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LAST UPDATED: November 15th, 2021

The Mayo Clinic Diet was created to educate and guide people through their weight loss journey. The focus is on helping individuals live a healthy lifestyle that will, in return, increase weight loss. Meal plans, exercise tips, and fitness trackers are used to support consumers in their weight loss goals.

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The Good

  • Two Phases
  • Resources
  • Corporate Wellness

Two Phases

The Mayo Clinic Diet is organized into two phases. The first phase is designed to help individuals lose around 6 to 10 pounds in their first two weeks. This is done through meal plans, recipes, trackers, and other resources that are intended to educate you on how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
Phase 2 focuses on molding the changes you made in Phase 1 into lifelong habits. During this second phase, you should continue to see weight loss in 1 to 2-pound increments each week. These habits are meant to help as you continue to work towards your goal.

Individual plans cost $65 for a 13-week period. This subscription will auto-renew every quarter but you can cancel at any time.


Meal plans are provided for each day to help individuals eat a well-balanced diet based on the Healthy Weight Pyramid. These meal plans include recipes and tips on grocery shopping. Other tools include serving guides, fitness plan, habit tracker, food journal, and weight tracker.

Corporate Wellness

The Mayo Clinic Diet is available for businesses who wish to provide extra health support to their employees. Individuals will have access to the complete program including all resources. Discount pricing is available based on the number of employees within your business. Discounts range from 20 percent to 30 percent per subscription.


The Bad

  • Not Mobile Friendly
  • One Size Fits All Philosophy

Not Mobile Friendly

Many diet plans will provide a mobile app to make tracking and finding information easier. The Mayo Clinic Diet does not have an app for its diet plan. This can make it difficult for those who work mostly from a mobile device. In order to look up recipes, track fitness, and weight check-ins, the customer will need to visit the website.

One Size Fits All Philosophy

For some, the one size fits all philosophy works great. Others may need specialized meal plans and one on one coaching to help with their weight loss goals. Everyone needs a balanced diet but those who have food allergies, a unique food preference, or even a medical condition will need a diet plan that is going to cater to their needs.


The Bottom Line

The Mayo Clinic Diet is ideal for those who are looking for simplified guidance to their weight loss. With this being a “hands-on” approach, customers will need to purchase their own groceries, prep their own meals, and adjust meals as needed based on their own preference. For those wanting more structure, one-on-one coaching, and someone to tell them exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and will deliver it to their door, this is not the diet plan for you.

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Rocio Diaz Tallahassee, FL

Incredible diet plan. Curated by experts and although it takes some time to accustom to it, results are shown. The Mayo Clinic Diet is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. Could not recommend more!

2 weeks ago


Review Source

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Jason Draper, UT

The Mayo Clinic Diet is amazing. I felt healthy, happy, and safe. I recommend this for anyone who is concerned about their health because of their weight.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Mazi Marcel Womack Cedar City, UT

The Mayo Clinic Diet was one of the best diet plans I have ever tried. I got great results with this one.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Rylie Crandall Draper, UT

I love the Mayo Clinic Diet because they were very helpful and always answered my questions.

2 years ago