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Weave is a communications platform that works alongside your dental practice management system to keep you connected to your patients and save your practice time and money. The platform is designed to help you schedule more appointments, keep track of clients easier, better collaborate with your team, and overall just make operations in your practice run smoother.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Multi-Office Unity
  • Help Center



This is exactly what it sounds like—with Weave, your patients can pay their bill straight from their phone through a text message, and the whole process is HIPAA compliant. This is a modern solution for your practice and can be a great way to appeal to younger patients.  

VoIP Phone System

With Weave, you can connect your practice’s phone system to the internet, allowing for a smart caller-ID system that uses your patient records to give you the information you need before you even pick up the phone. You can also customize your phone tree for incoming calls to best meet the needs of your practice, and you can maintain a separate business line, even on your mobile device.

Mobile Management

Everything with Weave can be managed from a desktop or a mobile device. This should eliminate you having to run into the office last minute to update a holiday voicemail or make immediate changes to patient records. You can also send text messages directly to patients from your phone, which tends to generate higher response rates and gets information to the patient as quickly as possible.

Review Solicitation

With Weave, you can request either a Facebook or Google review with just one click. You can also set it up so that it verifies that these reviews automatically get posted. Customers have reported a boost in online reviews for their practice because of this feature.

Automated Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

This feature is meant to help your practice minimize the number of canceled appointments. It connects with your calendar system to know when appointments are, and then automatically sends reminders about those appointments to the right patients. If the patient confirms the appointment, the software also confirms that appointment on your calendar.

Team Chat

Weave’s internal communication feature “Team Chat” brings all of your team communications to one place. You can make team-wide announcements, send direct messages to coworkers, share customer information (in a HIPAA-compliant format), and even get notifications when patients arrive at the office.

These are just some of Weave’s most prominent features. The platform is truly designed to bring all of your processes together and streamline your experience, as well as that of your patients.

Multi-Office Unity

If you have practices in multiple locations and want to achieve greater unity among them, Weave could be just the solution you are looking for. Because Weave works to streamline your internal communications, you can use the software to allow individual locations to fill each others’ schedules, take each others’ calls, and take action on missed opportunities through having a more unified brand among locations.

Help Center

Weave’s online help center is one of the most robust that we’ve seen. It is full of webinars, user guides, tutorials, info pages about products, FAQs, and more. It has an entire training portal dedicated to instructing the dental industry on how to use Weave and all its various features. You can likely get your individual questions answered and also gain a lot of knowledge about making Weave work in your practice by visiting this portal.


The Bad

  • Slow Installation

Slow Installation

Some practices have complained that Weave’s platform takes a long time to install, and some even said it wasn’t ready to go on the launch date like it was supposed to be. Plus, one customer even said that the on-site tech who was supposed to help on their company’s launch date never showed up, thus delaying the installation process even more.


The Bottom Line

Weave is a modern platform that is constantly improving its features and offerings. While some customers have complained that the installation process is slow, overall, the sentiment among dental practices using Weave is positive, and we feel comfortable recommending this company to you.
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Deanne Jones Grand Prairie, TX

Typically I will not give reviews for software companies however this one deserves it most of all. I can't give 5 stars because no software is perfect. I have to say that WEAVE has been the most contributing software product we have in dentistry today. AS a Dental Consultant and Practice Manager it has become my #1 go to for jump starting a practice. Other software that focus on reporting is not worth the time if no one is reading it and who is reading it? WEAVE puts the work in your hands without all the printing of reports and time wasted on reading them.

7 months ago

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