MaSSHandra is a free, multiplatform 3D Network and Datacenter Diagramming Tool. With MaSSHandra you can create amazing network diagrams in a real 3D environment. Also, you can easily create realistic 3D network diagrams, datacenter diagrams, office diagrams or flow diagrams. It includes a large amount of symbols, servers and network devices. And with the mesh editor you can easily create new network symbols.

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The Good

  • Pricing 
  • No Contract or Cancellation Fees
  • 3D Feature 


MaSSHarda offers a free download on the Windows XP and later Windows versions.There are no monthly payments requirement. 

No Contract or Cancellation Fees 

MaSSHandra doesn’t require a long yearly contract when you are using their software system. It is as simple are downloading the software on your device and enjoying easy-to-use tools to create the diagrams you need for your project. Also, you don’t have to pay cancellation fees when you decide to delete this software on your device. 

3D Feature

MaSSHandra creates diagrams in real 3D environments. Other programs simulate 3D environments drawing static 2D symbols with perspective. MaSSHandra has real 3D shapes. You can go around a server viewing its front and back faces and look at the diagram from different perspectives.

The Bad

  • Compatibility 
  • Time in Business


MaSSHandra is only compatible with Windows XP Version and later Windows versions. If you have other devices you want to download this software on you might need to find different diagram software provider. 

Time in Business 

MassHandra has only been providing its software to the customer since 2010. They might not have as much experience in customer support as other diagram software providers. 

The Bottom Line

MaSSHandra has been providing its services to the customers since 2010.  No contract is required and when you want to delete their software you will not be charged a cancellation fee. However, MaSSHandra is only compatible with Windows XP version and older Windows versions. Also, they haven’t been in business as long as their competitors, and they might not have as much experience as the software providers who have been in business longer. 

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