chocolates

Image used with permission from The Chocolate Therapist

“Does every digital specialist want digital gifts? Maybe they just need a glass of wine and a box of chocolates every now and then. There's a dark chocolate pairing collection (for red wine and port), a milk chocolate collection (white wines), a beer collection, tea collection, and whisky collection.

When given with a bottle of someone's favorite wine, this gift is a fun and completely unique experience.”

Suggested by Julie Nygard, Founder, The Chocolate Therapist

Honorable mentions

"You Reap What You SEO" stickers

This cheeky notebook that says, “Knock, Knock, Who’s There? No one because your average position is 6.8”

Do you have a product that would be a good fit for this new digital marketers gift guide? If so, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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